Parker, Charlie - Milestones of a Legend - 22 Original Albums

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Bird lives! This graffiti appeared around New York in the wake of Charlie “Bird” Parker’s death on March 12, 1955 at the age of 34 – and it still holds true today. The altosax- giant, one of the originators of Bebop, invented a method of improvising, which Jazz musicians still use today. His fluent style, the ornithological sound of his alto, and the many Bop-standards he wrote – from “Moose The Mooche” via “Scrapple From the Apple” or “Relaxin at Camarillo” to “Now’s the Time” – made him an icon
of modern Jazz.
This 10 CD-box-set documents the musical life of “Bird” through his original albums, including
many rarities and contemporaries like Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Lester Young, or Thelonious Monk.
The various styles and settings of these recordings – from Latin-Jazz-orchestras to quintets, from studio productions to rare live-recordings – portray Charlie Parker and his outstanding musicality.
Born August 29, 1920 in Kansas City, Parker began playing the saxophone at age 11, and joined his
high school‘s band three years later, practicing up to 15 hours a day on his own. As a teenager, Parker developed a morphine addiction while hospitalized after an automobile accident, and subsequently became addicted to heroin. He continued using heroin throughout his life, and it ultimately contributed to his death at the age of 34.
Moving to New York at the age of 19, it took “Bird” at least six years to be accepted and taken into the “inner circle” of Jazz musicians like Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, and Thelonious Monk, with whom he established an exciting, new sound called Bebop.
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Antall enheter 10
Artister Parker, Charlie
Plate: 1
1 A Night in Tunisia (Gillespie/Paparelli)
2 Yardbird Suite (Parker)
3 Moose the Mooche (Parker)
4 Ornithology (Harris/Parker)
5 Lover Man (Davis/Sherman/Ramirez)
6 Bebop (Gillespie)
7 The Gypsy (Reid)
8 Max Making Wax (Gershwin/Pettiford)
9 Relaxin´ at Camarillo (Parker)
10 Cheers (Parker/McGhee)
11 Carving the Bird (Parker/McGhee)
12 Stupendous (McGhee/Broiles)
13 Cool Blues (Parker)
14 Dark Shadows (Coleman/Henry)
15 Hot Blues (Parker)
16 This Is Always (Warren/Gordon))
17 Bird´s Nest (Parker)
18 Don´t Blame Me (Fields/McHugh)
19 Dexterity (Parker)
20 Bird Of Paradise (Parker)
21 Bongo Bop (Parker)
22 Embraceable You (Gershwin)
23 Dewey Square (Parker)
24 Quasimado (Parker)
25 Scrapple from the Apple (Parker)
Plate: 2
1 April in Paris (Harburg/Duke)
2 Summertime (Heywood/Gershwin)
3 If I Should Lose You (Robin/Rainger)
4 I Didn´t Know What Time It Was (Rodgers/Hart)
5 Everything Happens to Me (Adair/Dennis)
6 Just Friends (Lewis/Klenner)
7 My Old Flame (Johnston/Coslow)
8 Air Conditioning (Parker)
9 Crazeology (Harris)
10 Bird Feathers (1) (Parker)
11 Out Of Nowhere (Heyman)
12 Bongobeep (Parker)
13 Bird Feathers (2) (Parker)
14 Klactoveedsedstene (Parker)
15 Hallelujah (Part 1) (Traditional)
16 Get Happy (Part 1) (Arlen/Koehler)
17 Slam Slam Blues (Part 1) (Stewart)
18 Congo Blues (Part 1) (Norvo)
19 Hallelujah (Part 2) (Traditional)
20 Get Happy (Part 2) (Arlen/Koehler)
21 Slam Slam Blues (Part 2) (Stewart)
22 Congo Blues (Part 4) (Norvo)
Plate: 3
1 Tico Tico (Abreu/Drake/Oliveira)
2 Un Poquito De Tu Amor (Cugat/Freed)
3 My Little Suede Shoes (Parker)
4 Estrellita (Picone/Venosa))
5 Begin the Beguine (Porter)
6 La Paloma (Yradier)
7 La Cucuracha (Traditional)
8 Mama Inez (Gilbert/Grenet)
9 Bloomdido (Parker)
10 My Melancholy Baby (Norton/Watson/Burnett)
11 Relaxin´ with Lee (Parker)
12 Passport (Parker)
13 Leap Frog (Parker)
14 An Oscar for Treadwell (Parker)
15 Mohawk (Parker)
16 Visa (Parker)
17 Now´s the Time (Parker)
18 I Remember You (Mercer/Schertzinger)
19 Confirmation (Harris/Parker)
20 Chi Chi (Parker)
21 I Hear Music (The Song Is You) (Kern/Hammerstein I
