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Image Juloratorium - Gammal svensk julkantat
Christmas Oratorio: A light in the darkness
"Nature around Lake Orsa, with its blue mountains, burning sunsets and shadowy forests, has strongly influenced the musical language in my Christmas Oratorio. Many years ago I used to sit by the lake and dream. Some of the dreams moved around this music. The words are taken partly from the Bible, John Prolog, and from Christmas story. Mary's lullaby, which is present in the second part, uses the words of Lope de Vega. The two parts of the Oratorio is framed by the orchestral Intermezzo with its motto: The light shines in darkness, and the darkness has not overcome thereby".

Old Swedish Christmas Cantata: Brutally the Cathedral School
"Old Swedish julkantat, to the words of Oscar Levertin, is of a different kind. The poet drew inspiration from old times 'djäknesång' as it was practiced at the cathedral schools in the old times. The early eighteenth century forming the fund of the poem and the rather long text depicts, in both beautiful stanzas and brutal reality, a year in the "djäknar's" life. Burlesque is not missing. The solistical piano part, I wrote especially for my longtime friend and colleague Per Thunarf."

kr 159
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's final masterpiece was commissioned in 1791 by the Austrian Count Franz von Walsegg, as a tribute to the Count's only 21 years young deceased wife Anna. Mozart began his Requiem in Prague, tormented by an indefinable disease which would eventually take his life, thus depriving him of the opportunity to complete that his magnum opus. After Mozart's death, asked his pupil and assistant Franz Xaver Süss completed by the composer's wife, to complete the work, which he is said to have done in 100 days. It was first performed January 2, 1793 on a private concert for the benefit of Mozart bereaved widow Constanze Mozart.

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Image Chamber Music
The 2010 version of FIM/nosag charity CD contains first recordings of chamber music pieces for flute, bassoon, violoncello, baryton voice and piano by Swedish composer Stefan Lindgren.

Stefan Lindgren has played as soloist with the great orchestras of Sweden - Royal Philharmonics, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and Gothenburg Symphonics. He has played many recitals in Sweden and abroad in New York, London, Paris and Vienna. 1993-2001 he was the orchestral pianist of the Radio Symphony Orchestra and since 2007 he has the same position with the Royal Philharmonics. Stefan Lindgren made many recordings both on CD and for the Swedish Radio. As a composer he has publiced two piano concertos, one concert for piano and strings, a symphony, poem for orchestra, six piano sonatas, piano quintet, piano quartet, flute trio, horn trio, piano trio, violin sonata, cello sonata, clarinet sonata, flute sonata, bassoon sonata, songs, poem for organ, duo for clarinet and piano and a number of smaller pieces.

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Image Jul med N´Harmony
A wonderful collection of known and less known X-mas songs for choir with a fresh new Swedish vocal ensemble of eight teenage girls. They are sounding extremely well - intonation, expression, vocal quality, arrangements - and give us a rich Christmas feling and sometimes the most unexpected twists and turns of songs we thought we´ve heard enough, mangled by plenty of singers through the years. These young voices raise the torn music to new heights.

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Image Lucia
For the Swedish, the Feast of Saint Lucia signals the onset of Christmas and is the highlight of the Advent season. Folklore suggests that the roots of Lucia history begin in Syracuse, Italy, around 300 A.D. when an innocent, young girl was coveted by a local Nobleman. When she refused his advances, he had her condemned as a Christian and attempted to have her burned. Legend has it that she emerged unharmed by the flames.

2007 provided the choir Stockholm Singers and its conductor Bo Aurehl with an opportunity to celebrate Lucia in the great hall of the Nordiska muséet in Stockholm. The atmosphere was magical, the audience was captivated and a repeat the following year was a forgone conclusion.

This recording featuring soloist Mezzosoprano Susann Végh allows us to recapture these enchanted moments.

