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Hvert år kommer en mengde med nye utgaver med julemusikk. Naxos hjelper deg å finne blant musikkjulegavene.

Årets høst av nyutgitte juleplater, høsten 2018, inneholder julemusikk fra ulike land og ulike epoker. Fransk-, finsk- og tyske julesanger, engelske christmas carols, en nyskrevet juleopera og instrumental julemusikk fra både barokken og middelalderen. I listen finner du også forrige årets strålende julestjerner, som The King’s Singers siste julealbum, samt Ole Börud og Samuel Ljungbladhs juleplate i spesialutgave på vinyl!

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Image Notre-Dame de Paris: Mass for Christmas Day
The rebirth of the Gallican chant. During the 17th and 18th centuries, in the very heyday of the ‘Baroque’, the Church of France attempted to revive the old Gallican chant which had been absorbed into the great so-called ‘Gregorian’ repertoire. This revival led to the creation of many extraordinarily beautiful melodies, some of them written by composers as renowned as André Campra - and the classical plainsong was born.

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Image The Mystery of Christmas
“The story of Christ’s birth has prompted generations of composers to expressions of joy and mystical reflection. Our selection of carols for this album unveils a whole treasure chest of offerings, some familiar, some less so, all giving voice to various elements of the nativity story. With the generous support of the Pureland Foundation we focus both on the miraculous Incarnation and the central role of the Virgin Mary. O Magnum Mysterium.” - Suzi Digby OBE (Artistic Director & Founder)

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Image The Mystery of Christmas - Greek Kalanda
There is a tradition among the Greek peoples of the singing of carols ( 'Kalanda') on Christmas Eve. This album is a set of carols newly composed by Greek-Cypriot composer Cilia Petridou. As musical works they also qualify as art-song in fine performances by three excellent sopranos. For those who love Christmas music but want something new, this album will fit the bill. The three sopranos each take a number of solo carols and form a trio for the last two; Lesley-Jane and Alison have both worked with the composer for some time and also made several highly-praised recordings for Divine Art and Metier. Cilia Petridou was an accomplished pianist until her career was ended by major surgery since when she has concentrated on composition. Moving with her family to the UK after the Turlish invasion of north Cyprus which destroyed their home town of Famagusta, her music is often informed by that political tragedy, but her Kalanda are bright and full of joy.

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Image Star of Heaven
The Eton Choirbook is famous – and important – because it uniquely preserves some of the most spectacular music composed in Britain before the age of Purcell and Handel. Had this book not survived, literally dozens of superb pieces would have been irretrievably lost. Whilst the book itself is of huge historic significance, its legacy is immeasurable, informing and influencing scores of composers and performers for more than 500 years. This unique recording emphasises that legacy with the premiere of four new commissions by contemporary composers all inspired by the works from the Eton Choirbook alongside which they sit.

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Image Dresdner Weihnacht
• Christmas music by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Samuel Scheidt, Johann Sebastian Bach, and many others – performed by Dresden's top ensembles This collection opens with "Vom Himmel hoch, da komm ich her" by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, performed by none other than the famous Dresdner Kreuzchor together with the Dresden Philharmonic under the direction of Martin Flämig. The Chamber Choir of the Dresden Frauenkirche then follows. Under the direction of Matthias Grünert, cantor of the Frauenkirche, the well-known chorale "Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland" is featured in six different settings that wonderfully juxtapose the successful chorale arrangements by Samuel Scheidt, Johann Heinrich Schein, Johann Pachelbel, and Michael Praetorius. The chamber choir of the Frauenkirche Dresden, this time supported by the Reuss Chamber Orchestra, is then heard again with the Sanctus and Benedictus from Joseph Haydn's "Harmoniemesse." Matthias Grünert also performs the so popular chorale prelude "Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme" by Johann Sebastian Bach on the Kern organ of the Frauenkirche Dresden. The colorful program is rounded off with instrumental interludes by Georg Friedrich Handel (Arrival of the Queen of Sheba) and Michael Praetorius' (Terpsichore) with Semper Brass. The crowning finale is Tchaikovsky's "Waltz of the Flowers" with the Saxon State Orchestra under the direction of Hans Vonk. An opulent Christmas treat for the ears!

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Image La Messe de Noël (DVD)
Michael Praetorius was the most prolific German composer of his generation, making use of a beauty of sound and an abundance of instruments worthy of his contemporary Monteverdi. Here we have a festive Christmas Mass as might have been heard in a great Lutheran church in the North of Germany in around 1620.The congregation sang Lutheran Chorals which were part of the other music and which required the presence of the best performers in the city as a support to the children’s and adult’s choir creating an extraordinary musical communion. Spatialising this Christmas Morning Mass in the exceptional architecture of the Royal Chapel of Versailles, Paul McCreesh alternates these monumental pieces and the soloist’s airs in a rich instrumental decoration, giving the work the popular and festive dimension of a brilliant fresco.

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Image Folkjul II – a Swedish Folk Christmas
Well into the previous century Sweden was largely a peasant society with folk music an integral part of daily life. There were work songs, narrative ballads and, obviously, music for dancing. Over the centuries a not always easy coexistence between religion and folk culture developed, with hymns being adapted to a folkmusic aesthetic while popular traditions were given a Christian veneer. An example of the latter is the rich store of ‘Staffan ballads’, springing from a pre-Christian horse cult but given a new slant as its focus shifted to St. Stephen – the first Christian martyr. Gunnar Idenstam and S:t Jacobs Chamber Choir have performed their Folkjul concerts more or less every year since 2002. The concept stem from a rich interplay between ‘folk culture’ and ‘high culture’ and in Idenstam’s arrangements a newly composed halling or polska entwines itself round the old Christmas melodies. The first Folkjul album was released in 2007 – this time the choir and Idenstam are joined by violinist Sandra Marteleur and Ulrika Bodén, one of Sweden’s most well-established folk singers.

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Image A Christmas Wish
Christmas Music with one of Sweden's most popular youth choirs.

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Image 100 Years of Nine Lessons & Carols
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Image Music for Christmas (11 CD)
Brilliant Classics have updated their popular Christmas-time collection of music by J.S. Bach for a new decade, adding a timeless recording of the Christmas Oratorio from Dresden, with such star-calibre soloists as Arleen Augér, Peter Schreier and Theo Adam. The cantatas are selected for their Christmas theme from the monumental cycle of Bach’s complete sacred cantatas recorded for Brilliant Classics by the Holland Boys’ Choir and Netherlands Bach Collegium under Pieter Jan Leusink. This updated set also features a new programme of organ music chosen for the Christmas season from the masterful survey of Bach’s complete organ music on Brilliant Classics, performed by Baroque performance practice expert Stefano Molardi. This 11CD set brings together the music which Johann Sebastian Bach wrote for the celebration of the Nativity, the most important feast of the liturgical year. As Cantor of the Thomaskirche in Leipzig Bach had to write a Cantata for each Sunday, and the Christmas Season inspired him to write some of his most famous, festive and jubilant Cantatas. This set contains the complete Christmas Oratorio, other Advent and Christmas Cantatas and organ works based on the well known Christmas melodies, such as Nun Komm der Heiden Heiland, In Dulci Jubilo and Von Himmel Hoch da Komm Ich Her. Excellent performances by the Dresdner Kreuzchor, Holland Boys Choir and Netherlands Bach Collegium, soloists Arleen Auger, Peter Schreier, Theo Adam and organist Stefano Molardi. Recordings date from 1974/5, 2010 and 2013. Contains newly commissioned liner notes on each piece in the set by Peter Quantrill.

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Image Cantique de Noël: French music for Christmas
Geoffrey Webber and his choir have developed a reputation for exploring the unusual, and this album is no exception. A number of traditional French melodies have been adapted over the years to become familiar Christmas fare in English-speaking lands; on this recording, though, they are heard in their original French arrangements, and accompanied by the French-style organ in the chapel of Exeter College, Oxford, with its pungent reeds and powerful string stops. The resulting Romantic fervour is an aspect of Christmas that is sometimes lost amid the Anglo-Saxon tradition of Christmas trees and domestic bliss, and it gives fresh context and meaning to beloved music from Berlioz and his successors.

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Image Verbum caro factum est – A Christmas Greeting
Bach Collegium Japan and Masaaki Suzuki have sung of the wonders of Christmas a number of times, in Bach’s cantatas and Christmas Oratorio as well as in Handel’s Messiah. Here, instead, we hear the choir a cappella in a selection of classic Christmas carols. Masato Suzuki, son of the ensemble’s founder and director, has selected some of the best-loved songs of Christmas, such as Adeste fideles and Silent Night, as well as less familiar hymns, arranging them especially for these singers. A consummate organist, he also performs a number of Louis-Claude Daquin’s noëls variés – keyboard variations on Christmas songs which became a highly popular genre in 18th-century France.

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Image A Renaissance Christmas
The Sixteen explores a stunning selection of festive works from the Renaissance capturing the joy and sincerity of this most wonderful of seasons. From the delightful simplicity of plainsong chants Resonemus laudibus and Veni, veni Emmanuel to the shining purity of Lassus’ polyphonic Videntes stellam Magi and Byrd’s jubilant This day Christ was born, this album provides a perfect alternative to traditional carols for those looking for something a little different at Christmas.

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Image The House without a Christmas Tree
Precocious Addie Mills is smart and energetic, just like the mother she never knew. Addie has no idea why her father resents the holidays so intensely, refusing even to allow a Christmas tree in the house. But when she brings home a tree she won in a school contest, it paves the way for a miracle of sorts—her father’s broken soul is transformed.The House without a Christmas Tree, a new opera by Ricky Ian Gordon and Royce Vavrek that premiered at Houston Grand Opera in 2017, is based on the book by Gail Rock and the beloved 1972 television movie of the same name.

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Image Christmas Cheer - Songs Of The Holidays (Double V
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Image Sacred Choral Works
On their premiere recording, the Old Royal Naval College Trinity Laban Chapel Choir, directed by celebrated choral conductor Ralph Allwood, perform the works of British Choral Award winner Roderick Williams. Based in Greenwich, East London the choir is comprised of both students from the conservatoire (including several choral scholars) as well as outstanding volunteer singers. It is unique amongst cathedral, church and collegiate choirs in the UK in that it has ready access to the wide range of musical resources at the Conservatoire, collaborating frequently in a wide variety of genres as well as performing for services at the beautiful 18th Century Chapel of St Peter & St Paul. As well as being renowned as a singer Roderick Williams is also well-respected as a composer, and his works have been premiered at the Wigmore and Barbican Halls, the Purcell Room and live on national radio.

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Image December's Rose; Music for Advent & Christmas from
Repertoire from the popular Lesson and Carols at University of St . Thomas, with readings and music for both Advent and Christmas, is presented here in the rich acoustics of the Chapel of St. Basil. David Ashley White's anthem, "Hodie Christus Natus Est" receives its recording premier on this album.

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Image Raunächte: The Twelve Nights after Christmas
‘Raunachte’: these are the twelve cold, dark nights which, across Northern Europe, are steeped in myths, legends, and spirituality. In these nights, images of oppressive, bare forests collide with the Christmas message of hope. Time and again, they have inspired composers and poets to works which capture their very unique atmosphere. The LaCappella family consists of a number of ensembles of varying size, who here their attention to compositions and arrangements by Ola Gjeilo and Edward Elgar, by Wilhelm Nagel and John Rutter, bringing these works together on an inspiring CD which melds clear, frosty nights with the warmth of candlelight. Raunachte tells stories of stillness, snow, and joyful expectation.

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Image The Night of Saint Nicholas: A Medieval Liturgy fo
Winter feasts like the Latin Saturnalia and the Germanic Yule, airborne gift-giving figures like the Norse Odinn Jolnir, the Slavic Ded Moroz, the Dutch Sinterklaas: from time immemorial December skies have been rather busy. Pagan patterns were readapted to Christianity – and a canonised bishop from fourth-century Asia Minor, Nikolaos, whose feast occurred near the winter solstice, merged with another bearded benefactor. Wotan’s hood and Nicholas’s mitre were mixed up, and by the nineteenth century Santa Claus was ready to don new red and white robes and to deliver toys on both sides of the Atlantic. The pieces on this recording (mainly from a thirteenth-century English manuscript) belong to the liturgy for the eve of the Feast of St Nicholas: they allude to his picturesque feats, such as the rescue of three needy maidens or the taming of a storm. Readings and additional songs come from the repertory associated with this widely popular saint, celebrated throughout the Middle Ages from Italy to Iceland. Originally released in 1998, this joint performance by La Reverdie and Cantori Gregoriani received enthusiastic reviews in several music magazines: ‘For those who want to enjoy some of the best liturgical singing this is highly recommended’ (Early Music, 1999).

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Image Imagine Christmas
Your eyelids narrow to slits and you tuck head to chin, bracing against icy gusts as you make for a battery of persuasive, brightly-lit store windows. It’s a full week before Christmas–look at you, all on top of the situation, with a carefully considered list of gifts to buy buried in your parka. No eleventh-hour frenzy this year. Tiny platoons of chattering children curl the corners of your frosty lips skyward as the soothing aromas of mulling spices and candied confections drift past. An infinity of sparkling lights showering the trees stirs something inside you. Something lovely, and pure, and radiant. An inviting cloud of warm air envelops you as you thrust the first door open. Your ears prick up as you begin to Imagine Christmas… Note the three striking elements on this record, from the minute you press play. The first is the quality of the performances. These are top-level musicians bringing their same superlative artistry to Christmas favorites that they do to a Schubert quartet or Taverner score. The second is the sterling quality of the recording. If there is a sonic equivalent to sipping a hot toddy while curled up before a roaring fire, it is Sono Luminus’s peerless mixes and captures. Third–and in every way as essential as the previous two–this is a kaleidoscopic collection of styles and interpretations of beloved songs and carols that keeps me eager for the next number. If you’re like me, four tracks in to just about any single artist’s Christmas album, I am ready to move on. With such a fetching variety of artists and approaches, I find myself going top-to-tail on this one. Simplicity is an underrated avenue when it comes to holiday releases, so the entries by Irina Muresanu & Matei Varga, Bruce Levingston, Kathryn Bates, and Skylark Vocal Ensemble are a breath of proverbial fresh air. Muresanu’s seductive playing is a glimpse into the golden age of violin technique–lush vibrato and delicious sentimentality, which infuses “White Christmas” with every bit of nostalgia one could hope for. One can imagine twirling 19th century gowns in Levingston’s solo piano rendition of Tchaikovsky’s “Christmas,” with frictionless phrasing that plays like freshly sharpened skates on virgin ice. Heading over to cellist Kathryn Bates’s reimagining of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” we are tucked into a bed of extravagant resonance, spinning arpeggios, and all the anticipation and delightful impatience of a child for whom morning cannot arrive soon enough. And of course, Skylark. I’ve still got their devastatingly gorgeous album Crossing Over in regular rotation, and with “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” this chamber choir presents an intoxicating wistfulness that will find the listener awaking to find herself gazing out an ice-encrusted window when the final notes fade. Speaking of nostalgia, is there any more transportive Christmas number than Vince Guaraldi’s “Christmas Time Is Here?” Pianist Caleb Nei here manages to sensitively preserve the graceful melancholy of the original while animating and refreshing the pace of this cherished tune. Given Sono Luminus’s catholic–no, not that Catholic, the other one–appetite for divergent stylistic flavors, we should probably have seen the astonishment that is Cuarteto Latinoamericano’s “Joy to the World” coming from a distance. Chirping grooves concocted by twitching bow hair behind the bridge send us off in an altogether more festive direction. Or take the scurrying interior lines and expansive tessitura of pianist Stewart Goodyear’s “Good King Wenceslas Variations,” a piece that conjures up sonic impressions of dauntless backup vocalists carving out the harmonies. Coursing us back into the especially rich Christmas territory of the folk traditions are lute luminary Ron McFarlane and the bewitching celtic collective of Ensemble Galilei. The former’s “Walking in the Air” is a go-to, non-pharmaceutical, elixir perfect for when things get a bit hairy with the in-laws this December, and the latter’s “Frosty the Snowman” is like devouring an entire Buche de Noel, with none of the regret or need to go up a pant size. The departure that is Cory Hills’s spoken-word “Twas the Night Before Christmas” brings a welcome charm to the track list, his spirited delivery illuminating and exploding the text with a concise cluster of percussion. With the multiplicity of sounds offered on this record, any listener is bound to point to a favorite. For this listener, that arrives with the final selection, ACME’s “Silent Night Drone.” Perhaps the furthest distance from what we might think of as “Christmas music,” this meditation on one of the season’s most stirring melodies is simply ravishing. Imagine a Christmas in which every carol is this inspired.

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Image Riemuitkaamme! (A Finnish Christmas)
Riemuitkaamme! is an imaginative and unconventional selection of choral music associated with Christmas as it is celebrated in Finland. Several of the pieces are by Finnish composers – Sibelius, Rautavaara and Madetoja, to name a few – while others have become part of the Christmas traditions of the country despite their international background. Among these Berlioz’ The Shepherds’ Farewell and Tchaikovsky’s Christ, when a Child… are quite late additions compared to the medieval hymns Puer natus in Bethlehem, Ecce novum gaudium and Angelus emittitur. All three of these were included in the collection Piae cantiones from 1582, the oldest Finnish music publication. Here, they are performed in settings by various composers from different countries and eras – forming a kind of soundtrack of Christmases past and present, distant and close. Contemporary music forms an important part of the activities of the Helsinki Chamber Choir and Nils Schweckendiek, and true to form, the team includes a world premiere recording in their celebrations: Aattoilta, by the Canadian-born composer Matthew Whittall.

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Image In Dulci Jubilo - Music for the Christmas season b
In the gloomy sky of a winter’s night a bright star emerges and ignites Advent’s anticipation of the Nativity –the year moves towards the rebirth of light just at the time of greatest darkness. With evocative works by the Baroque master Dietrich Buxtehude and the circle of 17th-century northern German composers around him, Paul Hillier conducts his Grammy award-winning ensemble Theatre of Voices in a stimulating addition to the traditional Christmas repertoire.

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Image Christmas Card Carols
For over fifty years, Britain’s foremost recorder player, John Turner, has composed a carol and sent the score as his Christmas Card. Until now just a personal gift to his friends, John was persuaded to record a selection, which has led to this beautiful album. Presented by the chamber choir Intimate Voices (which also performs as Voces Intimae) and featuring sopranos Sasha Johnson Manning, Eleanor Gregory and Philippa Hyde in solo and duet pieces, with obbligato harp and oboe in some, this is a lovely mixed programme of Nativity carols, composed very much in traditional style, in new settings of ancient texts. John Turner is a fine composer but is chiefly known as a recorder player and champion of contemporary composers, with dozens of recordings to his credit, many from Divine Art and Métier.

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Image Hört! Die Engelsboten singen
Christmas with the Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks! Under the direction of Florian Helgath, the chorus sings German holiday classics along with selections from France, Italy and Great Britain.
Music between the carols is provided by oboist François Leleux, who enriches the CD with restful instrumental intermezzi and virtuosic touches. A close alignment with Christmas and the music of the season makes for a truly wonderful Christmas holiday. • One of the best vocal ensembles performs famous Christmas carols • A selection of beloved German songs as well as international holiday music. • Atmospheric instrumental interludes performed by oboist François Leleux • The ultimate musical Christmas gift!

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Image A Christmas Festival
This new recording captures the magic of the season as the RSNO and its Junior Chorus deliver a perfect selection of classic festive favourites in A Christmas Festival. These charming performances show why their joyous, fun-packed Christmas concerts, conducted by the inimitable Christopher Bell, are always a highlight of the Scottish seasonal calendar. The well-chosen programme finds traditional favourites, such as Jingle Bells, In A Cottage In A Wood and Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, sitting harmoniously alongside contemporary tunes from Michael Head and Howard Blake (The Snowman, The Bear). An unexpected but brilliant instrumental mash-up up of The Little Dummer Boy with Ravel’s Bolero gives centre-stage to the award-winning RSNO. Two fantastic medleys provide a one stop shop of Christmas tunes both old and new which you’ll be hard pressed not to join in with! At turns rousing, sentimental, cheering and familiar this is the perfect present this Christmas.

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Image German Advent Songs
- Gorgeous arrangements of old and new Christmas carols. For many CDs that fit thematically in the wintertime, it's all about Christmas. For the a cappella ensemble Schwersterhochfunf, this is going one step too far: The five sisters come from a family which placed special emphasis on singing during Advent. For their CD German Advent Songs, the singers go back to their roots and pick up on this beautiful tradition. Here, old songs ranging from Johann Cruger’s Wie Soll ich dich empfangen to modern works such as Gottfried Wolter’s Ich brach drei durre Reiselein evoke the contemplative mood of comfort and warm candles on the Advent wreath. Because there is little musical material for this unusual setting, a virtue was made out of necessity: Schwesterhochfunf invited befriended composers to write custom arrangements for the well and lesser known Advents songs anew. A additional tone color is given to several of these simple, beautiful songs when the brother of the five sisters accompanies the female voices with his rich bass.

kr 159
Image O sanctissima, O du frohliche – Christmas Songs, V
The more you lose yourself in the wonderful world of the Christmas carols, the deeper you want to dive into them. It was like this with the MDR Radio Choir, and we can be happy that the much-loved GENUIN CD of this top ensemble and its leader, Philipp Ahm

kr 159
Image Now Sleeps The Crimson Petal
- Carols and motets by the oldest boys’ choir in Switzerland
- Traditional and contemporary arrangements of melodies
The Singknaben of the Cathedral of St. Ursus in Solothurn are the oldest boys' choir in Switzerland. With Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal they bridge the gap between the Middle Ages and modern times by skillfully blending carols and motets of the old masters together with those of contemporary composers. Take for example Michael Praetorius’ (1571-1621) beautiful setting of Es ist ein Ros entsprungen, which is juxtaposed against a new arrangement by Paul Mealor (b. 1975). Early music in a new guise can also be found in Gaudate, Christus est natus and O Heiland,reiß die Himmel auf as well as in the medieval hymn Ave Maris Stella, which Ivo Antognini (b. 1963) specifically reset to music for the choir. With the CD, the Singknaben, under the direction of Andreas Reize, string together a row of musical gems from different centuries that are all related to each other and together provide a comprehensive overview of Christmas traditions over the centuries.

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Image Joyeux Noël: French Christmas Music (3 CD)
In the popular imagination, French Christmas music may now be almost wholly defined by Minuit, chrétiens and favourites such as Petit Papa Noël covered by Charles Aznavour and Johnny Hallyday, but the festive season was marked in the Baroque era with great merriment, principally through the genre of Noëls: sacred collections of secular songs, celebrating often vernacular aspects of the Nativity such as the Shepherds, especially by giving the occasion to compose in the always popular pastoral vein, in simple keys such as F major and in the lilting siciliano rhythm.