22 Laird Baird (Parker)
23 Kim (Parker)
24 Cosmic Rays (Parker)
Plate: 4
1 Another Hair Do (Take 1, 2, 3) (Parker)
2 Blue Bird (Parker)
3 Bird Gets the Worm (Parker)
4 Barbados (Parker)
5 Constellation (Take 1, 2) (Parker)
6 Parker´s Mood (Parker)
7 Ah-Leu-Cha (Take 1, 2) (Parker)
8 Perhaps (Take 1, 2) Parker)
9 Perhaps (Take 6) (Parker)
10 Marmaduke (Take 1, 2) (Parker)
11 Steeplechase (Parker)
12 Merry-Go-Round (Parker)
13 Buzzy (Take 1, 2) (Parker)
14 52nd Street Theme (Monk)
15 Shaw ´Nuff (Parker/Gillespie)
16 Out Of Nowhere (Hyman/Green)
17 Hot House (Dameron)
18 This Time the Dream´s on Me (Arlen/Mercer)
19 Night in Tunisia (Gillespie/Paparelli)
20 My Old Flame (Johnston/Coslow)
21 The Way You Look Tonight (Fields/Kern)
22 Out Of Nowhere (2) (Hyman/Green)
23 Chasin´ the Bird (Parker)
24 This Time the Dream´s on Me (2) (Arlen/Mercer)
25 Dizzy Athmosphere (Gillespie)
26 How High the Moon (Lewis/Hamilton)
Plate: 5
1 I Didn´t Know What Time It Was (Rodgers/Hart)
2 Ornithology (Harris/Parker)
3 Embraceable You (Gershwin/Gershwin)
4 Visa (Parker)
5 I Cover the Waterfront (Heyman/Green)
6 Scrapple from the Apple (Parker)
7 Star Eyes (Andrew/Speaks)/ 52nd Street Theme (Monk
8 Confirmation (Parker)
9 Out Of Nowhere (Heyman/Green)
10 Hot House (Dameron)
11 What´s New (Haggart/Burke)
12 Now´s the Time (Parker)
13 Perdido (Drake/Lengsfelder/Tizol)
14 Salt Peanuts (Gillespie/Clarke)
15 All the Things you Are (Kern/Hammerstein)
16 Wee (Gillespie)
17 Hot House (Dameron)
Plate: 6
1 I Get a Kick Out Of You (Porter)
2 I Get a Kick Out Of You (Alternate Take) (Porter)
3 Just One of Those Things (Porter)
4 My Heart Belongs To Daddy (Porter)
5 I´ve Got You under My Skin (Porter)
6 Love for Sale (Porter)
7 Love for Sale (Alternate Take) (Porter)
8 I Love Paris (Porter)
9 I Love Paris (Alternate Take) (Porter)
10 Star Eyes (Raye/DePaul)
11 Blues (Fast) (Parker)
12 I´m in the Mood for Love (Fields/McHugh)
13 In the Still Oft the Night (Porter)
14 Old Folks (Hill/Robison)
15 If I Love Again (Oakland/Murray)
16 Cardboard (Parker)
17 Vista (Parker)
18 Segment (Parker)
19 Passport (Parker)
20 Diverse (Parker)
Plate: 7
1 Ko Ko (Ellington)
2 ´Round Midnight (Hannigan/Monk)
3 Cool Blues (Parker)
4 Ornithology (Take 1) (Parker)
5 Move (Descota/Denzil/Best)
6 White Christmas (Berlin)
7 Ornithology (Alternate Take) (Parker)
8 Hot House (Dameron)
9 Groovin´ High (Gillespie)
10 52nd Street Theme (Monk)
11 Lester Leaps in (Young) Charlie Parker
12 How High the Moon (Hamilton/Lewis) Lester Young
13 Out of Nowhere (Hayman/Green) Charlie Parker
14 Laura (Mercer/Raksin) Charlie Parker
15 Lester Leaps in (Alternate Version) (Young) Lester
16 Destination Moon (Fisher/Alfred) Lester Young
17 Happy Bird Blues (Parker) Charlie Parker
18 Blues (Unknown) Lester Young
Plate: 8
1 Anthropology (Gillespie/Parker)
2 Scrapple from the Apple (Parker)
3 Embraceable You (Gershwin/Gershwin)
4 Cool Blues (Parker)
5 Star Eyes (DePaul/Raye)
6 All the Things You Are (Kern/HammersteinII)
7 Strike up the Band (Gershwin/Gershwin)
8 Body and Soul (Eyton/Green/Heyman/Sour)
9 Fine and Dandy (James/Swift)
10 How High the Moon (Hamilton/Lewis)
11 Cheers (McGhee/Parker)
12 Loverman (Davis/Ramirez/Sherman)
13 Out of Nowhere (Heyman/Green)
Plate: 9
1 Rocker (Mulligan)
2 Sly Mongoose (Edwards)
3 Moose the Mooche (Parker)
4 Stareyes (Raye/DePaul)
5 This Time the Dream´s on Me (Mercer/Arlen)
6 Cool Blues (Parker)
7 My Little Suede Shoes (Parker)
8 Lester Leaps in (Young)
9 Laura (Mercer/Raskin)
10 Happy Bird Blues (Parker)
11 Scrapple from the Apple (Parker)
12 I Remember April (Raye/DePaul/Johnston)
13 I May Be Wrong (Rufkind/Sullivan)
Plate: 10
1 There´s A Small Hotel (Rodgers/Hart)
2 These Foolish Things (Link/Strachey)
3 Fine and Dandy (Kay)
4 Hot House (Dameron)
5 Chasin´ the Bird (Parker)
6 Thriving On a Riff (Parker)
7 Koko (Parker)
8 Half Nelson (Parker)
9 Scrapple from the Apple (Parker)
10 Cheryl (Parker)
11 Barbados (Parker)
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