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Image Collegamento
Inspelningarna är till stor del resultatet av ett samarbete mellan tonsättaren och de internationellt hyllade italienska musiker som medverkar på skivan. De flesta verk har haft sina uruppföranden i Italien, bl. a. i Rom och Florens.
Tonsättaren och musikvetaren Odd Sneeggen tog upp komponerandet på 2000-talet efter en lång paus då han var verksam som projektledare och konstnärlig ledare i det svenska och det internationella musiklivet.
Titeln "Collegamento" anspelar på den för tonsättaren outgrundliga interaktion som uppkommer mellan musiken, musikerna och publiken i en lyssningssituation.

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Image Vindharpor
Music is dreams and memories. When I write, it's about trying to make real a fleeing vision, as if you were imagining a completely obscure landscape, briefly illuminated by a bright flash. Everything is clear, sharp. Efforts of notation, instrumentation, form, and the many other things that belong to the composer's profession - it is a profession and not a call - are actually secondary. All that matters is to capture the fleeing clarity you for a brief second guessed. Sometimes it can take years, even decades, to reach that point. Then the poem is an inspirational support to stick to. The powerful poetry of the Bible and the great poets' images are inexhaustible sources of beauty and wisdom. To me words and tone are inextricably linked together. Therefore I prefere writing for the human voice, this wonderful and enigmatic instrument.

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Image Das Jahr
The piano cycle ”Das Jahr” (The Year) was completed
in December 1841. At the age of thirty-six, Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel succeeded in
producing a major piano composition, which dramatically
expanded the scope of the small-scale piano pieces she had hitherto
In the spring of 1840 Fanny wrote to her sister Rebecka: ”I have
composed a lot recently and I have named the short piano pieces
after my favourite places. Some of the pieces came into my mind
whilst I was in the places themselves, others were composed whilst
reflecting memories of wonderful excursions. Henceforth the cycle
will be a pleasant souvenir, a kind of second diary.” The composer
left out all allusions to her favourite places in the manuscript and
these Italy-inspired piano pieces got their names from the twelve
months instead. But if one compares them to the corresponding
months spent in Italy, there are often similarities in atmosphere
between her feelings expressed musically and those described in
her diary.
The idea of representing the year in a cycle of twelve pieces was
original and presumably unique in the literature for the piano.
After Fanny’s sudden death, following a stroke in May 1847, these
pieces were forgotten. Nearly 150 years of neglect came to an end
in 1989 with the publication of the composition in a Furore Edition.

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Image And Bright Blows The Broom
Rolf Bromme is a Bass-baritone who, after many years as a choir singer in among others The Philharmonic Choir of Stockholm, now has taken the step to sing as a soloist with many of his own concerts.
nosag records has previously released three CDs in which he participates, one of them as solo artist. Here we can hear him perform the Ralph Vaughan Williams song cycle Songs of Travel, with words by R.L.Stevenson.
The composers on this CD also includes Jean Sibelius, John Alan Griffiths, Carl Nielsen, Lars-Erik Larsson and Piotr Tchaikovsky.
His pianist is Anouchka Mukherjee, as a singer, is represented on a couple of productions from nosag records.

kr 159
Image Piano Sonatas Nos. 7, 15, 17
Pianist Per Enflo was born in Stockholm, Sweden. His teachers include Bengt Utterström and Gottfrid Boon (a student of Artur Schnabel), Bruno Seidlhofer and Geza Anda. In 1956 and 1961 Per was the winner of national Swedish competitions for young pianists. He made his official debut in the Stockholm Concert Hall in 1963.
After living in the US for most of his grown up life, Per has now moved back to Sweden. He performs frequently in recitals as a soloist, concerto soloist, chamber musician and accompanist.
Here he presents his performances of three Beethoven sonatas for solo piano. An ongoing project is also recordings of Mozart piano concertos with Sofia Sinfonietta under Svilen Simeonov, released by nosag records.

kr 159
Image Rosling, missne och tuvdun
Detta är den tredje Cdn i utforskandet av finska romanser på svenska med Christin Högnabba, sopran/Stefan Lindgren, piano. Hela skivan ägnas musik av den mycket produktive finske tonsättaren Erik Fordell (1917-1981). Han tillhörde den tonsättargeneration som kom att framträda i större sammanhang på 1950-talet, och för vilken de efterkrigstida årens
modernistiska strävanden innebar en svår, och för många av generationens tonsättare oöverkomlig utmaning. Hans över 540 solosånger är mycket expressionistiska och spänner över ett rikt känsloregister.