Many such Noëls may be enjoyed on this special collection of both choral and instrumental music, concentrating on the High Baroque era. Corrette, Dandrieu and Balbastre all wrote exuberant Noels for organ; Michel Corrette developed the idea further with narrative-led instrumental symphonies, which are collected complete on CD2 and performed by a historically informed ensemble. The collection begins with the Toronto-based Aradia Ensemble. They built their 1999 recording of Marc-Antoine Charpentier around his best-known work, the Messe de Minuit (Midnight Mass). The director Kevin Mallon gave it a specially Canadian flavour by interpolating a version of the French carol with a text in the tribal language of the Huron Indians. ‘Colourful performances,’ was the original verdict of Gramophone, on which ‘the soloists and chorus sing with consistent clarity.’ Operatically inclined singers will note the presence in the ensemble of Jane Archibald, who has since become known worldwide as a coloratura soprano of distinction, especially in the role of Zerbinetta in Strauss’s Ariadne auf Naxos. The final disc of Joyeux Noël is an organ recital, moving through the ages from Dandrieu to the grandest examples of late-Romantic organ masses and Christmas pieces by Franck and Dubois. It’s a uniquely compilation, fully annotated, sure to bring a touch of distinction to a festive stocking.

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Image Thys Yool: A Medieval Christmas
Thys Yool is a four-part programme of medieval music in which four images central to the Christmas story are brought together. Beginning with a sometimes melancholy picture of earth-bound humanity (Winter and Wassail), the record moves through nativity songs (A Child Is Born) towards the point at which Christian and pagan traditions come together in an adoration of the Virgin which is often expressed in the passionate language of the courtly lo ver. A sense of human perceptions being profoundly altered by the events of Christmas is evoked in Mary’s Son, Goodwill on Earth and a French 12th century conductus touches on the theme of Rebirth.

kr 159
Image Christmas Presence
Recorded Live from their spiritual home of King’s College Chapel, Cambridge, The King’s Singers present an album of festive Christmas music, blending ancient and modern works with traditional favourites and new arrangements. The disc also features A Thanksgiving by former King’s Singer Bob Chilcott, which is performed here alongside the National Youth Chamber Choir of Great Britain.

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Image Rejoice: Christmas with the Dallas Symphony Brass
• Rejoice: Christmas with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra Brass, Percussion and the Lay Family Concert Organ is a selection of live performances of the DSO's annual holiday concert that show the artistry and playing of the members of this great orchestra in its venue.
• The music represents traditional carols and Christmas favorites in wonderful musical settings - from brass quintet to full symphonic brass and percussion - ranging from classical to jazz styles.

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Image Someday At Christmas (LP)
Nu finns detta album äntligen på LP!

"Sångarna Samuel Ljungblahd och Ole Børud har gjort årets julskiva. Med ett norsksvenskt komp lyfter de upp albumets tio amerikanska julmelodier till granens topp och får det att låta som det funkigt souliga julalbum Stevie Wonder aldrig lyckats göra. Versionen av "Have yourself a merry little christmas" är årets svängigaste." (Dan Backman, Svenska Dagbladet)

Låtmaterialet är också noga utvalt; här finns förstås några av de givna klassikerna som "Silent night" och "Away in a manger" (hela albumet är på engelska), personliga favoriter som Harry Connick jr's "I pray on Christmas" och Richard Pages "I always cry at Christmas" men också varsin egenskriven låt i samma anda. Musikerna på plattan består av ett (mestadels) norskt all-star team med producenten Ruben Dalen i spetsen.

kr 199
Image That Christmas Feeling
Presenting a sure fire, perennial classic, the debut Christmas album by Reta Watkins, “That Christmas Feeling”, features big band orchestration and fresh, hypnotic arrangements of holiday standards and original songs. “That Christmas Feeling”, is undoubtedly a cheerful nod to the popular seasonal favorites, including "Sleigh Ride", "White Christmas," "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year," and the albums first single, the newly arranged "Mary Did You Know." No detail has been overlooked, with this flawlessly executed project. Nashville’s creme de la creme are present in a record which exudes an explosion of the timeless orchestral sounds of the season, providing Christmas ear candy you’ll want to hear year after year!

kr 159
Image So Fair and Bright
THE SWEDISH CHAMBER CHOIR is one of the jewels in the crown of Sweden’s unmatched choral tradition. Here the choir follows specialist recordings of music by Benjamin Britten, Francis Poulenc and Johannes Brahms with an exquisite celebration of the northern European Christmas.

The choir describes its album So Fair and Bright as ‘a Christmas smörgåsbord where everyone can find at least some of their favourite dishes, while being tempted to try some intriguing novelties as well.’ Britten and Poulenc reference the ensemble’s past projects; Grieg and Nielsen glance over borders and waters to Norway and Denmark. But while there are evocative Yuletide masterpieces included by the likes of Rutter, Pärt, Gabrieli and Sweelinck, the album’s heart lies in Sweden – where traditional folk songs meet seasonal gems by Hugo Alfvén, Gustav Nordqvist and other.

The Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra’s brass quintet join the Choir under its founder and director Simon Phipps for the recording, which is as much a demonstration of choral technique and prowess as it is a seasonal celebration. Phipps reveals his experience as an opera conductor in his attention to text and detail, while the choir’s full-bodied but delicate singing – and notably bright, smooth soprano tone – combines atmosphere with excellence. A must-have Christmas album, wherever you’re celebrating.

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Image A Bright Star Shineth
kr 159
Image Christmas Oratorio
The Dunedin Consort has established a reputation as one of the finest period performance choirs around, under the direction of prize-winning historical performance specialist John Butt OBE.

The multi-award-winning Dunedin Consort has won praise for the natural style of its soloists and renown for the virtuosity of its singers. In addition to a GRAMMY nomination, Dunedin Consort has won two Gramophone Awards: the 2007 ‘Baroque Vocal’ Award for Handel’s Messiah and the 2014 ‘Choral’ Award for Mozart’s Requiem.

Further accolades include: Esther was voted one of the ‘Top 10 Classical Albums of 2012’ by The Times, Gramophone included Dunedin Consort in its ‘Twenty Greatest Choirs’ list and three of its recordings have been named a ‘Building A Library: First Choice’ by BBC Radio 3’s ‘Record Review’.

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Image Christmas with St John's
Christmas presents a golden opportunity to present brand new music to wide audiences, and the role played by St John’s College Choir in this area has been significant, as demonstrated by new recording of contemporary choral works. Featuring two works commissioned by the choir – Judith Bingham’s The Clouded Heaven and Michael Finnissy’s John the Baptist. The programme begins with Bob Chilcott’s The Shepherd’s Carol commissioned by Stephen Cleobury (a former St John’s organ scholar) for King’s College Choir, and ends with Creator of the Stars of Night, composed by another former St John’s organ scholar, John Scott. The Choir of St John’s College, Cambridge is one of the finest choirs of men and boys in the world, known and loved by millions from its recordings, broadcasts and concert tours. A cornerstone of the great English choral tradition since the 1670s, the Choir is recognised for its distinctive, rich and expressive sound and is today directed by Andrew Nethsingha.

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Image Four Classic Christmas Albums
kr 129
Image St. John Passion - St. Matthew Passion - Mass in B
At the beginning of the 500th anniversary of the reformation by Martin Luther, BR-KLASSIK will release the Complete Edition with the Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks under Peter Dijkstra as 9 CD set, or 6 DVD box.

kr 599
Jussi Björling, Leif Strands Damkör, Göteborgs Domkyrkas Gosskör, Worcester Cathedral Choir m fl.

O helga natt (Jussi Björling) • Stilla natt • När juldagsmorgon glimmar • Nu tändas tusen juleljus Gläns över sjö och strand • Jul, jul, strålande jul • Det är en ros utsprungen • Ett barn är fött på denna dag • O Come all ye faithful • Härlig är jorden • O du fröhliche • Förunderligt och märkligt • O little town of Bethlehem • Away in a manger • Joy to the world • Giv mig ej glans • Lyss till änglasångens ord • Marias vaggsång • Mitt hjerte alltid vanker • Mary had a baby

kr 89
Image Noël Baroque
"Since the dawn of Christianity, Christmas has been celebrated with festive singing. In the Baroque era, numerous composers such as Charpentier, Delalande, Balbastre, Dandrieu and Daquin created masterpieces out of these simple tunes. When Sofi Jeannin told me of her wish to get her "Maitrise" choir to sing Christmas music, I was delighted. For a long time I had been gathering French sources of the 17th and 18th centuries with the intention of working on Baroque carol arrangements wtih Les Musiciens de Saint-Julien. I wanted to create something quite different from what had been done before, by treating this repertoire with proper respect: being faithful to the old sources, yet re-working the musical material to make our own personal version. The different languages, regional dialects and accents illustrate the extraordinary diversity and cultural richness of France - as well as of "New France" - at that historical period. - Francois Lazarevitch

kr 159
Image Jul Igen
Vokalgruppen Romberg är, som namnet antyder, en etablerad sånggrupp där alla medlemmar kommer från samma familj. Gruppen har etablerat sig som en av de mest omtyckta vokalgrupperna i SvenskFinland och har uppträtt i såväl stora konsertsalar som kyrkor och har sjungit allt från andlig musik till folk och popmusik.

kr 149
Image Song of the Nativity
On this release, the Sixteen contrasts the dramatic intensity of music by some of today's most admired composers with such traditional and modern carols as Boris Ord's Adam Lay Ybounden and Henry Walford Davis' version of O Little Town of Bethlehem. Much-loved classics appear on this album along with many others that, with time, will become classics. Every work on this album captures the joy and sincerity of the most wonderful of seasons. The album provides a perfect peaceful and uplifting antidote to the hectic pre-Christmas rush.

kr 159
Image Light Of Gold - Cappella SF Christmas
Cappella SF / Ragnar Bohlin

Internationally renowned (and GRAMMY-award winning) conductor Ragnar Bohlin founded Cappella SF, a professional chamber choir, in 2014. Since then, this select Bay Area-based ensemble has presented four concerts to tremendous critical acclaim and recorded music for two CDs – including this, their first commercial release. With Cappella SF, maestro Bohlin strives to showcase the choral riches of all musical periods at the highest artistic level. And concertgoers lucky enough to have heard them in concert will confirm that this superb new choir is doing just that.

This marvelous holiday program, with music spanning more than a millennium, has something for everybody. In addition to beloved traditional seasonal standards in striking arrangements, listeners will also take great delight in both original compositions and arrangements from top-tier English and American composers as well as leading choral masters from Bohlin's native country of Sweden – to include a piece composed for Cappella SF by Fredrik Sixten that's heard here in its world premiere recording.

kr 159
Image Five Classic Christmas Albums
kr 129
Image Four Classic Christmas Albums Plus
kr 129
Image Twelve Days of Christmas
The King's Men is the clost-harmony vocal group formed by the current choral scholars of King's College, Cambridge. After the success of After Hours, for their latest album on the college's own label, they showcase the lighter side of their seasonal repertoire. Unlike many close-harmony groups, The King's Men record together, balancing their voices acoustically instead of tracking each voice individually. This results in strong musical cohesion and a more authentic osund. The King's Men have appeared on UK primetime TV, including BBC's The One Show, and regularly promote their releases in-store and online.

kr 129
Image Christmas Bells
The Children's Choir of the Bolshoi Theatre was founded one hundred years ago and has taken part in numerous opera and ballet productions, successfully combining theatre performances with it's own concert activities. The unique sound of the voices of the Bolshoi's young artists has been heard at many venues of Mowcow, Russia and other countries. The choir has collaborated with well-known Russian orchestras such as the Russian National Orchestra, the Tchaikovsky Big Symphony Orhcestra, the Moscow Symphony Orchestra Russian Philharmonia and the Osipov National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments. Many of the former artists and soloists of the choir have been prize winners of vocal competitions and sing in the leading opera houses of this country and abroad. Yulia Molchanova, a graduate of teh choral conducting faculty of the Moscow Conservatory where she studied under professor Boris Kulikov, started her career in the Children's Choir of the Bolshoi Theatre. She has been at the helm of the collective since 2004.

kr 159
Image Stabat Mater, A Song of Ascents, Christmas Oratori
Russian composer and clergyman Metropolitan Hilarion's works were based on divine texts but were intended for concert halls, they combine centuries-old traditions of Western European church music with Russian church singing and Russian secular classical music. This release includes pieces in the genre of cantata and oratorio written by Hilarion in 2007 to 2001. +Hibla Gerzmava, a remarkable singer and prima donna is featured on this release alongside bass Nikolai Didenko and Viktor Shilovsky.

kr 179
Image Allt för vår ljusa stjärna
Luciafirandet som det tar sig uttryck i vår tid har en lång historia, med rötter tillbaka till tidig medeltid. Här återfinns Staffansritten och Staffanssjungningen, stjärnspelen och traditionen “att gå med ljusa stjärnan”, och som det senast tillagda elementet ljusgestalten Lucia. Kören Ymna, Göteborg, har hämtat sångerna till denna cd ur glömda jultraditioner och en slumrande visskatt, oemotståndligt vackra melodier som har fått en ny dräkt i körarrangemang av dirigent Johanna Thür. Värme och musikalisk rikedom fyller musiken. Sprakande livsglädje, glöd och pregnans karaktäriserar samspelet mellan Ymna och folkmusikerna i trion NID; Hanna Wiskari saxofon, Mia Marin fioler och Petter Berndalen slagverk.

kr 159
Image On Christmas Night
The acclaimed Magdalen College Choir celebrates the diversity of the twentieth-century English carol repertoire in a program that combines well-loved standards and innovative choir favorites ranging in emotion from quiet contemplation to festive joy. The selection of carols and organ solos, led by director and organist Daniel Hyde, culminates in Ralph Vaughan Williams’s celebrated Fantasia on Christmas Carols with renowned baritone Roderick Williams in the solo part.

kr 159
Image Gott wird geboren
Josef Still, cathedral organist at the Hohe Domkirche Trier since 1994 and the expert authority on organs of the diocese of Trier, is the successor to the long-time cathedral organist Wolfgang Oehms and has recorded an extraordinary music programme to celebrate the Christmas festivities on the present album. The works of selected Polish composers appear on the recording, together with works of J.S. Bach and Max Reger performed on the Beckerath Organ in the Lebensbaumkirche in Manderscheid. The Beckerath Organ, which was moved to Manderscheid from the former institute of Church Music of the diocese of Speyer and renovated by Mayer Organ Builders, has found a new home in the Lebensbaumkirche. Here it can resound in a new-found brilliance.

kr 159
Image There is no Rose - Christmas in the 21st Century
Vocal Group Concert Clemens
Carsten Seyer-Hansen, dirigent

P2 skriver:
En imponerende gennemført og meget stemningsfuld juleplade.
Læs mere om P2s anbefaling HER
Med titlen ”There is no Rose...” følger udgivelsen temaet med rosen som et symbol på kærlighed, og de smukt sungne melodier sætter den helt rigtige julestemning an.

Lyt til rosen

Den århusianske vokalgruppe Concert Clement synger julen ind med et udvalg af festlige jule-favoritter og mindre kendte værker i nye arrangementer.

Vokalgruppen Concert Clemens er et ambitiøst klassisk vokalensemble med hjemsted i Aarhus. Ensemblet blev stiftet i 1997 af dets nuværende dirigent, Carsten Seyer-Hansen, og består af 17 rutinerede sangere fra det aarhusianske kormiljø.

Carsten Seyer-Hansen (f. 1971) er en flittig koncertdirigent, dels med egne ensembler: Vokalgruppen Concert Clemens, Aarhus Domkirkes Kantori og Skt. Clemens Drengekor, dels som gæst for en lang række vokale og instrumentale ensembler, fx. Aarhus Bachorkester, Ensemble MidtVest, Esbjerg Ensemble, Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, Den Jyske Operas Kor og Aarhus Sinfonietta.

kr 159
Image A Festival of Nine Lessons & Carols
The British Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols, in which nine Bible readings are interpolated with Christmas carols, has been the preparation of Christmas Eve for countless people for more than one hundred years – particularly since the celebration has been broadcast all over the world from the King’s College Chapel since 1928. The Neuer Knabenchor Hamburg has now adapted this tradition in a very special way. By choosing the form of nine lessons, the boys’ choir is pursuing a new direction in order to express the miraculous joy of Christmas. Rather than reciting biblical or religious stories, Rufus Beck – known in Germany as the narrator of the Harry Potter audio books – reads fantasy-filled retellings of the Christmas story and poems centering on the great festival. The readings invite children and adults alike to set out on their own inner journey, here merrily, there pensively, to Bethlehem. The musical selection, on the other hand, is thoroughly in accordance with the old English tradition. The most familiar carols can be heard here, just as they would be heard in Cambridge and all over England. Some of the melodies were arranged by the director of the King’s College Choir, others originate in Spain and the USA. Alongside these arrangements, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s mystically universal “Meeres Stille” has been set to music especially for this CD by the Hamburg composer Gloria Bruni.

kr 159
Image Viva Voce - Symphonic Christmas
Viva Voce Symphonic Christmas! The a cappella band Viva Voce and the Russian Chamber Philharmonic St. Petersburg offer a perfect blend of the finest orchestral performance and the great art of musical entertainment on their current Christmas CD. Under the direction of Maestro Enrique Ugarte, the orchestra presents completely revamped versions of Christmas classics together with the five professionally trained singers. In this recording, Frosty the Snowman has decked himself in swing, a Christmas goose completely has misunderstood something and even culinary problem zones are not taboo. The vocal artists of Viva Voce alternate between being lively, rhythmical or contemplative while singing about the terror of consumerism and the delusion of gifts. Their conclusion: 'We give each other nothing' except this recording that is full of variety.

kr 159
Image Adeste Fideles
Huw William’s leads the choir of Her Majesty’s Chapel Royal in a festive new recording of Christmas carols old and new from St James’s Palace, London.

kr 159
Image Season of Light: Songs of Thanksgiving, Christmas,
At the season of the winter solstice, light diminishes in our world. To counteract the onslaught of the darkness, traditional religions have created festivals to hold fast to a small steady flicker of illumination. Essential Voices USA presents a sampler of music celebrating this effort to infuse light and joy into the holiday season. We go from Thanksgiving to Christmas to Chanukah and to the New Year, with both new music and traditional carols - an emotional journey through the holiday seasons. Judith Clurman's Essential Voices USA is one of New York's preeminent choral ensembles - it performs in many of the city's iconic venues and events and records and premieres works by America's finest composers and lyricists. Regularly on stage with the New York Pops in it's Carnegie Hall subscription series, televised on NBC's July 4th Macy's 2014 Spectacular Fireworks and the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting in 2011 and 2012, the ensemble comprises a talented roster of seasoned professionals and auditioned volunteers, dynamically fitted to the unique needs of each project.

kr 149
Image Chants for Christmas
The legendary Christmas album recorded by Capella Antiqua Munich for MPS in 1970 presents early Christmas chants in various settings for choir and historical accompanying instruments. Capella Antiqua Munich was established under its director Konrad Ruhland in 1963, bringing together a choir and instrumental ensemble to pioneer in the field of historical performance practice. The ensemble was one of the first to be dedicated to this purist artistic concept. In terms of sound quality, MPS Records was the ideal recording partner. Many of Capella Antiqua Munich’s recordings with MPS became benchmark recordings. Most notably, the choir’s recording of Gregorian chorales is considered legendary to this day. The Christmas album by the whole ensemble — choir and orchestra — is less well known, but by no means less evocative. There is great diversity of expression, with a variety of musical forces following one another in succession: a cappella choir, tenor, soprano, vielle and trombone produce an evocative musical journey through historical Christmas chants, including In natali domini (At the Birth of our Lord), Christum wir sollen loben schon (We Should Praise Christ Highly) and En natus est Emmanuel (Lo! Emmanuel is Born).

kr 189
Image Pastorale de Noël
Each year from 1684 to 1686, Marc-Antoine Charpentier offered a Christmas pastorale to his patron, Marie de Lorraine. After the death of the boy Louis-Joseph, the last male heir of the line, the figure of the Christ-Child occupied a central place in the devotions of the Guise family. The pastorales and antiphons written in this context and recorded here are at the intersection of the sacred and secular genres, of the popular and the learned. They evoke the mystery of birth with a profoundly moving blend of naïveté and gravity.

kr 159
Image Nowell Sing We! - Advent and Christmas at New Coll
Nowell, sing we! Is the second recording from Robert Quinney as director of New College Oxford Choir. This recording follows the trajectory of the last weeks of Michaelmas term at New College. The open format of a carol service allows for a wide variety in the choice of music, so long as none of the pieces is longer than a few minutes. The collection Nowell, sing we! encompasses traditional carols, Counter Reformation composers through the twentieth century. New college Oxford Choir's previous release Symphony Anthems John Blow under the directorship of Robert Quinney has been awarded Editor's Choice in Gramophone and the release has enjoyed several weeks in the Specialist classical Chart in the UK.

kr 159
Image Christmas Songbook
World-renowned a cappella group The King’s Singers follow their recent Great American Songbook album with the Christmas equivalent, on a disc that pays homage to the group’s roots whilst acknowledging their current passion for swing. Traditional favourites such as “The holly and the ivy,” “In the bleak midwinter,” and the beautiful Austrian carol “Still, Still, Still,” jockey for position amongst modern-day classics like “Winter Wonderland,” “Frosty the Snowman” and “Sleigh Ride.” All are presented in new arrangements by some of the group’s favourite arrangers: Berty Rice, Keith Roberts and Alexander L’Estrange.

kr 159
Image The Singers Unlimited: Christmas
Tired of the same old Christmas carols sung the same old way? Then the Singers Unlimited’s 1971 MPS album “Christmas” is the perfect stocking stuffer. Leader Gene Puerling’s advanced harmonic concepts influenced Take Six, Manhattan Transfer, and Brian Wilson. Legendary jazz singer Jon Hendricks compared Puerling to pioneering saxophonist Charlie Parker, exclaiming "Gene broadened the harmonies, like Bird did with bebop.” Arguably the best-known of the 15 albums SU recorded for MPS, “Christmas” contains such classics as “Deck the Halls”, “Silent Night”, and “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear”, arranged in Puerling’s signature style. The a capella quartet modulates between the traditional and the jazz-inflected modern, at times exuberant, at times reflective. Seven originals were penned by jazz trumpeter Alfred Burt. First intended as Christmas cards for friends and family with lyrics by Burt’s Episcopalian pastor-father, the compositions have since become distinctive season standards. Sounding as clean and pure as a child’s breath on a cold winter morning, “Christmas” is a holiday gift that is a joy to listen to at any time of the year.

kr 159
Image A Christmas Celebration
One of the best parts of the Halle Christmas celebration is the inclusion of the entire Halle family- the Halle and Halle Choir, as well as Halle’s Youth Choir and Children’s Choir. This lovely collection of popular, rare, and newly discovered holiday gems will bring festivity to all of your holiday gatherings. Compositions include works from film composers such as John Williams and Nigel Hess, as well as choral superstars like John Rutter and John Gardner. Especially notable is the orchestral showpiece Noel!, which was written specifically for Halle and conductor Stephen Bell by Roderick Elms, and is receiving here its world premiere recording. “A lovely festive celebration and a reminder of what Christmas is all about” (Oldham Chronicle)

kr 159
Image Juloratorium - Gammal svensk julkantat
Christmas Oratorio: A light in the darkness
"Nature around Lake Orsa, with its blue mountains, burning sunsets and shadowy forests, has strongly influenced the musical language in my Christmas Oratorio. Many years ago I used to sit by the lake and dream. Some of the dreams moved around this music. The words are taken partly from the Bible, John Prolog, and from Christmas story. Mary's lullaby, which is present in the second part, uses the words of Lope de Vega. The two parts of the Oratorio is framed by the orchestral Intermezzo with its motto: The light shines in darkness, and the darkness has not overcome thereby".

Old Swedish Christmas Cantata: Brutally the Cathedral School
"Old Swedish julkantat, to the words of Oscar Levertin, is of a different kind. The poet drew inspiration from old times 'djäknesång' as it was practiced at the cathedral schools in the old times. The early eighteenth century forming the fund of the poem and the rather long text depicts, in both beautiful stanzas and brutal reality, a year in the "djäknar's" life. Burlesque is not missing. The solistical piano part, I wrote especially for my longtime friend and colleague Per Thunarf."

kr 159
Image A Wondrous Mystery - Renaissance Music for Christm
Stile Antico

Stile Antico's new Christmas programme of Renaissance polyphony features a glorious mass by the Flemish master Clemens non Papa, alongside traditional old-German carols and motets, many of them still sung to this day. An irresistibly festive collection!

An ensemble of breathtaking freshness, vitality and balance.' (New York Times)

"Stile Antico has become the gold standard in this repertory"
(The Independent, UK)

kr 159
Image Christmas Oratorio
Rachel Harnisch, soprano
Anke Vondung, mezzo-soprano
Maximilian Schmitt, tenor (evangelist)
Christian Immler, bass

Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks, Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin / Peter Dijkstra

For many, Christmas without Bach's "Christmas Oratorio" - that baroque masterpiece made up of six cantatas, telling the story of Christmas from the Nativity to the visit of the Three Wise Men - would be quite unthinkable. Whether experienced live in concert or heard on a CD, the work is always a great treat. What makes this December 2010 live recording of the concert performance at the Herkulessaal in the Munich Residenz so special? The clear voices of the young but excellent vocal soloists, the regularly acclaimed "crystal clear sound" and "astonishing three-dimensionality" of the Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks, under the direction of Peter Dijkstra, and of course that renowned period instrument ensemble, the Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin. There is also the exciting atmosphere of a live concert event that delighted the audience, plus the fact that the performance even managed to elicit the adjective "magical" from Munich reviewers - rare praise, but in this case highly deserved!

kr 298
Image Jubileumsjul
Brunnsbo Musikklasser firar nu 30-år som Göteborgs främsta skola för musik-, och sångintresserade barn och ungdomar. De sjunger in julen med den nyinspelade cd-n "Jubileums-Jul".

Solister Carolina Sandgren och Marco Stella från GöteborgsOperan, samt instrumentalister från GöteborgsOperan, Göteborgs Symfoniker och Göteborg Wind Orchestra.

kr 149
Image Christmas with Love
Anna Maria Kaufmann, soprano
Münchner Symphoniker & Children's Choir of the Bavarian

Christmas in a completely new, festive orchestral sound-robe: The Album "Christmas with Love" by star soprano Anna Maria Kaufmann. An album with echoes of film music / classical / American-Style, masterfully recorded with a renowned symphony orchestra: The Munich Symphony Orchestra. Anna Maria Kaufmann is accompanied by the enchanting 90-member Children's choir of the Bavarian State Opera in several songs.

The album includes 14 traditional as well as lesser-known Christmas carols from around the world in completely new arrangements by Prof. Andreas Tarkmann (arrangements for Anna Netrebko, Placido Domingo and Jonas Kaufmann) and Nicholas Dodd (one of the leading film music arrangers and conductors in Hollywood, known e.g. for James Bond - Casino Royale / Quantum of Solace, as well as Independence Day and Stargate).

A very special highlight represents at the same time a world premiere. None other than the world-famous violinist Nigel Kennedy contributes with the specially composed song "Christmas?" to this album. Recorded with Kennedy's own ensemble and the poignant voice of Anna Maria Kaufmann, who also acts as lyricist here, this song is a true Christmas gem.

An extraordinary album by an extraordinary singer, that will not only delight classical music fans!

kr 159
Image Strålande Jul - Strahlende Weihnacht
MDR Rundfunkchor / Philipp Ammann

The MDR Chamber Choir is one of the most sought after vocal ensembles from around the world, bringing 73 singers of various nationalities together. So what would be more appropriate than to take the world's Christmas carols and have these lovers of exquisite a-cappella music join together in a musical Christmas journey? Alongside well-known German Christmas carols such as "Stille Nacht" or "Vom Himmel Hoch", many members of the choir have chosen carols from their own countries for this GENUIN-CD, carols that are not only closely connected with their country's traditions but also have a special personal meaning for them. As various as the individual titles may seem, they all bear the same message: Strålende Jul - Strahlende Weihnacht - Merry Christmas.

kr 159
Image Complete Traditional Christmas Carols Collection (
The Sixteen / Harry Christophers

Due to popular demand, CORO has packaged The Sixteen's two most popular Christmas titles into one double CD set. The ensemble's Traditional Christmas Carol Collections Volumes I and II feature some of our best-known and best-loved Christmas carols in arrangements with traditional harmonies and original words. Favourites include In the bleak midwinter, Silent night and See amid the winter's snow. There is also an abundance of festive music that deserves to be better known and The Sixteen includes some rediscovered treasures in this collection such as Masters in this Hall, Past three a clock and Gloucestershire Wassail.

kr 149
Image Favourite Carols from King's
The Choir of King's College Cambridge / Stephen Cleobury

'Carols from King's' is a cornerstone of the BBC's Christmas programming output, traditionally shown on both Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Along with the live radio broadcast of the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols, this pre-recorded special service features favourite carols and lessons from one of the world's top choral groups in the spectacular setting of King's College Chapel. Available on DVD for the first time, this recording features the full service recorded shortly before its broadcast in December 2013.

2014 marks the 60th anniversary of Carols from King's - an occasion marked by the broadcast on Christmas eve of a 60-minute documentary on the history of the service, immediately preceding the 2014 service, as well as the broadcast of a restored version of the first 'Carols from King's', recorded in 1954 with Boris Ord conducting.

The DVD's release will be accompanied by an extensive international press and marketing campaign. The Choir of King's College, Cambridge will perform alongisde the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment Bach's Magnificat at The Chapel, Cambridge, on the 12th November 2014, and again at the Barbican, London, on the 6th December 2014, conducted by Stephen Cleobury. On the 16th and 17th December the Choir and Stephen Cleobury will appear in Edinburgh, Usher Hall, performing Christmas music including Poulenc's 'Quatre Motets pour le temps de Noël'.

The Choir of King's College, Cambridge is one of the world's foremost choirs and unquestionably among the most widely heard. It owes its existence to King Henry VI, who envisaged the daily singing of services in his magnificent chapel. This remains the Choir's raison d'être, and is an important part of the lives of its 16 choristers, who are educated at King's College School, and the 14 choral scholars and two organ scholars, who study a variety of subjects in the College. The Choir has produced numerous professional singers including James Gilchrist, Christopher Purves and Gerald Finley.

Booklet with notes in English, French and German, and a reproduction of the original service booklet with carol texts.

kr 219
Image Favourite Carols from King's
The Choir of King's College Cambridge / Stephen Cleobury

With their annual Christmas broadcasts, the Choir of King's College, Cambridge has become a centrepiece of the yuletide tradition for families around the world.

For 2014, the choir is delighted to release the first collection of favourite carols on its own label, recorded in the magnificent acoustic of King's College Chapel on CD.

'Favourite Carols from King's' is a collection of the most popular carols featured in the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols over the years. Highlights include 'Once in Royal David's City', with the opening verse sung by treble Adam Banwell, 'In the Bleak Midwinter', solo performed by bass Hugo Herman-Wilson and 'Hark! The Herald Angels Sing'. It provides at once a survey of the King's Christmas tradition and a snapshot of the choir as it is today.

The album is the acclaimed label's sixth release, joining other successfully received recordings such as the debut release 'Nine Lessons and Carols' which reached number 2 in the UK Specialist Classical Chart, 'Mozart Requiem Realisations' ****/**** from BBC Music Magazine, and 'Britten St Nicolas' which received 5 stars in the Financial Times.

The album's release will be accompanied by an extensive international press and marketing campaign. The Choir of King's College, Cambridge will perform Bach's 'Magnificat' at The Chapel, Cambridge, on the 12th November 2014, with the OAE,and again at the Barbican, London, on the 6th December 2014, conducted by Stephen Cleobury. On the 16th and 17th December the Choir and Stephen Cleobury will appear in Edinburgh's Usher Hall, performing Christmas music including Poulenc's 'Quatre Motets pour le temps de Noël'. The Choir of King's College, Cambridge is one of the world's foremost choirs and amongst the most widely heard. It owes its existence to King Henry VI, who envisaged the daily singing of services in his magnificent chapel. This remains the Choir's raison d'être, and is an important part of the lives of its 16 choristers, who are educated at King's College School, and the 14 choral scholars and two organ scholars, who study a variety of subjects in the College. The Choir has produced numerous professional singers including James Gilchrist, Christopher Purves and Gerald Finley.

kr 129
Image Yulefest!
Trinity College Choir Cambridge / Stephen Layton

There are few choirs around today who can match the unbridled excellence of Trinity Cambridge. On this new album we find great carols both old and new. Add in some astonishing fresh arrangements and we have twenty-one tracks of pure festive indulgence-Yule love it!

kr 159
Image A Very English Christmas
James Sherlock, organ
Tenebrae / Nigel Short

BBC Music Magazine Award-winning choir Tenebrae return to disc on Signum under the expert direction Nigel Short with a sumptuous album of Carols, Hymns and other celebratory works for Christmas.

kr 159
Image Der Singer Pur Adventskalender
Long awaited, finally available! The musical Advent calendar by Singer Pur - there's a song for each day in December (1st-24th). Provided with the texts to the songs, this CD is an ideal companion for the "time of reflection" that is no longer so calm or reflective for many people.

kr 149
Image A Light is Coming
Ensemble Octavians

The Ensemble Octavians - all former singers with the boys' choir of the Jena Philharmonie - have recorded a musical Christmas gift with their current CD 'A Light is Coming' that offers well-known and unknown songs from the festival of festivals.

The young singers noticed in their concerts that there is a special synergy that emerges between themselves and their audience, particularly during these selected arrangements - they subsequently put together a personal programme in the form of this CD repertoire. It combines into a poignant whole the mysticism of the pending birth of Jesus with the wonder at the child in the manger, and finally, the exuberant joy in connection with this 'birthday party'.

From moving verses highlighting the Christmas festival, to bible texts set to music, to rather secular contemplations - the entire spectrum of Christmas vocal music is represented here. The fact that the pieces are arranged for up to eight-voice men's choir allows us to enjoy old favourites such as 'Maria durch ein Dornwald ging' or 'Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht' in a completely new way.

Atmospheric tones sound in the adaptation of the Praetorius arrangement of 'Es ist ein Ros entsprungen' by Jan Sandström or the motet 'Tu solus qui facis mirabilia' by Josquin Desprez and festive chords with Andreas Hammerschmidt's famous 'Machet die Tore weit'.

Adaptations by and for the legendary King's Singers round out the Octavians' repertoire both atmospherically and joyously, and focus the listener's attention away from the hustle and bustle of Christmas to the child in the manger.

kr 159
Image Let the Angels Sing
Michala Petri, recorder
Danish National Vocal Ensemble / Michael Bojesen

Each year,as the days grow shorter and temperatures a little colder, we begin to experience a sense of anticipation and excitement, as the holidays draw near.'Tis the season for delicious smells ,heart-warming sights, and joyful sounds; no other time of year is as filled with musical celebrations and good will, when even strangers come together and raise their voices in song!

New for this year, composer and arranger Michael Bojesen has selected hymns and carols from across the centuries and around the world, adding a touch of extra holiday joy with the soaring descants of Michala Petri's recorder, shining brightly like the star atop a Christmas tree.

kr 159
Image December Celebration
Lisa Delan, soprano
Lester Lynch, baritone

Volti Chorus; Musicians of the New Century Chamber Orchestra / Dawn Harms

December holds in its hands many worlds of celebration as the month unfolds with Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Christmas and the eve of the New Year. Over the centuries a great deal of music has marked this time of year, but very little has been added to the canon in recent decades. Gordon Getty inspired us with his composition of delightful new Christmas carols to invite a group of American composers to celebrate the season in music. The result is a rich and tuneful recording of new holiday classics for you to share with your friends and families. We hope that you enjoy this festive and joyous music throughout the season and for many years to come.

kr 189
Image Christmas
Michael Feinstein has long been one of the best singers and pianists in the world. His tireless efforts to preserve, protect and promote the songs and songwriters of the golden age of American music brought him great recognition. He founded the Great American Songbook Foundation with the goal of the music of the Great American Songbook to explain to young people and to preserve them for future generations. Over his 30 - year career, Michael Feinstein millions of fans with his enthusiastic concerts and received five Grammy and two Emmy nominations.A Michael Feinstein contains unusual Christmas carols. He is accompanied by Grammy-Award winning jazz pianist Alan Broadbent.

kr 149
Image Gör dina portar vida
Det kom en idé från enhetschefen för administration och service, Birgitta Wahlström. "Skulle inte ni musiker med alla era körer kunna göra en julskiva och att intäkterna får gå till Härbärget?" Jag tog med mig idén till musikerna i Eskilstuna församling. Alla tyckte det var en bra idé. I flera års tid har vi ju haft Jul-sing along i Klosters kyrka där kollekten har gått till Härbärget. Så varför inte spela in en Jul-CD också? En kommitté tillsattes för att fundera över innehållet på CDn. Vi enades efter en del funderande om att alla vuxenkörer skulle delta och att varje kör som vill också får göra ett eget spår. Antingen helt själva eller tillsammans med någon annan kör. Vi ville också att alla körer skulle sjunga tillsammans på några spår. Orgeln måste få ljuda. Solister måste få sjunga. Att få visa den musikaliska bredden i vår församling var också viktigt. Så blev det också. Med stolthet kan vi konstatera att skivan bjuder på stor bredd. Från orgelsolo till kör a cappella. Traditionellt och nytt. De olika körerna med lite olika inriktning har visat fram sina bästa sidor. Vi musiker framträder med en alldeles egen kör förstärkt på manssidan av goda körsångare. Några professionella musiker har ställt upp och kompat våra körer utan betalning.


This is a CD recorded by the choirs of Eskilstuna Congregation in Sweden to raise money to charity. All the choirs of the church and several musicians are putting in their best to make this CD very varied both in style and repertory, time and expression.

kr 159
Image En levande jul!
Västerås Sinfoniettas årliga julkonserter tillsammans med Västerås Musikklasser vid Fryxellska Skolan har blivit ett begrepp! Här kommer det bästa från orkesterns och barnkörernas live-konserter med legendariske Jan Åke Hillerud som dirigent. Välkända julsånger (t ex Staffan var en stalledräng, Sankta Lucia, Nu tändas tusen juleljus, Let it snow, Winter wonderland) blandas med bland annat utdrag ur Bachs Juloratorium och en julig version av Verdis triumfkör ur Aida! Samt mycket mer!

kr 139
Image Oi jouluyö (Christmas Carols)
Soile Isokoski, sopraano
Lapin kamariorkesteri
John Storgårds, kapellimestari

Tähtisopraano Soile Isokosken joululevyllä Oi jouluyö soi hienostunut ohjelmisto suomeksi laulettuja tuttuja joululauluja. Tuttujen laulujen ohella mukaan on nostettu kätköistä myös muutamia hieman tuntemattomampia helmiä suomalaisilta säveltäjiltä.

Soile Isokoski kuuluu kansainvälisten esiintymislavojen loistavimpiin esiintyjiin aina Wienin valtionoopperaa, Lontoon Covent Gardenia, Milanon La Scalaa ja New Yorkin Metropolitania myöten. Vaikka hänet tunnetaan parhaiten suurten oopperaroolien, oratorion ja liedin taitajana, on myös kotoisilla ja ulkoisesti hillitymmillä joululauluilla aina ollut tärkeä asema Isokosken ohjelmistossa. Hänen soinnikas ja kaunis äänensä tuntuu niiden parissa olevan omalla maaperällään, ja niiden tulkinnoissa on kuuluvilla sama sielukas ote, joka sävyttää myös Isokosken ohjelmiston vaativampia teoksia.

Joululevyllä tekee samalla Ondine-debyyttinsä John Storgårdsin johtama Lapin kamariorkesteri, joka kuuluu Suomen taide-elämän persoonallisimpiin ja omaperäisimpiin edustajiin. Orkesterin huippuaikaa on ollut Storgårdsin vuonna 1996 alkanut taiteellisen johtajuuden kausi, jota on leimannut ennakkoluulottomuus ja tyylillinen laaja-alaisuus.

kr 89
Image Nyt tähtitarhoihin laulu soi (Suomen Kansallisoopp
Suomen kansallisoopperan solistit, orkesteri, kuoro ja lapsikuoro
MICHAEL GÜTTLER, kapellimestari

Suomen Kansallisoopperan tunnelmallisella joululevyllä Nyt tähtitarhoihin laulu soi kuullaan klassikoiksi muodostuneita joululauluja. Monet pohjolan rakastetuimmista joululauluista omaavat jo satojen vuosien takaisen perinteen, mutta suurin osa Suomen suosituimmista joululauluista sävellettiin 1800-luvulla.

Lämmintunnelmaista ja herkkää levyä kruunaa harvinaisen monilukuinen esiintyjäkaarti, joka tuo myös levylle oopperasta tuttua loistoa: levyä tähdittää Kansallisoopperan 12 laulusolistia sekä Kansallisoopperan orkesteri, kuoro ja lapsikuoro. Kapellimestarina levyllä toimii Kansallisoopperan elokuussa 2013 virkansa aloittanut uusi ylikapellimestari Michael Güttler.

Uudella levyllä perinteikkäät joululaulut kuullaan Juha Lehmuksen ja Ilkka Kuusiston loisteliaina sovituksina.

kr 89
Image 3CD-BOX: Christmas Oratorio
A classic performance of Bachs Christmas Oratorio, featuring the superb voices of Arleen Augér, Peter Schreier, Annelies Burmeister, Theo Adam and the famous Dresdner Kreuzchor and Dresdner Philharmonie,conducted by Martin Flämig.The traditional performance style gives full due to the jubilant character and the deep feeling of wonder about the mystery of the Nativitas, here expressed by the unique voice of the much lamented Arleen Auger.From the rich archives of Berlin Classics.

kr 99
Image Baroque Christmas
Beside the famous master of Baroque Music - Johann Sebastian Bach - this 2CD-Set includes nearly unknown but not less atmospheric treasures of baroque Christmas music. Most of them were commissioned works for the feast and includes very different styles: from festive cantatas, moody motets to chamber musically solo songs. A 'must' for all lovers of Baroque Music as well for listeners they would like to find some extraordinary music for the upcoming feast.

kr 159
Image On Christmas Night
Old and new classics The British Armonico Consort, conducted by Christopher Monks brings us here with a festive assortment of old and new classics in the right Christmas mood. The focus of the program focus is Benjamin Britten's A ceremony of Carols that long since become a classic outside of England. Armonico Consort return to disc on Signum with a festive selection of classic carols and hymns alongside new commissions and arrangements. The program is rounded off by Benjamin Britten's timeless 'A Ceremony of Carols'.

kr 159
Image Christmas Carols
A new album bringing classic carols to life under the expert direction of conductor and author Andrew Gant, coinciding with the release later this year of his new book 'Christmas Carols - From Village Green to Church Choir'. Everyone loves a carol - in the end, even Scrooge. They have the power to summon up a special kind of midwinter mood, like the aroma of mince pies and mulled wine and the twinkle of lights on a tree. It s a kind of magic. But how did they get that magic? In 'Christmas Carols' Andrew Gant tells the story of some 20 carols, each accompanied by lyrics and music, unravelling a captivating - and often surprising - tale of great musicians and thinkers, saints and pagans, shepherd boys, choirboys, monks and drunks. We delve into the history of such favourites as Good King Wenceslas , Away in a Manger and The Twelve Days of Christmas , discovering along the way how Hark, the Herald angels sing came to replace Hark, how all the welkin ring and how Ralph Vaughan Williams bolted the tune of an English folk song about a dead ox to a poem by a nineteenth-century American pilgrim to make O little town of Bethlehem . 'Christmas Carols' brims with anecdote, expert knowledge and Christmas spirit. It is a fittingly joyous account of one of our best-loved musical traditions.

kr 159
Image Stille Nacht
CD + Singback

kr 129
Image Mitt Julalbum
kr 159
Image Frost - Pan Flute In Wintertime
kr 159
Image Min Barndoms Jul
"Jag har i många år drömt om att få spela in en sådan här julskiva. Den här stilen har funnits med under min barndom och musikaliskt var det väldigt roligt att få blicka tillbaka det som har präglat mina jular.
Framför allt har jag haft möjligheten att knyta ihop säcken då mina barn har varit med och sjungit på den här skivan, det har varit en fröjd och jag har fällt mer än en tår då det har berör mig enormt mycket. Det här är verkligen Min Barndomsjul" säger Charlotte Perrelli.
Till sin hjälp på plattan har hon förutom sönerna Angelo & Alessio en stor barnkör.

kr 149
Image Night of the Miracle
The United States Army Chorus
The United States Army Orchestra
Samuel R. Loboda

Night of the Miracle is a tender music drama which was presented each year in Washington, D.C. by the United States Army Orchestra and Chorus as a musical Christmas gift to the people in the national capital area. A highlight among many of Samuel Loboda's awards and honors is the Emmy he won for the musical direction of the television special 'Night of the Miracle.'

kr 159
Image A Festival Of Carols
kr 69
Image Veni Emmanuel - Music for Advent
The Choir of Clare College, Cambridge
Graham Ross

The familiar hymn 'Veni Emmanuel' is emblematic of the Advent season - a period of reflection upon the meaning of Christ's coming. Framing this programme, the hymn paraphrases the great 'O' Antiphons: plainchant settings traditionally sung on the days leading up to Christmas; complemented here by later works echoing their rich imagery and symbolism.

Founded in 1971, the Choir of Clare College has gained an international reputation as one of the leading university choral groups in the world. Beyond its primary function of leading services three times a week in the College Chapel in Cambridge, the Choir maintains an active schedule recording, broadcasting and performing worldwide.

In addition to live performances the Choir has produced an impressive discography. The Choir's CD of John Rutter's 'Requiem', also produced by the composer as is this disc, was awarded Editor's Choice by Gramophone, amongst other accolades. The Choir's partnership with harmonia mundi includes recordings of Handel's 'Messiah', Blow's 'Venus and Adonis', with René Jacobs, and, most recently, world première recordings of choral works by Imogen Holst, hailed for "impeccable ensemble" and "thrilling performances".

kr 149
Image Welcome All Wonders
Choir of The Queen's College, Oxford
Olivia Clarke, Paul Manley, Organ
Simon Desbruslais, Trumpet
Owen Rees, director

Welcome all Wonders: A Christmas Cantata is a large-scale work for choir, organ, and trumpet spanning 15 movements. It celebrates the Christmas story through an imaginative selection and juxtaposition of poetry and liturgical texts, and provides a multifaceted telling of the familiar narrative. The celebratory aspects of Christmas are tainted by darker themes that are inherent to the story but are easily overlooked, culminating in an enlightened and engaging work that explores the Christmas story in a profound manner.