kr 159
Image Mission Impossible Tour
Can a classical flutist and a film music cellist match a rock drummer ~ and what to play for an ensemble like this? Is it a "Mission Impossible" or is it possible to meet over the borders of genres and styles and create new music? Trio Pránky has the answer and toured with it for several seasons. Join them!

kr 159
Image Infrastruktur
IDÉN TILL DENNA SKIVA kom ur avsaknaden av inspelningar av Bo Nilssons tre verk för brasskvintett, Amatista per madre Tua Maria, Infrastruktur och Carte Postale à Sten Frykberg. Stycken med stor originalitet och skönhet som vi i Stockholm Brass Quintet nu är väldigt stolta över att kunna presentera för er.

kr 159
Image Orchestral Pieces
Konsertpianisten Stefan Lindgren är också tonsättare av rang med mycket kammarmusik och också orkesterverk. Tre av dessa senare presenteras i förstagångsinspelningar - Pianokonsert nr 4 (tonsättaren solist), Nocturne för sopran och orkester (med Christin Högnabba som solist) och Poem för orkester, samtliga spelade av Helsingborgs symfoniorkester och Andrew Manze. - - - Concert pianist Stefan Lindgren is also a composer with much chamber music and also orchestral works. Three of these latter presented here in first-time recordings - Piano Concerto No. 4 (composer soloist), Nocturne for soprano and orchestra (with Christin Högnabba as soloist) and Poem for Orchestra, all played by the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra and Andrew Manze.

kr 159
Image En kväll på Nybrokajen
Hela konserten baserad på texter som Christian skrivit under åren - körledare, radiojournalist, textförfattare, arrangör, organisatör studerade vid Uppsala Universitet (musikvetenskap, teologi, filosofi) och vid Kungl. Musikhögskolan arbetade på Musikradion 1976-96 som programmakare, presentatör och ansvarig för programmen om musik leder sina körer Adolf Fredriks Madrigalkör (sedan 1965) och Nicolai Kammarkör (sedan 1974) var ordförande för Föreningen Sveriges Körledare 1985-1998 och för KÖRSAM 1997-2003 var generalsekreterare i IFCM (the International Federation for Choral Music) 1996-1999 är konstnärlig ledare i festivalorganisationen INTERKULTUR och för "World Choir Games" sedan 2001.

kr 159
Image Nest of Silence
In Göran Agdur's music the simple cantabile melody has always been central. A simplicity carried by a very personal voice. His music has been described as very romantic - which in its gushing arpeggione style sometimes is shaded by an intonation, which may suggest Swedish folk music, not so surprising as Agdur, on his father's side, descends from the "fiddler's village" Orsa in Dalarna. Agdur also has other musical influences, which probably - consciously or subconsciously - have been with him since his teens. Singers like Billy Fury, John Leyton, Nico Fidenco and Salvatore Adamo are examples of vocalists who have been a great inspiration. Agdur's music was first composed and played on piano solo, but has also been performed on violin and piano, and flute and guitar. The "Russian Chamber Orchestra", under the leadership of conductor Sergei Proskourin, has performed a Suite (compositions throughout the years by Agdur), arranged specifically for this orchestra.

kr 159
Image Vägar leder...
Roads lead... Music by Stellan Sagvik a dreamy game of emotions and responsive - a flute sound with breathing and trembling expression that meets the profond color of string's vibrations - where does the road lead?