The Choir of The Queen's College, Oxford is among the finest and most active university choirs in the UK. Its wide-ranging repertory includes a rich array of Renaissance and Baroque music and contemporary works.

kr 159
Image Christmas
Winchester Cathedral Choir
Martin Neary

The sacred space of Winchester Cathedral has echoed to music every day for almost a thousand years, inspiring worshippers and visitors alike. Winchester Cathedral is home to a Cathedral Choir which, under the leadership of Martin Neary, was internationally regarded as one of the great choirs of England. He was Organist and Director of Music at Winchester Cathedral from 1972 to 1988, and Organist and Master of the Choristers at Westminster Abbey from 1988 to 1998.

As the organist at Westminster Abbey, he was the musical director of the funeral service for Diana, Princess of Wales, for which he was appointed a Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order (LVO) in the New Year Honours List in 1998.

Philips Classics recorded Christmas Carols in its series of Quadraphonic Recordings with the Winchester Cathedral Choir directed by Martin Neary in 1973. PentaTone has digitally re-mastered the recording using DSD technology and is now releasing this best seller in the RQR series in superb surround sound.

kr 189
Image Christmas!
RIAS Kammerchor
Hans-Christoph Rademann, conductor

The great painters have always known how to combine the difference perspectives of the Nativity into a single picture. Here the RIAS Kammerchor tells the Christmas Story in music: Mendelssohn frames the painting, to which the darkness and the promise of promise of heavenly light form the background. The Virgin Mary leads us to the heart of Christmas Night and to rejoicing at the Saviour's birth. We come full circle with the Four Motets of Poulenc, which sum up all the facets of Christmas and its emotions.

kr 149
Image Christmas Brass Festival
kr 139
Image Christmas Star / A Christmas Festival
The Cambridge Singers & Farnham Youth Choir,
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
John Rutter

A collection of some of John Rutter's favourite carols from classic Cambridge Singers recordings, and much loved Christmas arrangements by John Rutter. This offer contains two previously released CDs: Christmas Star CSCD503 & A Christmas Festival COLCD133.

kr 159
Image Christmas in the Vatican
kr 139
Image Surrounded by Angels - Christmas Celebration
Ensemble Galilei

Blu-ray Audio + CD

Captivating. Powerful. Monumentally expressive. All brilliantly displayed in the newest Christmas release from Sono Luminus, Surrounded by Angels. From the opening unison strings of "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence" to the last note of "Silent Night", this CD courses with the extraordinary arrangements of Ensemble Galilei, created by musicians whose musical sensibilities have been shaped by their personal histories. Each renowned in their fields - two winners of the All-Ireland Senior Championship, two winners of the U.S. National Scottish Fiddle Championship, a four-time winner of the U.S. National Scottish Harp Championship, one Fulbright Scholar - they bring phenomenal talents to bear. What comes from this wealth of experience and expertise is an astonishing recording.

A set of whimsical Irish slip jigs follows "Greensleeves". The uillean pipes, soulful and wild, solo on the familiar "Wexford Carol". The violin, viola and viola da gamba transform "I Wonder as I Wander". Each track a revelation, Ensemble Galilei has made Surrounded By Angels so rich and so deep that it transcends the genres of Irish or Scottish or Early Music. So much more than the sum of its parts, this is the recording that will stand year after year as the most beloved recording for the Christmas season.

kr 159
Image Der Musikalische Adventskalender 2013
kr 139
Image Jul med Linnékvintetten
Varsågod, här är advent- och jultidens glada och stämningsfulla musik som vi vill dela med dig, kära lyssnare. Här finner du femtonhundratalets variationer på "Det är en Ros utsprungen", tillsammans med carols, psalmer och svenska klassikern Karl-Bertil Jonssons julafton. Det är med största glädje vi presenterar denna cd som spelades in i Hagby kyrka under rykande snöstorm februari 2013. God jul!
- Linnékvintetten

Julmusik med brass - nu har Linnékvintetten samlat sin favoritmusik ur advents- och julrepertoaren i arrangemang för brasskvintett. Detta har resulterat i en julskiva med blandade traditionella julsånger såsom "Det är en ros utsprungen, Gläns över sjö och strand, Have yourself a merry little christmas och Karl-Bertil Jonssons julafton, men även några mer okända vackra spanska julsånger och christmas carols.

Linnékvintetten har sedan 1986 varit ett dynamiskt inslag i svenskt musikliv. Ända sedan starten har ensemblen gått in för att förnya den svenska repertoaren för brasskvintett, vilket inneburit ca 40 uruppföranden av svensk musik. Ett tjugotal av dessa har Linnékvintetten beställt.

Uppdragen som länsmusikensemble innehåller också medverkan vid stora kyrkliga sammankomster i Uppsala domkyrka samt vid universitetets högtider och andra offentliga cermonier. Skolkonserter, samarbeten med musikskolor och master classes är också en viktig del av Linnékvintettens verksamhet.

kr 149
Image Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!
Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks

With instrumental intermezzi, performed by François Leleux (oboe)

Under the direction of Florian Helgath, the chorus sings German holiday classics along with selections from France, Italy and Great Britain.

Music between the carols is provided by oboist François Leleux, who enriches the CD with restful instrumental intermezzi and virtuosic touches. A close alignment with Christmas and the music of the season makes for a truly wonderful Christmas holiday.

kr 159
Image Gloria In Excelsis Deo
Ruth Ziesak, Soprano
Sächsische Bläserphilharmonie
(The Saxony Philharmonic Wind Orchestra)
Thomas Clamor, Conductor
Rundfunk - Jugendchor Wernigerode
Peter Habermann, Chorus Master
Ensemble Sonora

kr 219
Image Joy to the World - An American Christmas
CORO is delighted to announce the first 'studio' recording with the Handel and Haydn Society. The disc, which is a co-production with WGBH and was recorded at their studios in Boston in January, will feature an eclectic selection of Christmas music including traditional carols using American tunes and Christmas motets by Charles Ives and contemporary American composer, James Bassi. The disc also features two carols by the 'father of American choral music', Bostonian William Billings, and the popular Carol of the Bells by Ukranian composer Mykola Leontovich with its instantly recognisable four-note ostinato motif. Boston's internationally acclaimed Handel and Haydn Society was founded in 1815 and is considered the oldest continuously performing arts organization in the U.S. It has given the American premieres of major works by Handel, Bach and Haydn and has won a Grammy Award. It will celebrate its Bicentennial in 2015.

kr 159
Image Czech Christmas Mass - Hej, Mistre!
Hana Škarková (soprano); Marie Vrbová (alto); Petr Levicek (tenor); Richard Novák (bass); Martin Jakubícek (organ)

The Czech Philharmonic Choir of Brno; The Czech Chamber Soloists / Petr Fiala

" engaging performance of this very engaging work."

kr 139
Image 3CD-BOX: The Three Wise Men
Includes three classic Christmas albums:

CD 1: "A Dave Brubeck Christmas"
CD 2: "An Oscar Peterson Christmas"
CD 3: "Christmas with the George Shearing Quintet"

kr 149
Image 3CD-BOX: Winterludes
Includes three classic Christmas albums:

CD 1: Winter Nights / Al DiMeola
CD 2: Christmas Present / Boney James
CD 3: A Night Before Christmas / Spyro Gyra

kr 149
Image 3CD-BOX: The Christmas Songs
Includes three classic Christmas albums:

CD 1: White Christmas / Rosemary Clooney
CD 2: A Nancy Wilson Christmas
CD 3: Christmas Songs / Mel Torme / Keith Lockhart / Cincinnati Sinfonietta

kr 149
Image Christmas Feeling (The)
Peter Asplund, trumpet

Trumpetaren och sångaren Peter Asplund bjöd in några av Sveriges främsta jazzmusiker för att göra ett gemensamt julalbum, resutatet blev fantastiskt!

Människor får ofta frågan: Vad förknippar du med julen? För mig är det gemenskapen med nära och kära, känslan av lugn,det vackra vinterlandskapet och så all julmusik!

På den här skivan har jag samlat mina favoritjullåtar. Jag har försökt göra en sådan julskiva som jag själv skulle vilja höra under juletiden. En låt har jag dock hoppat över... Den låter jag Jussi Björling ta hand om.

God Jul !!!

- Peter Asplund

kr 169
Image Christmas

The international award-winning octet, VOCES8, has established itself at the forefront of British a cappella. Performing a repertoire ranging from Renaissance polyphony to unique Jazz and Pop arrangements, the group has been praised for stunning performance, exquisite singing and creating a sound that spans the entire range of vocal colour.

kr 159
Image Wonder of Christmas (The)
The United States Air Force Band and The Singing Sergeants

The United States Air Force Band and the Singing Sergeants, conducted by Major Albert A. Bader, present to you this wonderful arrangement of Christmas carols created by USAF Chief Arranger, Floyd E. Werle. This composition is truly a masterpiece, and regarded by some as "one of the finest creations in his career." It was composed as a carol celebration for soloists, mixed chorus, symphonic band, and audience featuring Christmas carols from around the world. This album has been re-mastered from the 1974 vinyl LP - the world premiere recording, and only recording of this piece available.

kr 159
Image And Comes The Day - Carols And Antiphons For Adven
The Choir of Queens' College, Cambridge
The Queens' Chapel Players
Silas Wollston, conductor

Here is a beautiful new recording exploring the music and themes of Advent, including some well-known carols and antiphons alongside some newer, less frequently heard pieces. An ideal present!

The Choir of Queens' College, Cambridge is well known in the UK, singing three times a week at services in Queens' College Chapel. They also travel abroad outside the academic term, with recent tours to Hong Kong, USA, France, Germany, Italy and Belgium.

Silas Wollston, their director, has been principal continuo player and assistant conductor to Sir John Eliot Gardiner since 1999 and has a versatile and varied career as researcher, performer and composer.

kr 149
Image 6CD-BOX: Cantatas for Christmas
Monteverdi Choir
English Baroque Soloists
John Eliot Gardiner, conductor

This box set features a cast of stellar soloists including Magdalena Kožená, Bernarda Fink, Michael Chance, James Gilchrist, Christoph Genz, etc. The Monteverdi Choir and English Baroque Soloist give their customary brilliant performances, making this release a must-have gift this Christmas season.

It includes some of Bach's best known cantatas, including the glorious Christen, atzet diesen Tag (CD1), the festive and brilliant Unser Mund sei voll Lachens (CD2) , the infectiously rhythmic Ich freue mich in dir (CD3), Gelobet seist du (CD1) and many other "jewels" which glow with that special sense of expectation that is the hallmark of Bach's Christmas music.

"Gardiner's 2000 Bach Pilgrimage volumes are very addictive. No studio renderings can match them for immediacy, and their revelations are many... the general eloquence is overwhelming... You feel you were there, and it's thrilling."
The Times

"One of the most ambitious musical projects of all times"
The Observer

kr 318
Image Christmas Songs Around The World
Arsys Bourgogne
Pierre Cao, conductor

Ever since its creation in 1999, Arsys Bourgogne has developed a unique project highlighting six centuries of vocal repertoire. Conducted by the Luxembourg native Pierre Cao, the choir is now considered to be among the best in Europe. Using a flexible formation, ranging up to 32 singers, Arsys explores all choral repertoire, both a cappella and accompanied, from early music - Renaissance, Baroque, Classical - through Romantic and 20th century music to that of the present day.

kr 149
Image Jubilate Deo
Early baroque Advent and Christmas music - Works by Johann Stadlmayr, Heinrich Schütz and Giovanni Gabrieli

Orpheus Chor München
Les Cornets Noir
Gerd Guglhör, conductor

What a colorful, jubilant "Exultate Deo" effervescently resonating through the church nave in the highest and lowest tones! What rejoicing the alternation between chorus and soli voices, vocal and instrumental music expresses - transforming the sober, light St. Mark's Church into a magnificent, brilliant Basilica di San Marco!"

This was the Süddeutsche Zeitung's response to the November 2011 concert of the orpheus chor münchen together with Les Cornets Noir.

This recording was made at the same time, likewise in St. Mark's Church in Munich, as a coproduction with the Bavarian Radio Broadcasting Corporation.

kr 159
Image Choral Christmas (A)
Ralph Allwood, director
The Rodolfus Choir

A leading light in the world of youth choral music, the Rodolfus Choir is made up of choristers from ages 16-25 who are past and present participants of the Eton Choral Courses, begun by the choir's director Ralph Allwood in 1980.

This new Christmas programme mixes the familiar with works not usually heard in carol services - such as Tomas Luis de Victoria's stunning eight-part, two-choir Ave Maria (from an edition prepared by John Rutter), and more recent works such as Chris Chivers' Ecce Puer and Eric Whitacre's Lux Aurumque. Such a programme is well-suited to a choir with the versatility and enthusiasm of the Rodolfus choir.

kr 159
Image Carols from King's
The Choir of King's College, Cambridge, is one of the world's best-known choral groups. Founded in the 15th century, it ranks among the oldest of its kind, and, while originally created for singing the daily services in the college chapel, now enjoys an international tour schedule that has seen it perform all over Europe and beyond. Every Christmas Eve, millions of people tune in to watch the choir's A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols from King's - a service which has been continuously broadcast since 1928.

Recorded in 1994, this reissue joins the group's already extensive discography of Christmas music - recordings that have
enhanced its worldwide fame and reputation. The compilation mixes some of the bestloved traditionals, including Once in royal
David's city and O Come all ye faithful, with more recent repertoire - such as Rutter's rousing What Sweeter Music and Judith Weir's striking Illuminare, Jerusalem (specially commissioned by the choir for its 1985 annual service). Also featured are traditional German, French, Dutch and Polish carols
(including two settings of Dulce Jubilo) - works which, together with Pärt's enchanting Bogoróditse Dyévo, contribute to a wonderfully eclectic disc that provides over an hour of festive cheer.

kr 89
Image Nine Lessons & Carols
Choir of King's College Cambridge / Stephen Cleobury

With a TV and radio audience of millions, the annual broadcast of carols from King's College, Cambridge is an essential Christmas tradition for families all over the world. The debut album from the choir's own label features a specially recorded performance of their glorious 'Festival of Nine Lessons & Carols', and includes many of the most well-known Christmas carols as well as new commissions from some of today's most popular composers.

The Choir of King's College, Cambridge is one of the world's foremost choirs and unquestionably among the most widely heard. It owes its existence to King Henry VI, who envisaged the daily singing of services in his magnificent chapel. This remains the Choir's raison d'être, and is an important part of the lives of its 16 choristers, who are educated at King's College School, and the 14 choral scholars and two organ scholars, who study a variety of subjects in the College. The Choir has been a breeding ground for numerous professional singers, many of whom will appear on forthcoming recordings from the new label.

The Choir has a rich recording heritage, having appeared on many albums for both Decca and EMI Classics. The Choir's recording of Rutter's 'Gloria' has sold in excess of 100,000 units globally and its previous albums of Christmas music have sold in millions.

This double album faithfully recreates the magic of the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols, opening with a lone treble singing 'Once in royal David's city' and closing with a rousing chorus of 'Hark! the herald angels sing'.

Each year, the Choir's Director of Music Stephen Cleobury commissions a new carol, several of which are included on the album, including carols by Einojuhani Rautavaara, Gabriel Jackson, Brett Dean, Mark-Anthony Turnage, Dominic Muldowney and Tansy Davies. In addition, John Rutter was commissioned to write the new carol 'All bells in paradise' especially for this album.

kr 159
Image Gloria in excelsis deo - Advent and Christmas Caro
Knabenchor Hannover (Hanover Boys Choir) / Jörg Breiding

Under the direction of Jörg Breiding, the Knabenchor Hannover (Hanover Boys Choir) performs well-known songs for Advent and Christmas set to music in a contemporary style by the Hanoverian composer Siegfried Strohbach (*1929). Accompanied by festive texts - read by the actor Sky du Mont - and organ interludes played by Ulfert Smidt, organist at the Marktkirche Hannover, this work is a unified whole that prepares listeners for the Christmas season in a both meditative and festive spirit.

Siegfried Strohbach compiled his Yuletide choral cycle Gloria in excelsis Deo especially for the Knabenchor Hannover's Advent concerts. In addition to new compositions, he recurs to earlier works from all periods of his rich choral oeuvre. Strohbach is highly susceptible to the ensemble's specific timbres and technical possibilities, both of which he demonstrates skilfully. He explores the choir's various sound facets in diverse voice combinations. In this, he refrains from almost all virtuoso ornamentation and focusses on the essential: the annunciation of the Christian message of Christmas.

kr 159
Image A Ceremony of Carols
Trinity College Choir Cambridge
Stephen Layton, conductor

2013 sees the centenary of Benjamin Britten's birth and Hyperion starts celebrating early with this disc of two of the composer's most popular choral works, both with a Christmas relevance.

The cantata Saint Nicolas tells the story of the original 'Santa Claus', a fourth-century saint whose acts-revitalizing three boys who had been pickled by an unscrupulous landlord being among the more dramatic-led to his canonization as patron saint of children and sailors. Britten's lively setting is distinctly operatic, full of incident and colour-with the story brought 'home' through the use of congregational hymns. The part of Nicolas (here sung magnificently by Allan Clayton, already acclaimed as the heir to Peter Pears and Anthony Rolfe Johnson) is one of Britten's great heroic tenor roles.

A Ceremony of Carols is a setting for treble voices and harp of some of the medieval texts which Britten loved so much, and is heard every Christmas in cathedrals, churches and concert halls throughout the land. This fresh, sparkling performance completes a thoroughly festive release.

kr 149
Image Advent at St Paul's
St Paul's Cathedral Choir
John Scott (conductor)

Every year on Advent Sunday St Paul's Cathedral in London holds an Advent Carol Service. This recording captures the mood and structure of this event, presenting a selection of the music which might be performed in its liturgical order.

The Church's preparation for the coming of Christ begins in contemplative mood with the plainchant processional Laudes Regiae and the famous Mattins Responsory ('I look from afar ...'). The wealth of music that follows is typical of the approach of this choir: traditional favourites such as Hosanna to the Son of David and the Parsons Ave Maria rest alongside contemporary works from composers such as John Rutter, Richard Lloyd and Philip Wilby. This album-and the hypothetical service-comes to an end with a joyous arrangement of the great hymn O come, O come, Emmanuel; an organ toccata on the same theme by Andrew Carter acts as the voluntary.

kr 79
Image Christmas with the Vienna Boys' Choir

It is one of the oldest boys' choirs in the world, and even after now 500 years the Vienna Boys' Choir is still a living tradition. In 1498 Maximilian I engaged twelve boys, who formed the basis of the newly founded court choir. Haydn already sang here although he really belonged to the choir of St. Stephen's cathedral, and Schubert too began his career here. Antonio Salieri sat on the admissions jury then and immediately recognised what great talent lay in the boy. The list of composers closely connected with the Vienna Boys' Choir is long. It reaches from Isaac, Senfl, Caldara, Fux, Salieri and the two Haydn brothers to Anton Bruckner, who as court organist himself rehearsed his Mass compositions with the boys. Unshakable since earliest times, however, is the connection of Christmas with music. For a good 500 years the history of music came to life, year after year, in Christmas carols, No other religious festival has so greatly inspired composers and poets as this, and if people like to call Christmas the "festival of love", they could easily add that it is also the "festival of songs".

kr 149
Image Christmas Songs
Die Meistersinger (from the Bach Academy Stuttgart)

Founded in 1998 with members from the world-famous Gächinger Kantorei, Stuttgart's celebrated men's choir "Die Meistersinger" have devoted themselves to rescuing the rich repository of 19th century works for male voices from obscurity.

The "Männerchor" has a distinguished history throughout the Germanic lands, often serving the community with multiple functions such as a social club, political forum or an ad hoc auxiliary to professional guilds.

In keeping with the spirit of the season, "Die Meistersinger" return to offer their perfect blend of voices and rich, goldenhued sound in a program of Christmas favorites.

kr 159
Image 3CD-BOX: A Baroque Christmas

The celebration of the Nativity has always been a source of inspiration for composers. The different elements of the evangelical narrative evoke numerous images: tender feelings before the Baby Jesus; the gentleness of his mother, the Virgin Mary; the procession of the three Wise Men; the angelic choirs in Heaven; and these shepherds gathered in the manger. All that appears in the musical repertoire linked to this holiday, as well as the presence of colourful instrumentations and themes connected to folk traditions. This set, released by Ricercar, brings together all these elements, drawn from the repertoires of the Renaissance and Baroque eras.

kr 318
Image A Night Before Christmas
As the seasons change and the end of the year draws near, even the most forward thinking and cutting-edge artists take a nostalgic moment to count their blessings. Spyro Gyra has spent more than three decades pushing the boundaries and definitions of jazz beyond the commonly accepted parameters. In so doing, they continue to forge an edgy, enduring sound that incorporates some of the best elements of jazz and merges them with R&B, pop, Latin and various other styles.

But it isn't always about breaking new ground. All five of these talented innovators - saxophonist Jay Beckenstein, pianist Tom Schuman, guitarist Julio Fernandez, bassist Scott Ambush and drummer Bonny B - agree that there's a time and a place for reconnecting with tradition and celebrating the fundamental values at the core of their music and their lives.

This year, Spyro Gyra celebrates the holiday season with A Night Before Christmas (HUCD 3145), a collection of eleven tracks that capture the yuletide spirit with a decidedly traditional jazz vibe.

"We've always had a yearning to do a record that was kind of a straightahead record - or at least something closer to a straightahead record than what we normally do," says Beckenstein. "But it's always been very difficult to make that work in the context of what we do on most of our records. But a Christmas record was sort of an opportunity to really go someplace a little more subtle, a little more acoustic and more traditional."

Beckenstein brings his own perspective to the project. "Christmas has always been a huge part of my life," he says. "There's so much about it that's universal, separate and apart from the religious aspects. It's a celebration of all the things that are good and redeeming about humanity - compassion, hope, generosity, forgiveness, renewal, family, all those things."

The traditional "O Tannenbaum" opens the set with an improvisational vibe. "It was set up as kind of a jam, and it went to some nice places," says Beckenstein. "It sounds sort of contemporary, without really losing the acoustic feel of the song."

Tony Award winning vocalist Christine Ebersole delivers a simple and pure rendition of "It Won't Feel Like Christmas," a new song that is destined to become a Christmas classic. "These days families are often so far apart physically and then there are people like us who travel for a living. It's important to get home, to be home. Then there are the folks who just aren't going to get home, like the situation a lot of military families are finding themselves these past few years."

No Christmas music is complete without bells, and guest vibraphonist Dave Samuels - founder of the acclaimed Caribbean Jazz Project - evokes the sound of holiday chimes on two tracks, "Winter Wonderland" and "Carol of the Bells" (the latter includes engaging phrases and snippets of the timeless traditional "What Child Is This" and Rodgers & Hammerstein's "My Favorite Things").

Guest vocalist Janis Siegel - a founding member of Manhattan Transfer - joins drummer Bonny B on the mischievous Frank Loesser wintertime duet, "Baby It's Cold Outside." Beckenstein recalls: "We wanted to go in sort of an Ella Fitzgerald direction, and that's Janis' turf big-time. She just does it so beautifully. When we got her into the studio, it was a breeze. The song is very much about projecting a personality, and Janis has personality to burn. She brings all kinds of fun and spunk to this track."

If Christmas is about tradition, then Spyro Gyra has tied both together in a festive package. "There's something about traditional jazz that harkens back to my childhood," says Beckenstein. "On top of that, I have many nostalgic memories of Christmas. The holiday, and this kind of music, have created some of the fondest memories of my youth. These connections make this a very heartfelt record for me and for everyone in the band."

kr 159
Image Midvintervaka
Med saffransdoftande sånger och kanelkryddade låtar kokas en rykande het julebrygd på karibiska, nordiska, grekiska, arabiska och östeuropeiska tongångar. Kaja & Tetra samlar på albumet Midvintervaka material från olika folkliga traditioner, ett par välkända klassiker och en hel del nya bekantskaper, och mixar dem med egna originalkompositioner. Den 5 november släpps deras smått unika julskiva, ett kryddigt och kontemplativt vintersoundtrack för ljustörstande, frusna, frostbitna, värmesuktande och stretande vintersjälar!

Livet Nord - violin och viola
Camilla Åström - dragspel
Daniel Wejdin - kontrabas

Ingrid Brännström - sång och slagverk
Sanna Källman - sång, cello och slagverk
Anna Ottertun - sång och slagverk
Maria Stellas - sång och slagverk

Kaja och Tetra är två fria musikgrupper som båda har en förkärlek för att låta olika traditioner mötas. Kaja tar i sin ordinarie repertoar avstamp i östeuropeisk folkmusik men låter sin originalmusik få influeras av medlemmarnas olika musikaliska erfarenheter. Likaså gör Tetra som delar med sig till varandra av sina sånger av främst grekiskt, haitiskt, nordiskt och arabiskt ursprung. År 2010 påbörjade Kaja och Tetra sitt samarbete i skapandet av en gemensam folk- och världsmusik-julshow; en färgsprakande föreställning om ljus, värme, fest och gemenskap där olika kulturer och traditioner möts i musik, sång, dans och berättelser.

2011 hade Midvintervaka premiär på ett glöggdoftande Teater Aftonstjärnan i Göteborg där meze-jultalrikar serverades i pausen till ljudet från Musikdirektör Bengtssons gamla stenkaks-grammofon. Under några kristallklara vinterdagar i januari 2012 förevigades sedan delar av föreställningens musik på Studio Epidemin i Göteborg. Den 5 november släpps så äntligen albumet Midvintervaka! I december turnerar dessutom föreställningen i Sverige och återvänder även till Teater Aftonstjärnan i Göteborg.

Repertoaren på albumet Midvintervaka är en god portion av musiken från föreställningen med samma namn. Här finns smakprov på den grekiska motsvarigheten till våra Staffansvisor, så kallade Kalanda-visor, en sång om visheten från Haiti, svensk Klappvals, en variant av Santa Lucia på italienska, en smäktande nyskriven kärleksballad i sjutakt och mycket mer!
De medverkande är några av Sveriges mest framstående folk- och världsmusiker som även syns spela i grupper som Ale Möller Band, New Tide Orquesta, Sumer, Amandakören och Kultiration m.fl.

kr 159
Image Someday At Christmas

Someday At Christmas - Samuel Ljungblahd & Ole Børud

6/6 i SvD

"Sångarna Samuel Ljungblahd och Ole Børud har gjort årets julskiva. Med ett norsksvenskt komp lyfter de upp albumets tio amerikanska julmelodier till granens topp och får det att låta som det funkigt souliga julalbum Stevie Wonder aldrig lyckats göra. Versionen av "Have yourself a merry little christmas" är årets svängigaste."
(Dan Backman, Svenska Dagbladet)

Batman & Robin. Magnus & Brasse. Stig & Börje Salming. Tintin & Kapten Haddock. Nog går det att hitta framgångsrika duos, sådana som visat det yppersta av excellens inom sina respektive gebit. Och här mina vänner, står vi inför "The Dynamic Duo of Blue-Eyed Soul"!

Samuel Ljungblahd, som har tre solo-album i ryggen men som för många är lika bekant för sina insatser i "Let's Dance" eller magiska ögonblick i "Så ska det låta".
Ole Børud som med förra årets "Keep Movin" befäste och förstärkte sin position som Skandinavisk Kung av Västkustpop och får både japaner och sydamerikaner att gå i spin.

Dessa båda herrar slår sig nu samman om en julskiva som doftar lika mycket klassisk Motown-soul som pepparkaka, där Hammond och blåssektion är lika givna som sillen på julbordet och där deras suveräna röster glimmar lika klara som stjärnan i julgranens topp. Ett hallelujah moment av soul, rhythm & blues, pop och gospel!

Låtmaterialet är också noga utvalt; här finns förstås några av de givna klassikerna som "Silent night" och "Away in a manger" (hela albumet är på engelska), personliga favoriter som Harry Connick jr's "I pray on Christmas" och Richard Pages "I always cry at Christmas" men också varsin egenskriven låt i samma anda. Musikerna på plattan består av ett (mestadels) norskt all-star team med producenten Ruben Dalen i spetsen.

kr 49
Image Christmas Dreams on 13 Strings
Anders Miolin, 13-string guitar

Of all the world's religious festivals, Christmas is probably the most universal and all-inclusive. When the angels appeared to the shepherds outside of Bethlehem, they announced peace on earth and good will toward all mankind - and according to the legend they did so with music. The songs of Christmas have thus become a truly international common heritage, as demonstrated by the famous Christmas Truce in 1914 when soldiers on both sides of the battlefield near Ypres in Belgium spontaneously laid down their weapons and joined in the singing of Silent Night, in three languages. When making his selection of songs and creating his fantasies on them, Anders Miolin's aim has been to convey this universality. Not only has he included songs from Russia and Poland, as well as Scotland, Mexico and his native Sweden, in his adaptations of them he also employs a wide variety of styles. His own two compositions also reflect this aspect: Azure Christmas is a memory of a Christmas he celebrated on Martinique, with singing and drumming in the rain forest at a temperature of 35°C, while Stellæ nocte hibernali somniantes ('Winter Night Dreaming Stars') catches the experience of 'standing in the snow looking up at the clear winter sky, with all its twinkling stars dreaming on our behalf'. On a number of acclaimed discs, Anders Miolin has recorded his own arrangements of music by composers such as Ravel, Debussy and Granados, performing them on 10-string guitar. Together with the Swiss luthier Ermanno Chiavi he has now developed an instrument with 13 strings. The fantasias included on 'Christmas Dreams' have all been composed with the possibilities of this instrument in mind: a range of five full octaves, and a more powerful sound and wider dynamic spectrum than a traditional guitar.

kr 159
Image Christmas Story (The)
Theatre of Voices; Ars Nova Copenhagen / Paul Hillier

Inspired by the much-loved service of 'Nine Lessons and Carols' given every Christmas Eve, this recording presents the Nativity story told through plainchant, motets, 17th Century dialogues and traditional folk carols.

Paul Hillier leads Theatre of Voice and Ars Nova Copenhagen in music he has culled and arranged from Italian, German, Danish, English and American sources.

Rorate coeli desuper
Veni veni Emanuel
Es ist ein Ros entsprungen
Dum deambularet Dominus in
Adam lay y-bounden
In dulci iubilo
Missus est Gabriel
Puer natus est
O magnum mysterium
Voi ch'ai notturni rai
Dormi, dormi, o bel bambin
Liebe Hirten
We three kings
Videntes stellam
Personent hodie
Herodes iratus
Vox in Rama
Uebers Gebirg
Maria wallt zum Heiligtum
The holly and the ivy
Barn Jesus i en krybbe la
We wish you a merry Christmas

kr 89
Image 3CD-BOX: 50 Most Essential Christmas Masterpieces
This album gives you the most beloved Christmas songs to liven up the holiday. There are many ways to celebrate the wonder of Christmas, and on this album we have collected all kinds of songs. The old sacred hymns and chants, like "O Come, all ye Faithful", originating back from the middle ages are here paired with more recent Christmas carols, like "Stille Nacht" or "O Come, O Come Emmanuel". Also featured are holiday masterpieces of Corelli, Vivaldi and Tchaikovsky.

kr 299
Image Julmusik på Kungliga Slottet

"Som en riktigt ståndsmässig advents- eller julkonsert är denna skiva, inspelad i Slottskyrkan utan några tillagda studiokonstigheter. Man får allt: orgeln, musikkåren med bleckets maffiga klang och träblåsets lekfullhet, en stor Advent, solosånger, klassiska körarr och nya, djärva; helt igenom sjunget på svenska."
(Svenska Dagbladet)

Miah Persson, Karl-Magnus Fredriksson.
Arméns Musikkår/Mats Janhagen.

Innehåller bl a Bereden väg för Herran, Dotter Sion, Hosianna, Betlehems stjärna, När juldagsmorgon glimmar och O helga natt.

kr 159
Image 4CD-BOX: Christmas Oratorio
Rachel Harnisch, soprano
Anke Vondung, mezzo-soprano
Maximilian Schmitt, tenor
Christian Immler, bass

Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks
Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin
Peter Dijkstra, conductor

After the success of his introduction to the St. Matthew Passion, author Wieland Schmid now takes us on a journey through the Christmas Oratorio with thrilling insights into Bach's creative process and background information on the composition. Outstanding narrators and the complete recording of the 2010 performance of the Christmas Oratorio with the Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks and the Akademie für alte Musik Berlin under the direction of Peter Dijkstra make this 4-CD set the ideal Christmas gift.

kr 319
Image Classical Christmas
Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen, Aurelius Sängerknaben Calw and others

The extraordinarily talented Aurelius Sängerknaben Calw youth choir brings Christmas early this year with a program of festive and reflective masterworks to make your holiday bright. In addition to timeless classics such as Vivaldi's GLoria and Bach's Christmas Oratorio, their carefully chosen program includes such rarities a selection for Baroque composer Gottfried August Homilius' own Christmas Oratorio, a beautiful excerpt from Rheinberger's „Stern von Bethlehem" as well as contemporary works for the holiday season by John Rutter and Leonard Bernstein. The Aurelius Sängerknaben Calw were founded in 1983 by Hans- Jörg Kalmbach. From simple beginnings the choir has established an extraordinary reputation as singers capable of both choral and solo performances. With a repetoire that ranges from Renaissance polyphony to complex contemporary scores, the Aurelius Sängerknaben have enchanted audiences around the world. The Aurelius Sängerknaben Calw have performed with, among others the Wiener Philharmoniker under Claudio Abbado, the Bamberger Symphoniker under Herbert Blomstedt, the SWRSinfonieorchester Baden-Baden/Freiburg under the lead of Michael Gielen as well as with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra under Pierre Boulez as well as the European premiere of Krzyszof Penderecki's Credo under Helmuth Rilling and to the St.-Bach-Passion by Mauricio Kagel in the summer 2000.

Joseph Rheinberger (1839-1901)
1 Erwartung

Trad. from France
2 Engel haben Himmelslieder

Otto Nicolai (1810-1849)
3 Weihnachtsouvertüre über den Choral Vom Himmel hoch,
da komm ich her

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
4 Sinfonia (Hirtenmusik) from Christmas Oratorio, BWV 248
5 Herrscher des Himmels, erhöre das Lallen from Christmas Oratorio, BWV 248

Gottfried August Homilius (1714-1785)
6 Choir from Die Freude der Hirten, HoWV I.1,1

Engelbert Humperdinck (1854-1921)
7 Abendsegen und Traumpantomime from Hänsel und Gretel

Trad. from Russia
8 Bajuschki

Georges Bizet (1838-1875)
9 Ouvertüre from L'Arlèsienne Suite

Trad. from France
10 Des Morgens früh

Trad. from aus Thüringen
11 Süsser die Glocken / O du fröhliche

kr 159
Image A Spotless Rose: Nordic Christmas

"Med levande, varm klang sjunger prisade Sofia Vokalensemble under Bengt Ollén nordiska advents- och julsånger. Här finns känsla som griper i en folklig koralvariant av Bereden väg för Herran, Ingvar Lidholms Madonnans vaggvisa med sopranen Jeanette Köhn, samt i stycken av Trond Kverno, Ola Gjeilo, Jan Sandström, Otto Olsson, Gustaf Nordqvist med flera."
(Svenska Dagbladet)

"Som titeln - klanderfri. Kristallklart, rent och stämningsfullt. Ger den rätta sakrala känslan när man tofflar runt med julmorgonbestyren. Man känner sig behagligt omhändertagen, som en len nybakad lussebulle."
(Kyrkans Tidning)

A Spotless Rose är en stämningsfull skiva med klassiska och nyskrivna nordiska julsånger med adventstiden, Jesu födelse och Maria som samlande teman. Till de klassiska julsångerna hör Otto Olssons Advent, Gustaf Nordqvists Jul, jul, strålande jul, Ivar Widéens Gläns över sjö och strand och Hugo Alfvéns Julsång - en pärla som är förvånansvärt okänd. Julsångernas julsång, Stilla natt, sjungs i Fredrik Sixtens bearbetning. Sixtens There is no Rose of Such Vertu och Jan Sandströms O magnum mysterium får här sina CD-premiärer. Som sopransolist medverkar Jeanette Köhn. Organist är Henrik Arlestrand.

kr 159
Image Simply Christmas
Några välkända julsånger, visst, men mest för många okända och stämningsfulla bidrag från traditioner som Baskien, Tjeckien, Irland och Appalacherna, med Deborah Henrikssons klara stämma, ibland a cappella, ibland med piano (Jan Bülow) eller med Deborahs eget dulcimerackompanjemang.

kr 159
Image Kring julgran
Ulrika Björkman, flute; Jan Holmgren and Sölve Kingstedt, clarinet 1;Christer Torgé, valved tenor trombone and others

The octet music on Around the Christmas Tree related to Christmas, New Year and midwinter is taken from handwritten sheet music for Swedish octets from the 1860s till the early 20th century.

The music takes you to midwinter outdoor and indoor activities and entertainments, from the Oscar ball on 1 December to Knut's Day on 13 January.

Here is both well-known music that we usually associate with midwinter, Christmas and New Year, for example Waldteufel's The Ice Skaters, Franz Schubert's Military March No. 1 and excerpts from Die Fledermaus. The Octet Ehnstedts Eftr. has also found some old music that has fallen into oblivion but was well worth recording. Several numbers, including the title item Around the Christmas Tree and Berner's Polonaise, have never been recorded before.

kr 79
Image Noël (Christmas)
Christmas hits performed by - RIAS Kammerchor / Concerto Vocale / Rene Jacobs / Agnes Mellon / Les Arts Florissants / William Christie / Ensemble 415 / Chiara Banchini & Jesper Christensen / La Chapelle Royale / Collegium Vocale Gent / Philippe Herreweghe / Andrew Lawrence-King / Anonymous 4 / Theatre of Voices / Paul Hillier / Rene Saorgin / Ensemble Organum / Marcel Peres.

A glamorously packaged Christmas Edition including such recent Christmas hits as the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir sing 'A New Joy' and 'Carols by Candlelight' from the Choir of Magdalen College.

kr 119
Image Carols by Candlelight
Magdalen College Choir / Bill Ives

Bill Ives leads the famed Choir of Magdalen College Choir in this selection of choral favorites for Advent and Christmas. The music on this recording ranges from quiet reflection and anticipation to the excitement and celebration of the birth of Jesus and the coming of the Wise Men.

Director Bill Ives has a good ear for contrasts, placing Byrd's delicate two-part motet "An Earthly Tree" next to Charles Wood's hefty "View Me, Lord". Organist Martin Ford delivers a beautifully articulated performance of Bach's "Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr", while traditionalists will enjoy Vaughan Williams' "The Truth..." and Pearsall's "In Dulci Jubilo". "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" is your karaoke moment." Anna Picard, Independent on Sunday 20 December 2009.

TRACKS: Creator alme siderum (Plainchant). The truth from above (Vaughan Williams). An earthly tree (Byrd). View me Lord (Charles Wood). Nun komm der Heiden Heiland (JS Bach). I look from afar.. Rorate coeli (Palestrina). How beautiful upon the mountains. O come o come Emmanuel (Stainer). A Hymn to the Virgin (Britten). The blessed Son of God. In Dulci Jubilo (Vaughan-Williams). Wie schon leuchtet der Morgenstern. Of the Father's heart begotten (Buxtehude). Pastores loquebantur. Ninna nanna di Gesu bambino (Guerrero). Maria Wiegenlied (Max Reger). Sweet was the song (Grayston Ives). Benedicamus Domino (Warlock). Allein Gott in der Hoh' sei Her (JS Bach). Sir Christemas (William Mathias). Tomorrow shall be my dancing day (John Gardner). Hark! the herald angels sing (Mendelssohn).

kr 119
Image Noëls a L'Orgue (Organ Music for Christmas)
Works by Balbastre, Daquin, J S Bach etc

René Saorgin, organ

Jingle Bells! With René Saorgin at the historic organs of Tende and Chambéry, discover the delightful noëls of Balbastre and a whole collection of pastoral pieces for organ - not to mention the chimes of Chambéry.

kr 119
Image Medieval Christmas
Orlando Consort

Medieval Christmas celebrations encompassed several feasts, including Circumcision & Epiphany. The Orlando Consort offers an unusual collection of carols ranging from devotional to boisterous, drawn from a 500-year span of secular and liturgical music from England, France and the Low Countries.

'There could be no better antidote to a seasonal surfeit of over-familiar carols than this sequence of pieces ranging from austere 10th-century organum to joyously pealing 16th-century noels.' Elizabeth Roche, The Daily Telegraph, 9 December 2006.

'motets and noels, superbly sung' Hugh Canning, The Sunday Times, 17 December 2006.

'The Orlando Consort mix excellent performances that are delicate and intimate with others that are vibrant and exciting." Helen Deeming, Early Music Today, December 2006/January 2007.

'Beautifully controlled singing from the intimate Orlando Consort, unaccompanied save for the odd drum...Listen with a warming drink.' Geoff Brown, The Times, 1 December 2006.

TRACKS: Winchester Troper : Prophecy - Christe redemptor / Quem Iohannes / Alleluia V Dies sanctificatus. Aquitanian : O primus homo corruit / Lux refulget. Anonymous : New Year's Day - Annus renascitur / De quan qu'on peut. Tout mon desir (Arnold de Lantins). Ce jour de l'an (Guillaume Dufay). The Carol - Clangat tuba / Ave rex angelorum / Eya martyr Stephane (Anon). Nattative Motets - Vox in Rama (Clemens non Papa). Lullay lullow I saw a swete semely sight (Anon). O admirabile commercium (Loyset Compere). Pastores loquebantur (Clemens non Papa). Noel - Noel Noel Noel (Antoine Busnois). Noe noe noe. Nato canunt omnia (Antoine Brumel).

kr 119
Image On Yoolis Night
Anonymous 4

The music in this program spans a thousand years, from the 5th-century hymn 'A solis ortus cardine' to the polyphonic carols of the 15th century. The styles and textures vary greatly; the texts speak with many voices. But despite all the technical diversity, we sense a common purpose in these works. As if in response to the quiet force of a supernatural moment, when the paths of humanity and divinity meet, the anonymous composers marked each piece with some special characteristic, making each a universe in itself, and making each a unique artistic response to the Christmas story.

TRACKS: Antiphon: Hodie Christus natus est. Motet: O nobilis nativitas / O mira dei / O decus virgineum / Apparuit. Antiphon: Lux de luce. Carol: Alleluya: A nywe werke. Hymn: Verbum supernum prodiens. Motet: Balaam de quo vaticinans / Ballam. Carol: Ave Maria. Song: Gabriel fram heven-king. Carol: Lullay: I saw a swete semly syght. Motet: Prolis eterne genitor / Psallat mater gracie. Hymn: Vox clara ecce intonat. Rondellus: De supernis sedibus. Antiphon: Omnes de Saba. Motet: Puellare gremium / Purissima mater. Carol: Lullay lullay: Als I lay on Yoolis night. Responsory: Tria sunt munera. Motet: Orto sole serene / Origo viri / Virga Iesse. Song: Peperit virgo. Carol: Ecce quod natura. Hymn: A solis ortus cardine. Carol: Ther is no rose of swych vertu. Antiphon: Videntes stellam. Carol: Nowel: Owt of your slepe aryse.

kr 119
Image Wolcum Yule
Anonymous 4

"Anonymous 4's Johanna Maria Rose shows that she knows a thing or two about arranging for the voices she's been singing with for the past couple of decades, contributing her own very pleasing takes on the carols 'The holly and the ivy', 'Grene growith the holy', and 'I saw three ships'. Highlights are many, but include Peter Maxwell Davies' uniquely affecting 'A Calendar of Kings', basically a fanciful harmonic journey through the wondrous imagery of George Mackay Brown's poem--a mystical trip not through Eastern landscapes but rather through the poet's own Orkney Islands--that's full of wild and wonderful colors and startling effects that show off Anonymous 4's rarely heard contemporary-music chops. Richard Rodney Bennett's setting of 'Balulalow' is a gem, as are Marsha Genensky's solo interpretations of 'Good people all', accompanied by Lawrence-King's vibrant, bell-like Irish harp, and the irresistibly catchy 'Can wassel' (Wassail Song).

The disc is enhanced by a well-planned programming order that ensures transitions from track to track are smooth and sensitive to keys and to the listener's need both for tonal continuity and musical variety... It need not be said that Anonymous 4 fans will want this without delay. And if it's possible that there are listeners new to this group, here's an easy way to get to know its matchless sound and enduring, engaging personality."

Gramophone Editor's Choice - 'Harmonia Mundi has done Anonymous 4 proud with concise but highly informative notes and a comprehensively filled booklet. The recorded sound is spacious and slightly distant. A splendid production, worthy of wide circulation.' Editor's Choice, Gramophone, January 2004.

"If it's the Christmas spirit you're after, try the new selection of Celtic and British songs and carols "Wolcum Yule," by the vocal quartet Anonymous 4, with harpist Andrew Lawrence-King...alluring." Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times Magazine, November 9, 2003.

TRACKS: Awake and join the cheerful choir. Good people all. The seven rejoices of Mary. Balulalow. The holly and the ivy. I saw three ships. An teicheadh go heigipt - Flight into Egypt. Wel dyma'r borau gorau - Behold here is the best morning. The cherry tree carol. Can wassel - Wassail Song. A Scots Lilt. The Reel of Tullochgorum. Air: La fuar geimhreadh - On a cold winter's day - instrumentals. The Lamb (Tavener). A New Year Carol (Britten). Balulalow (Richard Rodney Bennett). A god and yet a man (Burgon). Grene growith the holy (Henry VIII). A Calendar of Kings (Peter Maxwell Davies).

kr 119
Image Chant Mass for Christmas Day
Ensemble Organum / Marcel Peres

"This disc is a welcome addition to the growing number of chant recordings illustrating various repertoires and styles of performance over the centuries. It is not the first time that 17th- and 18th-century organ chant alternatim has been recorded, but there cannot be many discs with a programme of pieces drawn from the old rite of Paris; a splendid rite destined, sadly, to disappear at the end of the nineteenth century. To my ears it all seems to tie up extremely well: the utterly splendid Parisian chant, quite different from its Roman counterpart, provides the pieces of the Proper for Christmas Day... As for the Ordinary, Campra's magnificently tuneful `neo-Gallican' plainchant provides the organist with the material on which to base his improvisations, and the choir a chance to prove that a slow, dignified tempo will match up to the noble versets on the 18th-century Cliquot organ at Houdan far better than those hurried snatches of chant one so often hears. Peres makes this point extremely well, and I would recommend the recording for that reason alone. However, there is more: the introduction of the trebles (Les Pages de la Chapelle) was an inspired stroke, especially for a Mass of Christmas. They sing with strong, confident young voices, and have no fear of sustaining long phrases of slow notes, nor of adding some conventional ornamentation of the period." Gramophone, January 1996.

kr 119
Image Weinachts-Historie
Susanne Rydén, Martin Hummel, Andreas Scholl, Maria Cristina Kiehr

Concerto Vocale / Rene Jacobs

René Jacobs invites you to rediscover this Christmas History, probably the most popular work of Heinrich Schütz. In his twilight years, the greatest 17th-century German composer brilliantly combined Lutheran fervour with Italianate recitative.

TRACKS: Christmas Story SWV435. Heute ist Christus geboren SWV439. Kleiner geistlichen Concerten Anderer Theil - 1-5vv and organ continuo SWV306-337 op.9 : Hodie Christus natus est SWV315 / Rorate coeli desuper SWV322 / Joseph du Sohn David SWV323.

kr 119
Image Pastorale de Noël
Agnès Mellon, Dominique Visse, Philippe Cantor
Les Arts Florissants / William Christie

With William Christie and Les Arts Florissants, relive Christmas Eve as it was celebrated in the France of Louis IV.

TRACKS: Pastorale sur la naissance de notre Seigneur Jesus Christ - cantata H483. Canticum in nativitatem Domini 'Frigidae noctis umbra' - dramatic motet H414

kr 119
Image Christmas Music
Westminster Cathedral Choir; The Parley of Instruments / David Hill

Michael Praetorius was a hugely versatile German composer. His 1603 post as Kapellmeister in Wolfenbüttel necessitated extensive travel throughout Germany, enabling him to establish widespread acclaim as a conductor and musical advisor. Praetorius's church music is much less known today than it should be, partly because of the sheer volume that he composed.

This beautiful selection of hymns, chorales and carols attempts to reproduce the effect of a performance under Praetorius's direction; soloists are drawn from the choir and instruments of late sixteenth- or early seventeenth-century design are used.

kr 79
Image Christmas Concertos
Michael Erxleben, conductor

kr 119
Image Joy to the World
After the triumphant success of the King's Singers last Christmas Album released in 2003 entitled 'Christmas', this new disc sets an eclectic assortment of modern Christmas classics with special arrangements of some much loved favourites.

kr 159
Image Christmas
A special DVD concert, performed from LSO St Luke's, London

The King's Singers

Their new Christmas DVD was recorded in the stylishly distinctive setting of Jerwood Hall in LSO St Luke's, London.

The King's Singers are world-renowned for their live performances, and this concert captures the charm and skill that you'd expect from a group of this calibre. It is a musical treat as well as a visual one, recorded in both CD quality stereo and in 5.1 surround sound.

The DVD also features a 10-minute bonus documentary feature, titled "Life as a King's Singer".

kr 179
Image Christmas Oratorio
Thomanerchor Leipzig
Thomaskantor Georg Christoph Biller
Thomaner Paul Bernewitz, Thomaner
Friedrich Praetorius, Ingeborg Danz,
Martin Petzold, Christoph Genz,
Panajotis Iconomou

kr 259
Image Christmas Oratorio
The King's Singers and and the WDR Big Band perform a jazz version of J S Bach's Christmas Oratorio, arranged and directed by Bill Dobbins.

kr 259
Image Christmas
kr 159
Image École de Notre Dame (Mass for Christmas Day)
Ensemble Organum
Marcel Pérès

kr 89
Image Christmas Music
Just as much a part of Christmas as Handel's Messiah, Bach's Christmas Oratorio is a reworking of a collection of his secular festive cantatas to form a single larger work. It was first heard in Leipzig on Christmas Day 1734, and performed in six sections between Christmas Day and Epiphany 1735. Bach wrote similar oratorios for Easter and Ascension, and all re-use existing cantatas. For the oratorio versions however, it wasn't just a case of cobbling the works together. Bach wrote much new music, especially the choruses, but the core of the work is taken from cantatas nos 213, 214 and 215.

Chorale preludes would have been a feature of any church service in Leipzig over the Christmas period, acting as interludes between the movements of the cantatas and oratorios. A selection of works for organ related to Christmas is included on the 10th CD of this Festive Bach box.

Other information

- Recent recordings
- For lovers of Barock music - Bach in festive mood is particularly uplifting!

kr 229
Image Joy to the World
Edita Gruberova, soprano

Stockholm Chamber Orchestra
Gustaf Sjökvist Kammerkör
Urban Agnas (trumpet)
Gustav Nordlander (boy soprano)
Gustaf Sjökvist

kr 89
Image Christmas: Kjell Öhman with Friends
Kjell Öhman, piano, organ; Hans Backenroth, bass; Joakim Ekberg, drums.

GUEST ARTISTS: Johan Hörlén, saxophone, flute; Jan Ottesen, guitar; Meta Roos, vocals; Claes Janson, vocals.

Pianist, arranger and band leader Kjell Öhman is one of Sweden's most well-respected musicians. With his 40 years in the music business and a frequently engaged studio musicians he has a unique ability to play all kinds of genres, such as pop, rock, jazz and folk music. With all these versatile skills he can be compared with the Swedish legend Jan Johansson.

Kjell Öhman´s trio, consists of Kjell on keyboard, and a top of the line rhythm section - the bass player Hans Backenroth and Joakim Ekberg on drums.

The guest stars are all well-established on the Swedish jazz scene.

"I was offered the chance to record a Christmas album and this is my take on the best Christmas melodies. Christmas is best spent among friends, and on this disc I am in excellent company. Thanks to all of them for their contributions, and a Happy Christmas to my listeners!"
(Kjell Öhman)

kr 119
Image 3CD-BOX: En Finlandssvensk Jul
Stämningsfull box med 4 timmar julmusik som på tre CD-skivor presenterar sångare, musiker, orkestrar och körer från hela det svenska Finland, från Norra Österbotten via Åbo till Borgå. Samtidigt är boxen en dokumentation av det bästa i julmusikväg som sjungits in på skiva under nästan 35 år.

kr 99
Image Julbrasan

Denna Blu-ray gör din TV till en del av inredningen. Med skön klassisk julmusik och lågornas flammande sken från brasan skapar din TV en varm och mysig julstämning.

Finns även som vanlig DVD: OPFX 8017

kr 79
Image Jul med Peter Mattei
Jul Med Peter Mattei - Peter Mattei



"Inspelningen är gjord i Petruskyrkan i Stocksund där portarna har öppnats för en svensk midvintermystik som egentligen helt bärs fram av Peter Matteis förkrossande vackra baryton till skimrande orkesterarrangemang av bland andra Jan Sandström. Sångerna, som tillhör de mest älskade och som alla talar om det stundande undret, interfolieras av orkesterstycken ur Lars-Erik Larssons "En vintersaga". Något som inte alls distanserar utan gör uttrycket än mer fängslande och intimt. Laddningen inför aftonbönen på sista spåret "Nu vilar hela jorden" är så stark att man nästan kan ta på den. Vackrare har nog aldrig julens bävan och förhoppning låtit på svenska."
(Dagens Nyheter)

"Hovsångaren Peter Mattei visar var krubban ska stå. Tillsammans med Stockholm Sinfonietta under Gustaf Sjökvists ledning bjuder han på tretton av våra vackraste julsånger, samtliga med svensk text (därmed inte nödvändigtvis svenska). Obligatorier som "Stilla natt", "O helga natt" och "Jul, jul, strålande jul" ingår förstås. Men i de fall en text finns i olika tonsättningar, väljer Mattei gärna den mindre vanliga. Arrangemangen är nog så händelserika, men sången befriande rättfram, varm och fri från yviga poser. Fyra insprängda satser ur Lars-Erik Larssons "En vintersaga" sörjer för klanglig omväxling. En julskiva långt från Disney, men nära Jesusbarnet, snötyngda granar och julefrid."

kr 89
Image A Divine Christmas
Christmas - Divine


Divine consists of the three opera singers Gabriella Lambert-Olsson, Caroline Gentele and Katarina Böhm. Each one of them has a rich history of performing at Swedish and international theatres as the Royal Swedish Opera and Glyndebourne Festival Opera. On A Divine Christmas they sing O come all ye faithfull, Ave Maria, O helga natt, Stilla natt and other Christmas classics.

kr 159
Image Shout for joy - Spiritual Christmas
Barbara HENDRICKS, soprano
Ulrika TENSTAM, mezzo-soprano
Björn GÄFVAERT, organ
Harald PETTERSSON, hurdy-gurdy
Agneta HELLSTRÖM, pipes
Mats BERGSTRÖM, guitar
Georg RIEDEL, double bass

Since the early years of Christianity, Christmas has always had a more distinctly devotional focus and has left a lasting mark on the culture, art and spirituality of the Western World. Celebrated by hundreds of millions of people around the world, this religious festival marks the end of the somber period of Advent with several days of spiritual rejoicing and communal feasting.

Our need to experience the tradition of the Nativity, with its universal themes of peace, joy and salvation, is as great as it ever has been. Hence the need for sacred music as in Shout for Joy (from the title of a famous Negro spiritual). Barbara Hendricks takes us on a magnificent journey in time, from Handel's Messiah to the Ave Maria of Schubert and Charles Gounod; from songs of piety like O Come all ye faithful, Panis Angelicus and Joy to the World, to traditional folk carols such as the Sussex Carol, The First Noel or Silent Night. And we should not forget little-known Negro spirituals with a Christmas theme, such as Go Tell It on the Mountain and Mary Had a Baby, for which Barbara Hendricks' selection was inspired by the great singer and civil rights activist, Odetta, who died in 2008. In the company of Barbara Hendricks we travel from Germany to England, from France to the United States, with this varied collection of famous carols showing that the Christmas tradition is universal. Whether with a large baroque orchestra or accompanied by organ, string quartet, hurdy-gurdy or guitar and bass, we will find some of the best-known Christmas songs in a disc full of happiness, colour and vibrancy.

Fifteen years after the release of her first Christmas album (and more than 450,000 copies sold all over the world), the Swedish soprano and her musician friends propose an ideal musical companion for celebrating Christmas 2010 in music.

kr 79
Image Christmas Oratorio
Hymnus-Chorknaben Stuttgart
Ensemble '76
Gerhard Wilhelm, conductor

The Christmas Oratorio is one of Bach's most joyous and popular masterworks. Conceived as a series of six cantatas to be performed during the Christmas season, Bach drew upon his treasure trove of secular cantatas for inspiration, skilfully adapting them, in addition to composing several stunning new movements to capture every aspect of the Christmas story in sound. And what a radiant sound it is! The glorious voices of the Stuttgart Hymnus Chorknaben ring out in a superlative performance that the Esslinger Zeitung praised: "With nearly a hundred youthful voices joined in song, Bach's Christmas Oratorio never sounded more radiant!"

kr 159
Image About Christmas
Who would have thought that a CD of well-known and traditional Christmas carols could be so surprising and innovative? Berlin Voices, one of Germany's most popular jazz vocal ensembles, have succeeded in doing just that with their new holiday album About Christmas - a delightfully, swinging program of popular Christmas carols sung in German and English. The PERFECT soundtrack for your busy holiday season! Four singers come together in shimmering harmonies they describe as "Four Voices - One Sound." Each track flows seamlessly into the next, from traditional sacred, to Soul and Gospel. And since this is Jazz, each singer has ample opportunity to shine in their own stunning solo "breaks!" About Christmas features the studio wizardry of legendary producer, composer/arranger Christian von Kaphengst.

kr 159
Image Christmas Season
Popular Classics for the Christmas Season by J.S. Bach, A. M. Brunckhorst, Ch. H. Rinck, and others

Gächinger Kantorei Stuttgart, Bach-Collegium Stuttgart, Frankfurter Kantore
Helmuth Rilling, conductor

Ensemble Musica Poetica Freiburg, Collegium Vocale
Ulrich Stötzel, conductor

This specially priced double CD features a collection of the beautiful and popular music from the Baroque for the Christmas season. Many of the melodies you will hear are familiar seasonal favorites while other lesser-known works will offer you with an enchanting listening experience. With performances drawn from the hänssler CLASSIC catalogue, featuring the artistry of Helmuth Rilling and his Gächinger Kantorei, the early music specialists Ensemble musica poetica Freiburg, Ulrich Stötzel's Collegium Vocale and several of Europe's mosts distinguished organ soloists, this beautiful 2-CD collection captures all the moods of the Christmas season - joyous, festive, reflective and spiritual.

CD 1
1.1 J. S. Bach, Lobt Gott, ihr Christen alle gleich
1.2 J. S. Bach, Jauchzet, ihr Himmel, frohlocket, ihr Engel
1.3 J. S. Bach, Magnificat anima mea
1.4 J. S. Bach, Brich an, du schönes Morgenlicht
1.5 J. S. Bach, Zu Bethlehem geboren
1.6 A. M. Brunckhorst, Sollen wir uns heut nicht freuen
1.7 P. Nicolai, Zion, hört die Wächter singen
1.8 A. Hammerschmidt, Freuet euch, ihr Christen alle
1.9 J. S. Bach, Nun komm der Heiden Heiland
1.10 J. S. Bach, Wie soll ich dich empfangen
1.11 G. Schnitter, Sieh nicht an, was du selber bist
1.12 Ch. H. Rinck, Ehre sei Gott in der Höhe
1.13 A. M. Brunckhorst, Fürchtet euch nicht
1.14 J. S. Bach, Seid froh, dieweil
1.15 Es ist ein Ros entsprungen
1.16 J. S. Bach, Vom Himmel hoch
1.17 Ch. H. Rinck, Ehre sei Gott in der Höhe
1.18 J. S. Bach, Jauchzet frohlocket
1.19 P. Gerhardt, Fröhlich soll mein Herze springen
1.20 A. M. Brunckhorst, Nun zeiget der Himmel
1.21 J. S. Bach, Wohl mir, dass ich Jesus habe
1.22 J. S. Bach, Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern
1.23 Wittenberg, Nun singet und seid froh
1.24 J. S. Bach, Wir singen dir in deinem Heer
1.25 J. S. Bach, Uns ist ein Kindlein heut geboren
1.26 Ch. H. Rinck, Auf, Christen lasst uns unsern Gott

CD 2
2.1 A. M. Brunckhorst, Ehre sei Gott in der Höhe
2.2 J. S. Bach, Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ
2.3 J. G. Herder, O du fröhliche
2.4 J. S. Bach, Nun seid ihr wohlgerochen
2.5 G. Joseph, Dies ist die Nacht, da mir erschienen
2.6 J. S. Bach, Ach, mein herzliebes Jesulein
2.7 J. S. Bach, Gottes Sohn ist kommen
2.8 J. S. Bach, Dein Glanz aller Finsternis
2.9 P. Gerhardt, Kommt, und lasst uns Christus ehren
2.10 J. S. Bach, Gloria in excelsis Deo
2.11 P. Strauch, Du Kind, zu dieser heilgen Zeit
2.12 J. S. Bach, Jesus richte mein Beginnen
2.13 Ch. H. Rinck, Ehre sei Gott in der Höhe
2.14 J. S. Bach, Als der gütige Gott
2.15 J. S. Bach, Lasst uns nun gehen gen Bethlehem
2.16 Ch. H. Rinck, Ehre sei Gott in der Höhe
2.17 J. S. Bach, Zwar ist solche Herzensstube
2.18 J. S. Bach, Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland
2.19 J. S. Bach, Lobt Gott, ihr Christen alle gleich
2.20 Ch. H. Rinck, Nach seinem gnadenvollen Rat
2.21 Ch. F. Gellert, Dies ist der Tag, den Gott gemacht
2.22 J. S. Bach, Ich will dich mit Fleiß bewahren
2.23 J. S. Bach, Ich steh an deiner Krippe hier
2.24 J. S. Bach, Nun singet und seid froh
2.25 J. Mohr, Stille Nacht

kr 159
Image Musical Advent Calender, The
This recording documents the wealth of choral and instrumental ensembles in the southwest of Germany and shows the many facets of local Christmas Music: ancient and modern, small ensembles, choirs or orchestras - rhythmic, celebratory and contemplative. A delightful disc that displays the vitality and diversity of festive music making throughout the SWR broacasting area.

kr 89
Image Gregorian Christmas
Cant Arte Regensburg
Hubert Velten, conductor

kr 159
Image 3CD-BOX: Angel Voices

CD1 MENDELSSOHN BARTHOLDY: Vom Himmel hoch (Choralkantate) · TRADITIONAL: Maria durch ein Dornwald ging · J. S. BACH: Ich steh an deiner Krippen hier · REGER: Mariä Wiegenlied TRADITIONAL: In dulci jubilo · MOZART: Laudate Dominum

CD 2 BRAHMS: O Heiland reiß die Himmel auf · TRADITIONAL: Adeste fideles · M. HAYDN: Heiligste Nacht · SAINT-SAËNS: Oratorio de Noël / Weihnachtsoratorium (Chorus) · TRADITIONAL: Stille, stille, lasst uns lauschen · HÄNDEL: Messiah / Der Messias (Chorus) · MENDELSSOHN BARTHOLDY: Ave Maria

CD 3 HÄNDEL: Hallelujah · TRADITIONAL: Es ist ein Ros entsprungen · GRIEG: Ave maris stella
TRADITIONAL: O Jesulein süß · CRÜGER / BACH: Wie soll ich Dich empfangen · HÄNDEL: Tochter Zion · F. X. GRUBER: Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht

kr 189
Image 5CD-BOX: Christmas Meditation
and others

HÄNDEL: Pastoral Symphonie · BACH/GOUNOD: Ave Maria
PRAETORIUS: Schlaf mein Kindelein · MOZART: Laudate Dominum and more

kr 295
Image 3CD-BOX: Christmas Cantatas
Collegium Vocale Ghent
Philippe Herreweghe, conductor

2010 marks the 40 anniversary of Collegium Vocale Ghent: founded by Philippe Herreweghe at a time when the Baroque revival was still an affair for specialists, the Belgian choir has been at the very heart of the rediscovery of Bach's sacred music. Abundantly illustrated and elegantly presented, these nine CD-books offer you the entire collection of Bach/Herreweghe recordings.

"Forty years after its foundation it's all too easy to take the excellence and consistency of Collegium Vocale Ghent for granted: back in 1970 there wasn't any such ensemble in mainland Europe. Philippe Herreweghe, a psychiatry student, founded CVG to put his ideas into practice...CVG became part of the first complete Bach cantata project for Telefunken, Herreweghe, at hospital in the day, conducting his choir in the evening sessions... Presentation is exemplary: top quality at mid price, and a birthday gift that really will keep on giving."
(Andrew McGregor, BBC Music Magazine, June 2010)

kr 399
Image Joy in the Morning
For their second release on Orchid Classics, Ex Cathedra present a brand new recording of Christmas repertoire based upon their highly successful "Christmas by Candlelight" Concert series.

Christmas has always been a special time for Ex Cathedra and their roots are firmly established in the wonderful repertoire associated with this joyful time of year. This is the first recording which features both the Choir, Consort, and their Academy of Vocal Music. Featuring compositions and/or arrangements by Alec Roth, Benjamin Britten, John Gardner, John Joubert, Harold Darke, Naji hakim, Kenneth Leighton, Tomas Pascual, Felix Mendelssohn, Giovanni Gabrielli, Franz Xavier Gruber, Martin Bates, David Willcocks and Jeffrey Skidmore. The booklet contains full texts.

From its home in Birmingham, Ex Cathedra has established an international reputation as a leading UK choir and Early Music ensemble. Under founder and Artistic Director Jeffrey Skidmore, Ex Cathedra is known for its vibrant performances and a passion for seeking out not only the best but the unfamiliar and the unexpected in the choral repertoire. Ex Cathedra celebrate their 40th Anniversary in 2009 and this will be highlighted in articles about them and interviews with Jeffrey Skidmore, in the music press.

kr 149
Image A Swinging Christmas
Svängig julmusik med vokaljazzgruppen Vocation - de kända låtarna i härligt fräscha arr och en del överraskningar, från en riktigt samstämd sånggrupp som med denna släpper sin tredje CD.

kr 159
Image Christmas Present

"2010 års mest tilltalande julskiva alla kategorier. Här finns absolut inget svulstigt vilket många produktioner gärna tyngs av: extra allt. Ingen Bing Crosby-känsla här men en genuin av juletid som Petra Ahlmarks sång och Mats Byströms piano lyfter till njutbara höjder med en glöggkrydda som är ovanlig i sådana här sammanhang: jazz. Mycket sympatiskt."
(Nerikes Allehanda)

Julklassiker hämtade ur den svenska och amerikanska traditionen. Petra Ahlmark sång, och Mats Byström piano möts här i sin första inspelning tillsammans.
Med lugn, värme och innerlighet framförs sångerna med piano och sång, förstärkta av gitarr och orgel på några spår. Inspelat december 2009 i Lantern studios, Lidingö.

A collection of scandinavian and american christmas classics. Performed and arranged by singer Petra Ahlmark and pianoplayer Mats Byström, this album evokes a calm, intimate atmosphere.

kr 89
Image Most Wonderful Time of the Year, The
It might be the parties. Or maybe it's the roasting of chestnuts. Or the caroling out in the snow. Whatever the reason, most people consider the holiday season to be the most wonderful time of the year. That's certainly the case among the members of Take 6, the a cappella group that has been mixing elements of jazz, gospel, R&B and vintage doo-wop for nearly 25 years. Winners of 10 GRAMMY® Awards, 10 Dove Awards, one Soul Train Award and two NAACP Image Awards, the group has made an indelible musical and cultural mark in the past quarter century - whatever the season.

Every member of this brilliant vocal team - Claude McKnight III, Mark Kibble, Joel Kibble, David Thomas, Dr. Cedric Dent and Alvin Chea - has held onto fond childhood memories of the holidays and made them a part of their adult lives. The timeless magic is very much a part of the their new holiday CD, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, a collection of seasonal favorites that are as heartwarming as a crackling fire and a festooned evergreen.

The primary objective in the making of the album was to create a sense of familiarity, says McKnight, who founded Take 6 in the '80s with some classmates from Oakwood College in Huntsville, Alabama. "We wanted all the songs on this album to be the kind that people would hear and say, 'Oh, yeah, I sing that at Christmas time,'" he says. "We each picked songs that we sing with our families every year at the holidays... We just wanted to make a record that would, for most people, just put out a really cool, all-around Christmas vibe."

Mark Kibble, who arranged six of the album's ten tracks, focused on keeping things simple, yet incorporating some of the harmonic spin that has become the Take 6 trademark. "The basic idea was to just let the Christmas melody ring through, and present it in a way that's interesting but still familiar," he says. "You shouldn't have to bend your ear too hard to enjoy a Christmas song. It should take you right back to those early Christmases when you were a child."

In the end, says Kibble, accessibility was the overriding objective in crafting these holiday tracks. "We wanted to record songs that were simple enough so that anybody listening could follow the melodies and sing along," he says, "and yet still be ourselves and give a little bit of the harmonic backdrop that Take 6 is known for."

This holiday season, when there's much mistloeing and hearts are glowing when loved ones are near, sit back with Take 6 and enjoy The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

kr 149
Image Julstämning
Loa Falkman sjunger här bl a Gläns över sjö och strand, När det lider mot jul, Panis Angelicus, Stilla natt, O helga natt och Jag drömmer om en jul hemma.

kr 59
Image En Lillsk Jul
Lill Lindfors sjunger här b la Klang min vackra bjällra, Det är en ros utsprungen, Nu tändas tusen juleljus, Midnatt råder och Stilla natt.

kr 59
Image In dulci jubilo
En instrumental julskiva från improvisationstrion Trio X. Trion har låtit sig inspireras av kända julsånger och tolkat dessa på eget sätt. Trio X består av Lennart Simonsson-piano, Per V Johansson-bas och Joakim Ekberg-trummor, och detta är deras första gemensamma skiva. Trion har sedan starten 2002 arbetat med egen musik men de har även samarbetat med flera av Sveriges främsta musiker. Idén till en julskiva föddes när Trio X medverkade i en julgala där de framförde ett par välkända julsånger instrumentalt och som fick mycket positiv respons, bl a "In dulci jubilo" som också blev titelspåret på cd:n. All anglosaxisk julmusik är utesluten eftersom Trio X ser den så rikt exponerad på annat håll. Resultatet är tre psalmer, tre folkliga koraler, tre danslekar och en sång av C J L Almkvist. Texterna har haft stor betydelse för Trio X i tolkningarna så de finns med i konvolutet trots att allt spelas instrumentalt.

kr 159
Image My Heart is Ever Present
Tine Thing Helseth, trumpet
Isa Katharina Gericke, soprano; Elise Båtnes, violin
Norwegian Chamber Orchestra

22-year old trumpeter Tine Thing Helseth performs as soloist in front of the best orchestras of Europe on a full time basis. Her highly successful debut recording with the classic trumpet concertos is followed now by another beautiful album. With her trademark of exquisite colour and phrasing Tine gives heart-moving readings of her favourite Christmas music in classic arrangements for chamber orchestra. And she even adds on a new composition of her own!

A Christmas album might not be what you expect from a young, up-and-coming classical performer. But music related to Christmas holds a very special position in Tine's heart. So she goes against the current; not waiting until her 20th release, but going for what she wants straight away.

The wonderful Christmas tunes
The idea for this release relates back to Tine's very first public performance as a trumpet soloist. Only 10 years old she stepped in for her mother at a local church concert, performing O Holy Night. And her fascination for this repertoire has grown over the years. In Tine's own words: "The Christmas songs and chorals have such simple melodic lines, making it possible to express wide emotional spectrum. The arching of simple beautiful melodies is one of my greatest pleasures as a soloist, because it demands such attention to detail."

Tine's dream project is a sublime classical Christmas album
«My Heart is Ever Present», is nothing less than Tine's dream project. Again she teams up with the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, lead by Elise Båtnes. Isa Katharina Gericke joins in for thrilling versions of Handle's two showpieces for soprano, trumpet and orchestra, plus the archaic I know a Castle in Heavens High. And among the all time classics of Bach/Gounod, Holst, Reger and others, Tine also presents a beautiful piece she has written herself: Angels dance.

Where other trumpeters seem to be rated as more or less successful athletes, Tine Thing Helseth (1987) really puts the music first. Her stunning timbre and articulation - the sheer musicality of Tine - reaches the listener iimmediately. Since her breakthrough in 2006 with the Eurovision Young Musician Finale, her development has just continued. In 2009 she was made a Borletti-Buitoni Fellow.

kr 159
Image Cherry Tree, The
14th & 15th Century English Christmas carols & early Americana

Anonymous 4 brings us the Christmas story as told in medieval English carols and Anglo-American spiritual songs in a programme inspired by the 15th-century miracle ballad The Cherry Tree Carol, which flourishes both in the British Isles and in America.

"Four voices blending perfectly in vowel color, tone and intonation."
(Washington Post, concert review)

kr 149
Image Puer natus est
Stile Antico's newest programme centres on Thomas Tallis's magnificent seven-part 'Christmas' Mass, based on the festive plainchant Puer natus est ('A boy is born'). The mass is interspersed with seasonal Tudor music, including William Byrd's exquisite Propers for the fourth Sunday of Advent, responsories by Taverner and Sheppard, Robert White's exuberant setting of the Magnificat, and Tallis's own sublime Videte miraculum.

"Stile Antico continues to set new standards for Renaissance polyphonic singing"
(The Philadelphia Inquirer)

kr 149
Image Carols by Candlelight
Bill Ives leads the famed Choir of Magdalen College in this selection of choral favorites for Advent and Christmas. The music on this recording ranges from quiet reflection and anticipation to the excitement and celebration of the birth of Jesus and the coming of the Wise.

kr 159
Image En klassisk julsamling
Julsamlingen med goditar ur Proprius- och Swedish Society-katalogen.

UR INNEHÅLLET: O Helga Natt (Jussi Björling); White Christmas (Håkan Hagegård); Ave Maria (Birgit Nilsson); O Bethlehem du lilla stad (Olle Persson); Jul, Jul, Strålande Jul (Anne Sofie von
Otter); Betlehems stjärna (Gösta Winbergh) m m.

kr 159
Image Christmas Songs


"Min favorit bland traditionella svenska julskivor har mycket länge varit "Aftonpsalm och julesång" (Proprius) med Anders Öhrwall, Adolf Fredriks Bachkör och Håkan Hagegård som solist. Nu har den fått en konkurrent i "Christmas songs", där manskören Orphei Drängar under ledning av Cecilia Rydinger Alin förför med ett körsound som är oändligt nyansrikt och av högsta internationella klass. Till den kvinnliga friktionen hör också sopranen Ida Falk Winland som i nummer som "Koppången" och "Stille Nacht" ger musiken en passionerad glöd. Överhuvudtaget blir jag rätt så tagen av hur mycket denna "Christmas songs" vågar utmana det folkligt varma och mysiga i julrepertoaren - utan att gå ifrån den traditionella grunden. Det här är julmusik som vi känner igen den, fast som stor konst."
(Dagens Nyheter)

Orphei Drängar male-voice choir / Cecilia Rydinger Alin
Ida Falk Winland, soprano
Linné Brass Quintet
Members of the Uppsala Chamber Orchestra

Formed in 1853, the choir Orphei Drängar (OD) has constantly striven to discover and develop new directions for the male-voice choir, while not neglecting its splendid traditions. The first OD disc recorded together with the choir's new artistic director, the celebrated choral conductor Cecilia Rydinger Alin, is no exception. Described by Choir & Organ (UK) as 'a tremendous choir, with superb technique and an immense, expressive range', OD gives proof of its versatility in a highly varied programme which still manages to stay within the theme of Christmas: original settings and new arrangements of Swedish folk songs and Christmas classics, English carols and Broadway songs - with Stille Nacht, a Russian hymn in praise of the Holy Virgin, and Eric Whitacre's widely admired Lux aurumque added for good measure. Supplying even more nuances to the palette is the choir's guest artist, the young Swedish soprano Ida Falk Winland, as well as a brass ensemble, supporting choir and soloist in parts of the programme.

Tradition och nytänkande är två ledord för Orphei Drängar i en verksamhet som spänner från typiska manskörsframträdanden på Valborgsmässoafton till uruppföranden av beställningsverk komponerade av till exempel Ingvar Lidholm, Sven-David och Jan Sandström och Daniel Börtz. Tillsammans med sin nya konstnärliga ledare, Cecilia Rydinger Alin, visar kören här på sedvanligt sätt upp en bred palett, inom ramarna för skivans jultema. Programmet innehåller både originalsättningar och nyskrivna arrangemang av svenska gamla och nya klassiker, folklåtar, engelska carols, amerikanska Broadway-sånger med mera, med mera. Gästartist är den unga svenska sopranen Ida Falk Winland, och kör och solist backas upp av en brassensemble som skänker omväxling i ett redan omväxlande och stämningsfullt program.

kr 159
Image Talven taikaa - Music for Winter Moments
Helsinki Chamber Choir
Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra
National Orchestra of Belgium
Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra
Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra
Tapiola Choir
Tapiola Sinfonietta
Virtuosi di Kuhmo
Peter Csaba, conductor
Mikko Franck, conductor
Juha Kangas, conductor
Timo Nuoranne, conductor
Tuomas Ollila-Hannikainen, conductor
Jorma Panula, conductor
Leif Segerstam, conductor
John Storgårds, conductor
Soile Isokoski, soprano
Kari Kriikku, clarinet
Pekka Kuusisto, violin
Sakari Oramo, violin
Lea Pekkala, cello
Tuula Riisalo, viola
Richard Stoltzman, clarinet

kr 89
Image Weihnachtshistorie
The first half of the seventeenth century witnessed the rapid development of autonomous virtuoso instrumental music. The development of Italian origin spread northward and made itself felt in cultural metropolis that Dresden then was. Schütz offers in his compositions a model presentation of instrumental groups as obligato, independent voices in his Weihnachtshistorie, a work from the very last years of his life. The instruments are always in pairs and the selections are of rhetorical significance and serve to reinforce the content and affect of the text. But: the significance of Schütz´s innovation for music history lies in its transference of the dramatic recitative style of operatic origins to German sacred music.

kr 149
Image Stille Nacht
Includes German Carols
(originally released as Weihnacht Der Romantik)

RIAS Kammerchor
Uwe Gronostay, conductor

kr 139
Image 3CD-BOX: Vom Himmel Hoch - Choral Music for Christ
Radio Symphony Orchestra Berlin, Dresdner Kreuzchor, Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra, Leipzig Thomaner Choir, Vienna Boys Choir

kr 159
Image Christmas Oratorio
kr 239
Image Det Brinner En Stjärna
A really beautiful and unusual Christmas CD, lacking most of the usual torn songs and thus creating a fantastic sensation of Xmas - Hägersten Chamber Choir and the soloist Susanne Rydén together with their conductor Kerstin Börjeson have chosen a real gourmet program, with music from many countries, times and styles with soli, full choir, children´s choir, girl´s choir, brass ensemble, organ, flutes and percussion.
Hear music by Prætorius, Hillerud, Nordqvist, Olsson, Britten, Reger, Gardner, Samuelsson and more. This is an indeed fresh Christmas treat in an often over-snowed genre that here gets a total musical makeover!

Hägersten Chamber Choir
Susanne Rydén, soprano
Kerstin Börjeson, conductor

kr 159
Image Jul med N´Harmony
A wonderful collection of known and less known X-mas songs for choir with a fresh new Swedish vocal ensemble of eight teenage girls. They are sounding extremely well - intonation, expression, vocal quality, arrangements - and give us a rich Christmas feling and sometimes the most unexpected twists and turns of songs we thought we´ve heard enough, mangled by plenty of singers through the years. These young voices raise the torn music to new heights.

kr 159
Image Carla's Christmas Carols

kr 169
Image A Not so Silent Night

"...så fort Rufus Wainwright öppnar munnen - i sin ofattbara kavaj av kulörta lappar - är det som att allt annat blir oväsentligt. Själv har jag gillat honom i åratal, men aldrig riktigt insett hur kraftfullt han förmår att överglänsa var och en som är dåraktig nog att ställa sig på samma scen."
(Dagens Nyheter)

Inspelad på The Knitting Factory på Manhattan, är A NOT SO SILENT NIGHT en kväll fylld med julmusik, där Kate och Anna McGarrigle, tillsammans med Annas barn Rufus och Martha Wainwright, spelar, sjunger, underhåller och tillsammans skapar årets bästa julstämning! Även kända artister som Emmylou Harris, Lou Reed, Justin Bond och Laurie Andersson tittar förbi! Rufus Wainwright har vunnit Grammy Awards, sålt över 500 000 album och är ett älskat namn i världens alla hushåll där man gillar bra musik! Den 9:e december uppträder familjen återigen med sina vänner på ROYAL ALBERT HALL och den 23:e november släpps denna fantastiska DVD i hela världen!

kr 169
Image Eastern Christmas
Unorthodox versions of the traditional swedish christmas songs with the Country & Eastern Party Band and some of the greatest contemporary swedish singers (names above).

kr 159
Image Christmas Oratorio
Fritz Wunderlich, Evangelista, tenor
Friederike Sailer, soprano
Erika Winkler, contralto
Hannes Swedberg, bass
Stuttgarter Hymnus-Chorknaben
Radiosinfonieorchester Stuttgart
August Langenbeck

Recorded 1955 in Stuttgart
Rarity - never released before recording,
A "must have" for collectors!

kr 279
Image En Gladelig Jul
En Gladelig Jul är julskivan som innehåller de klassiska svenska julsångerna men även de lite mer okända. Vi får en musikalisk resa från adventstid fram till trettonhelgen med hjälp av sopranen Yvonne Tuvesson Rosenqvist och tenoren Johan Wirell och deras musikaliska bekanta. Resan tar sin början med Gören portarna höga, fortsätter med Nu tändas tusen juleljus och O Helga Natt då änglarna visar sig för herdarna under Rachmaninovs musik. Leder vidare till En jungfru födde ett barn idag och Bachs Sinfonia för de tre vise männen till Betlehem och Gläns över sjö och strand. Välkommen att följa med och uppleva En Gladelig Jul.

kr 159
Image A Christmas Caroll
This Westminster release presents a delightful and unusual selection of music for Christmas from the Abbey Choir. It encompasses all the diverse themes of Christmas which have inspired composers across the ages: light shining in darkness; the tenderness of mother and child; the fulfilment of promise; and the warm merriment of corporate celebration. An excellent selection of contemporary carols features the composers Jonathan Dove and Bob Chilcott among others. The richness of twentieth-century church music is illustrated in works by Poulenc, Walton, Mathias and Leighton, and by the heartbreakingly lovely piece The little road to Bethlehem by Michael Head. Skilful arrangements of the traditional carols Silent night, In dulci jubilo and I saw three ships, complete this attractive seasonal release.

kr 159
Image A Christmas Festival
John Rutter directs the Cambridge Singers, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and the award-winning Farnham Youth Choir alongside guest soloists Melanie Marshall, Clara Sanabras and Elin Manahan Thomas, for an unforgettable festival of Christmas music.

kr 149
Image Joulun tähdet - A Christmas of Stars
Ondine's 2008 Christmas album features six Finnish star singers with famous Christmas carols of Finnish tradition: sopranos Karita Mattila (1-2, 11-12), Soile Isokoski (5-6, 14-15) and Johanna Rusanen-Kartano (9-10, 19-20), mezzo Lilli Paasikivi (7, 17-18), baritone Jorma Hynninen (3-4, 13) and bass singer Matti Salminen (8, 16).

kr 89
Image Siitä tuntee joulun (A Finnish Christmas)
With the exception of a few misguided Swedes, we all know that Santa Claus lives in Finland. So what could be more fitting than a disc of Finnish Christmas classics, in lavish orchestral arrangements performed by the Lahti Symphony Orchestra, only 240 miles south of Santa's home in Rovaniemi. Just as the joyous season knows no boundaries, many of the favourite songs associated with the Finnish Christmas - or 'Joulu' - are international, and in the programme, hidden behind exotic-sounding titles, are Jingle bells as well as Rejoice, O Daughter of Zion from Handel's Messiah. But there are also local products on offer - the most well-known probably being Jean Sibelius's Christmas song 'Giv mig ej glans', which here is performed by Jukka Perko, the internationally known saxophonist who appears as soloist in four tracks on the disc. Other performers include the Lahti children's choir 'Laulupuu' and Riki Sorsa, one of Finland's most popular performers, who appears in the setting of the poem Tonttu (the Finnish name for Santa). All the arrangements are new - as indeed are a couple of the compositions themselves - and make full use of the eminent abilities of the Lahti Symphony Orchestra, here conducted by Esa Heikkilä.

kr 89
Image Christmas Concertos and Cantatas
"Christmas Concertos and Cantatas heter en härlig cd med Collegium Musicum 90 (Chandos), som framför julkonserter av Vivaldi och Telemann (ariorna sjungs underbart av Susan Gritton). Bäst av allt: Corellis kända julkonsert; här med en stuns och glimrande lätthet som fungerar som utskjutningsramp ur vardagsverkligheten."
(Sundsvalls Tidning)

"This is a delightful addition to the Christmas market, and the careful selection of its items and superb recording ensure that, like the traditional puppy, it's not just for Christmas"
(Classic CD)

"This is period-instrument performance at its best"
(American Record Guide)

The musical output of Francesco Onofrio Manfredini was comparatively small. His twelve Concertos, Op. 3 were issued by the Bolognese publisher Silvani in 1718. The Concerto in C major , the last in the set, is scored for a concertino of two violins and cello and is subtitled 'Pastorale per il Santissimo Natale'.

The Italian chamber cantata reached a stylistic peak with the works of Alessandro Scarlatti. The Cantata pastorale per la nascita di Nostro Signore was written for performance on Christmas Eve. As in the 'Christmas' Concertos by Corelli and Manfredini, Scarlatti introduces a sophisticated evocation of bagpipes and shawms played by shepherds as they travelled to Rome to celebrate the birth of Jesus. This colourful music can be heard both I the introductory Sinfonia, and more extensively in its concluding aria.

It was in the hands of Antonio Vivaldi that the Venetian Baroque concerto reached its summit. Two distinctive features of the Concerto in E major RV270 'Il riposo - per Il Santissimo Natale' are his instructions for performance. First he calls for muted strings throughout, and secondly he excludes the harpsichord continuo from the texture. The combined effect is one of intimacy and tenderness.

Georg Philipp Telemann wrote his cantata 'In dulci jubilo' between 1716 and 1719. As well as Neumeister's text, he also incorporated the fourth stanza of Luther's hymn 'Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ', and some of the mediaeval Latin-German poem, 'In dulci jubilo'. It is this traditional Christmas poem, and its brightly scored opening reflecting the festive character of the season.

Archangelo Corelli wrote only one set of concertos, his Op. 6 containing twelve works for strings, published in 1714, but written several years earlier. The Concerto grosso, Op. 6 No. 8 'Fatto per la notte di Natale;' is the best known of the set. It is a refined evocation of rustic music performed by Italian peasants who made their way from the countryside into towns before Christmas to re-enact the shepherd's adoration of Christ, the underlying strings providing an imitation of customary bagpipe.

kr 89
Image Noël 1788
Michel Corrette was born in Rouen, Normandy. His father, Gaspard Corrette, was an organist and composer. Michel served as organist at the Jesuit College in Paris from about 1737 to 1780. Michel Corrette composed ballets and divertissements for the stage, including Arlequin, Armide, le Jugement de Midas, les Âges, Nina and Persée. He composed many concertos, notably 25 concertos comiques. Aside from these works and concertos for organ, he also composed sonatas, songs, instrumental chamber works, harpsichord pieces, cantatas and other sacred vocal works.

kr 289
Image Folkjul: A Swedish Folk Christmas




"...en av julens trevligaste svenska julskivor"

"Äntligen en julskiva med ett alldeles eget tonfall, som odlar julmusikens folkliga kärna"
(Svenska Dagbladet)

"På Folkjul möts svensk polsketakt och klassiska julpsalmer. Det är garanterat vibratofritt i solofolksång och violin. Inte musik för den som önskar sig invand julfrid, men som längtar hänryckning och nytolkning och som gillade skivan Bach på svenska."

"...julmusiken ingår äktenskap med polskor, orgelimprovisationer och en kongenial experimentlusta med överraskande gott resultat"
(Nerikes Allehanda)

"Här kan du få flera glädjechocker"
(Norrköpings Tidningar)

Den obrutna folkmusiktraditionen i Sverige har påverkat både kyrklig och klassisk musik – och musiker! Gunnar Idenstam, konsertorganist med internationellt rykte, har tidigare utforskat folkmusiken i olika konstellationer. Han har nu satt samman ett program som kombinerar folkton med julens sånger och psalmer och de fantastiska klangmöjligheter som en mäktig kyrkogel erbjuder. I sina egna, och egensinniga, arrangemang har Idenstam sällskap av spelmannen och violinisten Lisa Rydberg, sångerskorna Sofia Karlsson och Emma Härdelin, samt S:t Jakobs Kammarkör under ledning av Gary Graden.

kr 159
Image Muistojen joulu
Ondine's 2007 Christmas album takes listeners on a nostalgic journey with historic archival recordings from the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE (1954-56). This collection of eighteen typical Finnish Christmas songs features the popular Finnish schlager musicians of half a century ago, including Sulo Saarits, Mauno Kuusisto and the folk song choir Peipposet.

kr 89
Image In The Bleak Mid-Winter
"Kören har en fräsch klang..."
"Karl-Magnus Fredriksson sjunger med djup inlevelse"
(Gefle Dagblad)

"Vacker färd in i julen med gosskören"
(Motala Tidning/Nerikes Allehanda/Vadstena Tidning)

Adolf Fredriks Gosskör är en representationskör vid Adolf Fredriks Musikklasser i Stockholm och grundades 1965 av musikdirektören och läraren Jan-Åke Hillerud, som ledde kören i 32 år. Kören nådde musikaliska höjder och turnerade både i Sverige och utomlands. Efter fyra år i vila, leds nu kören av Christoffer Holgersson. Gosskören genomför regelbunden egen konsertverksamhet och har sedan nystarten varit på två utlandsturnéer. Den första till Konstanz i Tyskland samt ett par år senare till Tolosa i Baskien. När tillfälle bjuds så passar pojkarna gärna på att konsertera och ibland turnera tillsammans med vännerna i Adolf Fredriks Flickkör. Under de senare åren har kören medverkat vid uppsättningar av verk som Symfoni nr 3 av Gustav Mahler, Sången av Wilhelm Stenhammar och War Requiem av Benjamin Britten. Gosskören har också konserterat tillsammans med Kungliga Filharmoniska orkestern, Stockholms Läns Blåsarsymfoniker, Kungliga Hovkapellet, Operakören och Stockholms Studentsångare, för att nämna några. Gosskörens 35-40 sångare är mellan 11 och 16 år. Tidigare var kören en renodlad diskantkör med sopraner och altar men under 2005 utvidgades den till en SATB-kör.

Den här julskivan spelades in under våren 2007 och är den första i en planerad serie om fyra. Här bjuds vi på några av de vackraste julsångerna och som gästsolist kan vi höra Hovsångare Karl-Magnus Fredriksson.

kr 89
Image Julbrasan
Denna DVD gör din TV till en del av inredningen. Med skön klassisk julmusik och lågornas flammande sken från brasan skapar din TV en varm och mysig julstämning.

Finns även som Blu-ray: OPFX 4330

kr 39
Image Lys, Stjärna Lys
Still another very well sounding Swedish choir presents on this CD a rather unusual christmas program, rich in variation - Engelbrekt Motet Choir with its conductor Bengt Eklund and Baritone soloist Karl-Magnus Fredriksson. The CD also contains a rarity: A first performance of a forgotten piece by Oskar Lindberg - an Advent hymnus with organ that will compete with the wellknown Advent by Otto Olsson. The Lindberg composition was found in his organ cottage as late as this Summer, and here we are offered the very first recording of a beautiful Christmas song.

Engelbrekts motettkör, dir: Bengt Eklund
Karl-Magnus Fredriksson, baritone*
Anna Sjögren, sopransolo #
Stefan Therstam, organ and piano

kr 159
Image Julens Traditionella Sånger
Male Choir singing has a long records in Sweden. Here the KFUM-kören i Stockholm/YMCA Male Choir of Stockholm presents a CD with the traditional Chistmas songs, but in rather unusual arrangements, and also combined with solo performances by young Soprano Susanne Francett *, her brother lyrical Tenor Michael Axelsson # and their father, former Opera Choir Tenor Lars-Gunnar Axelsson ¤ accompanied by Ania Proskourina, organ & piano. All are conducted by talented Mathias Kjellgren, also a wellknown organist, but here in the role of choir leader.

kr 159
Image Christmas Vespers at Westminster Cathedral
This disc presents an adorned version of the Office of Vespers as it might be heard on the eve of Christmas in Westminster Cathedral, a building steeped in art, music and spirituality.

The chant on this disc is the golden thread which runs throughout the entire liturgy giving the Office a natural rhythm
and inevitability as well as clarity of text and beautiful language; it is complemented here by motets and canticles by
Thomas Tallis, Tomás Luis de Victoria and Heinrich Schütz, while Jean Langlais’s massive Fête for organ concludes the

The only cathedral choir in the world to sing Mass and Vespers liturgically every day, The Choir of Westminster
Cathedral is perfectly placed to offer to the armchair listener this CD encapsulation of their very lifeblood, recorded here
in the opulent acoustic of their own cathedral.

kr 159
Image Christmas at St John’s
Taking as its starting point their world-famous Advent Carol Service, The Choir of St John’s College, Cambridge, is here
on dazzling form in an imaginative and varied programme devised by David Hill.

Alongside Christmas classics by Rutter, Warlock, Howells and Holst, we have new works by Judith Bingham and
Francis Pott, and Naylor’s epic Vox dicentis. Many of these works have specific connections to David Hill and his choir,
and the resulting conviction of performance is a testimony to their stature.

A narrative thread is provided throughout the disc by the seven Great ‘O’ Antiphons (‘O Wisdom’, ‘O Key of David’,
etc) which fall on 17 to 23 December in the liturgy. At the close David Hill’s imaginative arrangement of Bethlehem Down
(combining the popular choral version with Warlock’s own accompaniment for a solo song version) leads into Morten
Lauridsen’s phenomenally successful O magnum mysterium and a blaze of glory in the Christmas Day hymn O come, all
ye faithful. ‘Hodie Christ natus est’ indeed.
The Choir of St John’s College, Cambridge/David Hill
The Choir of St John’s College, Cambridge - Christmas at St John’s

1 Chapel Bell

2 Plainsong Rorate caeli

3 Hymn O come, O come, Emmanuel

4 Antiphon O Sapientia

5 A tender shoot OTTO GOLDSCHMIDT


7 Hymn Lo! He comes with clouds descending

8 Antiphon O Adonai

9 Vox dicentis: Clama EDWARD NAYLOR

10 Antiphon O Radix Iesse

11 The clouded Heaven JUDITH BINGHAM

12 Antiphon O Clavis David

13 There is a flower JOHN RUTTER

14 This have I done for my true love GUSTAV HOLST

15 Antiphon O Oriens

16 Lullay my liking FRANCIS POTT

17 Antiphon O Rex gentium

18 Bethlehem Down PETER WARLOCK

19 Antiphon O Emmanuel

20 O magnum mysterium MORTEN LAURIDSEN

21 Hymn O come, all ye faithful

22 Antiphon Hodie Christus natus est

kr 159
Image Jouluyö, juhlayö - Christmas Carols
kr 89
Image Kom, Följ med oss! - Julsånger från Polen
Come, Follow Us! (Christmas song from Poland, sung in Swedish)

With choirs from the Parishes of Gothenburg

Brunnsbo musikklasser
Domkyrkans goss- & flickkörer
Brunnsbokören & Gustavikören

Ann-Marie Rydberg / Petter Ekberg / Anne Johansson conductors

kr 89
Image John Rutter Christmas Album (The)
...Among the modern carol writers, John Rutter stands alone...


...Rutter has become the musical equivalent of Dickens, synonymous with the season of Christmas...


kr 89
Image Joulun hohde. Christmas Glow
kr 89
Image En Julkonsert
Anna-Lotta Larsson & Göran Fristorp med Peter Ljung och Camerata Nordica (14 stråkar) framför stämningsfulla och älskade julsånger - kammarmusik när det är som bäst! Ett litet format med ett stort hjärta, inspelad live med publik på konserthusen i Göteborg och Stockholm ger en extra dimension. Det känns och det hörs.

kr 79
Image Christmas Cocktails
Härliga, välarrangerade versioner av bl a "White Christmas", "Santa Clause is coming to Town" och "Silent Night". Cotton Club gästas av bl a
Afro-Dite, Jan Johansen och Pernilla Wahlgren.

Christmas Cocktails - Cotton Club

1. When you Wish

2. White Christmas

3. Last Christmas - Sara Löfgren

4. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow - Afro-Dite

5. Rude-Dolph the red nosed Reindeer - Papa Dee

6. Santa Clause is coming to Town - Jan Johansen

7. Have Yourself a Merry little Christmas - Charlotte Perelli

8. Thank God its Christmas (only once a Year)

9. The Christmas Song

10. Walking in a Winter Wonderland - Pernilla Wahlgren

11. Jag såg Mamma kyssa Tomten - Benjamin Wahlgren

12. Christmas on the Dancefloor

13. Silent Night - Afro-Dite

kr 62
Image Nox Lucis: The Night of Light


"...En rik andlig upplevelse..."
(Skånska Dagbladet)

"...Det förefaller mig alldeles klart att denna skiva är hälsobringande..."
(Östgöta Correspondenten)

"...Intensivt stämningsskapande skiva ur årets skörd..."
"...Två ensamma kvinnoröster i ett kyrkorum skapar förundransvärda övertonsskalor, som ringer genom medeltidens klassiker - kyrkliga antifoner till Jungfru Marias lov. Kan verka enahanda i längden, men musicerandet är lika genomlyst som ikon-måleri..."

Denn finska vokalduon Vox Silentii sjunger här meditativa, medeltida julsånger. Skivan är indelad i tre sektioner som har följande teman: sökande, mystik och frid.

Vi vill även påminna om Vox Silentii:s tidigare skivor på Proprius:

- Cantus Sororum (PRCD 2010)

- Videte Miraculum (PRCD 2021)

- Passio Sanctarum Filiarum (PRSACD 2033)
...The singing is smooth, well tuned and moderately paced... (Gramophone om PRSACD 2033)

Vox Silentii grundades år 1992. De sånger duon framför är till sin karaktär bönesånger så som de sjungits i den kristna kyrkan. Via rösten står vi i förbindelse med det osynliga, rösten är själens rörelser som försätter oss i ett tillstånd av tystnad. På samma gång är rösten en fysisk upplevelse - resonans i kroppen - och den helhet vi hör med våra öron består av en grundton och dess övertoner. Kyrkotonarterna (modi) är i sin grundbetydelse tonskalor. De tonarter vi använder oss av baserar sig på den pythagoreiska uppfattningen om musik och röst samt de klanger övertonerna emanerar. I den gamla kyrkosången kan man i bästa fall urskilja de klara, ofta höga, fl öjtliknande övertonerna - ljud som ingen egentligen "sjunger".

kr 79
Image Julens ljus
...Trots att de (sångerna) kommer från många olika länder och tider låter de förvånansvärt lika - till stor del beror det nog på körens vackert enhetliga klang...

(Svenska Dagbladet)

...i flera fall är de kända sångerna arrangerade på ett sätt som ger dem nya kvaliteter, lyssnaren blir nyfiken...

...måttfullt, stillsamt, inkännande musicerande...

(Östgöta Correspondenten)

...mycket angenäm...

...fantastiskt ljud...

(Helsingborgs Dagblad/Landskrona-Posten/
Nordvästra Skånes Tidningar)

...vackert och elegant framfört...

(Falköpings Tidning/Skaraborgs Läns Tidning/
Skövde Nyheter/Västgöta-Bladet)

...Om man ska köpa sig en ny julskiva? Tja, utbudet är stort, men jag finner färska ”Julens ljus” med Stockholms Studentsångare mycket angenäm...

(Helsingborgs Dagblad)

...denna skiva...fyller sin funktion till


Solist: Gunilla Backman

Stockholms Studentsångare/Karin Oldgren

Stockholms Studentsångare - Julens ljus (The Light of Christmas)

1. Joy to the World

2. I juletid

3. Bereden väg

4. Dotter Sion

5. Hosiannah!

6. Det är en ros utsprungen

7. Nu tändas tusen juleljus

8. Julvisa (Giv mig ej glans…)

9. Ave Maria

10. O magnum mysterium

11. Mitt hjerte alltid vanker

12. Forunderligt at sige

13. I W onder as I Wander

14. It Came upon a Midnight Clear

15. Three Kings of Orient

16. Look! Shepherds of Bethlehem

17. God Rest You Merry Gentlemen

18. I Saw Three Ships

19. Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day

20. När juldagsmorgon glimmar

21. På krubbans strå

22. Marias vaggsång

23. Stilla natt

24. Jul, jul, strålande jul

kr 69
Image Magnum Mysterium
Grex Vocalis / Carl Høgset

Regardless of how one might choose to celebrate Christmas today, we believe that this music can contribute atmosphere, light and hope at the darkest time of the year. Grex Vocalis have brought together some of the most beautiful Christmas music for a cappella choir.

kr 159
Image Christmas Variations
Christmas is a season of expectation, peace and joy. However, joy can easily be overrun by stress and hurry and turn peace into loneliness. At this point give yourself a break, sit down with pianist Wolfgang Plagge and let your mind come to rest while the sweetest sounds of Christmas fill your room. The Inspiration of the Moment is of fundamental significance to any type of connection between human beings, in music as well as in speech. All tracks on this cd are results of spontaneously improvised variations over the Season's most beloved songs and tunes.

kr 159
Image Oratorio de Noël
Ingår gör på denna CD förutom Saint-Saëns "Juloratorium" även Respighis "Lauda per la Natività del Signore".
Bland solisterna: Anne Sofie von Otter.
Britt-Marie Aruhn, sopran; Anne Sofie von Otter, mezzosopran;

Ing-Mari Landin, alt; Erland Hagegård, tenor;

Ulf Lundmark, bas.

Mikaeli Kammarkör / Anders Eby.

kr 89
Image Candlelight Carols



"...Allmänna Sången från Uppsala har sjungit julsånger nästan så länge det har funnits julgranar här i landet - den grundades 1830. Tillsammans med Uppsala kammarorkester framför den ärevördiga och prisbelönta kören här några av julrepertoarens riktiga pangnummer under ledning av Cecilia Rydinger Alin. Hovbarytonen Karl-Magnus Fredriksson är magnifik solist i bland annat Adams julsång och Gören portarna höga. Här finns också två helt olika versioner av Det är en ros utsprungen, varav en signerad Jan Sandström. En skiva av absolut högsta musikaliska klass, med mycket värme och känslighet..."
(Svenska Dagbladet)

"...Som ett julbord med bara sånt du gillar..."

kr 79
Image God Jul
The funk queen of Anderstorp Helén Johansson goes soft and tindering presenting this Christmas album with some well-known Xmas songs in snow fresh versions, combined with totally new, moving, funny, earfriendly and sometimes surprizing songs by Helén Johansson - all in superb arrangements by the master Stefan Pettersson of Rougin Studios. This is a CD you will really enjoy working with Christmas preparations or just relaxing in the mist of baking flour and candle dripping.

kr 159
Image Christmas Choral Spectacular (A)
På "A Christmas Choral Spectacular" finner vi många av de finaste julsångerna. CDn inleds med den sprudlande "Ding Dong! Merrily on High". Ingår gör även bl a "O come, all ye faithful", "Silent Night" och "The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy".

5.1 Surround Sound

Margaret Burdett, sopran; Cecily Atkinson, alt;

Lynton Atkinson, tenor; Jonathan Prentice, bas.

Bournemouth Symphony Chorus & Orchestra / Peter Breiner.

A Christmas Choral Spectacular


1. Ding Dong! Merrily on High

2. Coventry Carol


3. Deck the Hall

4. O Christmas Tree

6. O come, all ye faithful (Wade)

7. O Little Town of Bethlehem (trad)

8. Puer nobis nascitur (Breiner)

9. Silent Night (Gruber)


10. Little Jesus, Sweetly Sleep

11. Gloucester Wassail

12. Quem pastores laudavere (Breiner)

13. The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy (trad)

kr 119
Image Cantate Domino
"...att höra O helga natt på Proprius svenska SACD-utgåva kan driva vem som helst till djupt troende."
(Hifi & Musik)

Legendarisk Proprius-skiva, nu som Super Audio CD.
En ljudupplevelse utöver det vanliga. Inspelad av Bertil Alving.

kr 79
Image Änglanatt (Angel Night)
Kammarkören Pro Musica från Göteborg har under ledning av sin dirigent Jan Yngwe etablerat sig som en av landets främsta körer. På "Änglanatt" kan vi höra stämningsfulla tolkningar av bl a "När det lider mot jul", "Bereden väg för herran" och "Stilla natt".

Kammarkören Pro Musica / Jan Yngwe.
Kammarkören Pro Musica

Änglanatt - Julmusik i tradition och förnyelse

1. Jul, jul strålande jul

2. När det lider mot jul

3. Betlehems stjärna

4. Bereden väg för Herran

5. Bereden väg för Herran

6. Gläns över sjö och strand

7. Nu tändas tusen juleljus

8. A Hymn to the Virgin

9. A babe is born

10. En stjärna gick på himlen fram

11. Det är en ros utsprungen

12. Det är en ros utsprungen

13. Det brinner en stjärna

14. Härlig är jorden

15. Den signade dag

16. Ave Maria

17. Schedrik

18. O vad glädje ifrån Gud

19. Underbar en stjärna blid

20. Stilla natt

21. We wish you a merry christmas

kr 69
Image I Juletid
Damkören La Capella från Uppsala har nu kommit med sin andra Caprice-cd. På skivan, med titeln I juletid, hörs många av våra vackraste julsånger. Kören, som bildades 1983 av Robert Sund, leds nu av Karin Eklundh.

Riktigt "a capella" är det inte denna gång - vi hör också Anders Åstrand på slagverk, Marika Gustavsson och Karin Leishman på violin, Anna Hillman på viola, Petja Svensson på violoncell, Per Johansson kontrabas, Benny Rigman sopransax och Ingegerd Fredlund på harpa.

18 sånger finns med på cd:n bland andra Gläns över sjö och strand, Härlig är jorden, jul jul strålande jul, A child is born, Det är en ros utsprungen, Bereden väg för Herran.

kr 159
Image Christmas in Sweden
På denna välmatade julsamlings-CD från BIS hittar vi många av de klassiska julmelodierna, t ex "Dotter Sion", "Hosianna" och "Adams julsång". Det ingår även några utvalda delar ur Piæ Cantiones med ensemblen Joculatores Upsalienses, samt flera fina orgelstycken med julanknytning framförda av Hans Fagius. "Christmas in Sweden" avslutas med en fantastisk version av "Härlig är jorden" med barytonsolisten Peter Mattei.
Julgodis för öronen!

Peter Mattei, baryton; Hans Fagius, orgel;
Roland Pöntinen, piano m fl.

Orphei Drängar / Robert Sund.

Christmas in Sweden

1. Psalm 24 - Gören portarna höga

2. Dotter Sion, fröjda dig

3. Hosianna

4. Bereden väg för Herran

5. Sankta Lucia

6. Goder afton i denna sal

7. Staffansvisa III

8. Staffan och Herodes

9. Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland BWV 699

10. Vom Himmel hoch, da komm ich her BWV 701

11. Ära vare Gud i höjden

12. När det lider mot jul

13. Nu stige jublets ton

14. Jul, jul, strålande jul

15. Stille Nacht

16. Förunderligt och märkligt

17. Giv mig ej glans, ej guld, ej prakt Op 1:4

18. Gottes Sohn ist kommen BWV 703

19. Lob sei dem allmächtigen Gott BWV 704

20. In dulci iubilo

21. Verbum caro

22. Gaudete

23. Songe I. Den lyssnande Maria

24. Songe II. Marias häpnad

25. Mariæ Wiegenlied Op 76:2

26. Cantique de Noël

27. Jord och himmel, fröjden er

28. Quelle est cet odeur agréable?

29. Joy to the World!

30. Må Herren Gud vi lova

31. Härlig är jorden

kr 159
Image En God Jul (A Merry Christmas)
Jul-CD med den ypperliga kören Rilkeensemblen som bildades 1980 och leds av Gunnar Eriksson (som bl a studerat för Eric Ericson). Här framför de julsånger som t ex "Gläns över sjö och strand" och "Jul, jul, strålande jul".

För mer information om Rilkeensemblen rekommenderar vi deras hemsida:

kr 79
Image Music for Christmas
'The performances by both choir and orchestra are ideal in tone, style and accomplishment … A Christmas treat'

kr 159
Image God Jul
En härlig julkavalkad med urval och utförliga kommentarer av Anders Eldeman. Skivan innehåller bl a Anders de Wahls deklamation av Nyårsklockorna. Det finns även God Jul volym 2 från 2002.

kr 89
Image Christmas Music
Emma Kirkby är en legend bland sopraner som är specialiserade på tidig musik. Hon är med på mängder av skivor på Hyperion, men i och med denna CD gör hon sin debut på BIS. På denna julskiva sjunger hon framför allt musik av barocktonsättare. Bl a musik av J S Bach och en julkantat av Alessandro Scarlatti. London Baroque spelar själva på några spår, förutom Bachs "Air" och Pachelbels "Kanon och Gigue" framför de Corellis "Concerto Grosso i g-moll"
(Fatto per la Notte di Natale).

Emma Kirkby, sopran. London Baroque.

Philipp Friedrich Böddecker

1. Natus est Jesus

Alessandro Scarlatti

Non sò qual più m´ingombra (Cantata Pastorale)

2. I. Recitativo: Non sò qual più m´ingombra

3. II. Aria: Che sarà? Chi´a me lo dice?

4. III. Recitativo: É nato, al fin mi dice

5. IV. Aria Pastorale: Nacque, col Gran Messia

Johann Pachelbel

Kanon & Gigue

6. Kanon

7. Gigue

Johann Sebastian Bach

ur Kantat nr 61 Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland, BWV61

8. Öffne dich mein ganzes Herze 3

9. Air ur Orkestersvit nr 3 D-dur, BWV1068

ur Kantat nr 147 Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben, BWV147a

10. Bereite dir, Jesu, noch itzo die Bahn

Alessandro Scarlatti

O di Betlemme, altera povertà ventu (Cantata per la Natale)

11. I. Recitativo: O di Betlemme, altera povertà venturosa

12. II. Aria: Dal bel Segno d´una Stella

13. III. Recitativo: Presa d´uomo la forma

14. IV. Aria: L´autor d´ogni mio bene

15. V. Recitativo: Fortunati Pastori!

16. VI. Pastorale: Tocco la prima sorte a voi, pastori

Arcangelo Corelli

Concerto grosso g-moll, Op 6:8 (Fatto per la notte natale)

17. I. Vivace - Grave - Allegro

18. II. Adagio - Allegro - Adagio

19. III. Vivace - Allegro - Pastorale ad libitum (Largo)

kr 89
Image Aftonpsalm & julesång (Evenhymn & Christmas song)
Legendarisk julskiva, innehåller bl a Adams julsång O helga natt, Härlig är jorden och Schuberts vackra stycke Ave Maria.

kr 79
Image Precious
Yoshikazu Mera, countertenor.

Precious - Christmas Music with Yoshikazu Mera
1. Introduction
2. O Lord My God
3. Beauty and the Beast
4. Star Dust
5. If I Loved You Words
6. Silent Night
7. The Meaning of Wonder
8. Some Day My Prince Will Come
9. O Holy Night
10. Music of the Spheres
11. White Christmas
12. When You Wish Upon a Star

kr 149
Image Welcome Christmas!
Welcome Christmas! - Gary Graden, St. Jacob's Chamber Choir, Vega Brass Ensemble, Peter Mattei & Anders Bondeman

Julskiva med S.t Jacobs Kammarkör. Fantastisk ljudkvalitet!
Peter Mattei, baryton; Anders Bondeman, orgel; Vega Brass.
S:t Jacobs Kammarkör/ Gary Graden.

Julskivan som blivit en riktig klassiker. Rosad av kritiker och en självklar julskiva i svenska hem!

"Det har väl inte hänt på de senaste tio åren att man funderat på att tilldela en s.k. vanlig julskiva full poäng!"
P-G Bergfors, GP

kr 79
Image Christmas Songs
kr 149
Image Joy of Christmas
En värmande julskiva i vinterkylan med barytonen Krister St. Hill, Maria Magdalena Motettkör och Ragnar Bohlin, samt Frälsningsarmens Musikkår Södertälje.

kr 159
Image Christmas Oratorio

"Yoshikazu Meras röst är som skapad för att sjunga Bach"

"Svänger som det ska"
"Orkestern musicerar med skön svikt..."
(Östgöta Correspondenten)

kr 299
Image Santa's Bag - An All Stars Jazz Christmas
kr 149
Image Joulurauha - Christmas at Turku Cathedral
kr 159
Image Nacht, heller als der Tag
Christmas with Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, baritone
Folkwang Gitarren Duo

Recitations on texts by Andreas Gryphius, John Milton, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Heinrich Heine, Joseph von Eichendorff, Hans Christian Andersen, Friedrich Rückert, Eduard Mörike, Theodor Storm, Kurt Tucholsky & Bertold Bretch

kr 159
Image En klassisk Jul
CD full med alla de sånger som man förknipper med julen!

Bl a "Adams julsång" (O helga natt) med Jussi Björling, Birgit Nilsson sjunger "Ave Maria" (Bach / Gounod) och "Stilla natt" med Håkan Hagegård.
Birgit Nilsson, sopran; Jussi Björling, tenor; Gösta Winbergh, tenor; Håkan Hagegård, baryton m fl.

Adolf Fredriks Bachkör / Anders Öhrwall.

En Klassisk Jul

1. Alta Trinita Beata

2. Julsång (O helga natt)

3. Goder afton, mitt herrskap

4. Jul, jul, strålande jul

5. Ave Maria

6. Panis Angelicus

7. White Christmas

8. Jingle Bells

9. När det lider mot jul

10. Betlehems stjärna

11. Advent

12. Hosianna, Davids son

13. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

14. När juldagsmorgon glimmar

15. Nu tändas tusen juleljus

16. Stilla Natt

kr 69
Image Panis angelicus
'A beautiful disc of sacred motets from one of this country’s finest choirs'
(Classic FM Magazine)

kr 149
Image Adeste fideles
'An extremely well-sung traditional carol collection. The concert makes a great appeal by the quality of the singing and the beautiful digital recording'
(Penguin Guide)

kr 159
Image Jul I Haga
Karin Nelson, orgel.

1. SvPs 125

2. J S Bach

3. J S Bach

4. Pachelbel

5. J S Bach


6. J M Bach

7. J S Bach

8. Buxtehude

9. Drusinsky: Resonet in laudibus

10. Sweelinck: Ons is gheboren...


11. SvPs 119

12. Buxtehude

13. GÅ SION, din Konung

14. När juldagsmorgon


15. Improv.

16. SvPs 423


17. SvPs 112

18. Bach

19. Drusinsky

20. Bach

21. Scheidt


22. SvPs 114

23. Hansen


24. SvPs 129

25. S-E Johanson

26. SvPs 129

27. J S Bach: Preludium och fuga C-dur

kr 69
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