Duo Pránky - explores the mystery of the flute embracing the cello - playing music from all times in a time when all tidings gather and decay simultaneously - two sounds broadened and enriched by two curious playfulls, to open opportunity to the listening's fearless ways!

kr 159
Image Fragmente und Hymnus
Staffan Björklund's output is copious and varied, ranging from chamber music to oratorios and music drama, but works for organ and piano represent the core of his activity. Peaks of his achievement include the two suites Dialogues pour piano seul (1991) and Modulationer (1999), preceded among other things by four piano sonatas. In performances of his own music he has shown himself to be an outstanding musician and instrumentalist. Although clearly related to one another, the suites (both in twelve movements) bring out different sides of his nature and thinking. The dialogues have a much freer, extempore imagination of form, while the movements of Modulationer are more disciplined. At the centre of things is an expansive, colourful and often explosively charged harmony. The linear process, melody and polyphony are also lavishly constructed. Both works rank among the foremost achievements of Swedish piano music and have more in common with both French and Russian music (Messiaen, Skryabin) than with Swedish and German tradition. In a number of works he harks back to the music of earlier periods, e.g. to the Baroque master Dandrieu (Homage à Dandrieu). Björklund has also composed operas: Oratorium över Carl Fredrik Hill, 1981 (libretto by Lars Norén), Prins Hatt under jorden, 1988 (libretto by Sven Smedberg) and Mästerkatten, 1995 (Libretto by Lennart Hellsing). Melodic fluency and alternation between stern technical discipline and an air of improvisation are among the characteristics of his tonal language.

kr 239
Image Missa Maria Magdalena 1996 version
Missa Maria Magdalena was commissioned by Judith Linder, choir leader at Maria Magdalena Church, and was first performed in April 1995 with Olle Persson singing the part of Jesus and Johanna Nyström as Mary Magdalene. Maria Magdalena Motet choir and Stockholm Wind Symphonics were conducted by Mika Eichenholz, with Judith Linder and Ragnar Bohlin as assisting choir conductors in different areas of the church. The building is big and the distances between the performers were sometimes up to 30 meters because the whole church space is used for this Mass. This makes recording very difficult, as the difference in sound timing between the utmost performers can be more than a tenth of a second, thus putting great demands on technical recording solutions - all microphones (more than 40 mikes were used in this session) need individual timing, delay or real time, calculated on where the item is placed in relation to the others - just to make all sounds audible simultaneously. In 1996, this LIVE documentary recording of the Missa Maria Magdalena was made with Olle Persson singing the part of Jesus and Boel Adler as Maria Magdalena. A third production was made in 2005, released as nosagCD137, once again with Olle Persson as Jesus and now Annika Skoglund in the role of Mary Magdalene, with Stockholm Wind Symphonics conducted by Ragnar Bohlin.

kr 159
Image Gör dina portar vida
Det kom en idé från enhetschefen för administration och service, Birgitta Wahlström. "Skulle inte ni musiker med alla era körer kunna göra en julskiva och att intäkterna får gå till Härbärget?" Jag tog med mig idén till musikerna i Eskilstuna församling. Alla tyckte det var en bra idé. I flera års tid har vi ju haft Jul-sing along i Klosters kyrka där kollekten har gått till Härbärget. Så varför inte spela in en Jul-CD också? En kommitté tillsattes för att fundera över innehållet på CDn. Vi enades efter en del funderande om att alla vuxenkörer skulle delta och att varje kör som vill också får göra ett eget spår. Antingen helt själva eller tillsammans med någon annan kör. Vi ville också att alla körer skulle sjunga tillsammans på några spår. Orgeln måste få ljuda. Solister måste få sjunga. Att få visa den musikaliska bredden i vår församling var också viktigt. Så blev det också. Med stolthet kan vi konstatera att skivan bjuder på stor bredd. Från orgelsolo till kör a cappella. Traditionellt och nytt. De olika körerna med lite olika inriktning har visat fram sina bästa sidor. Vi musiker framträder med en alldeles egen kör förstärkt på manssidan av goda körsångare. Några professionella musiker har ställt upp och kompat våra körer utan betalning.


This is a CD recorded by the choirs of Eskilstuna Congregation in Sweden to raise money to charity. All the choirs of the church and several musicians are putting in their best to make this CD very varied both in style and repertory, time and expression.

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Image ensemble TRE
ensemble TRE was founded in 2013 by three friends - Annika Wångby Stattin, Lars Stattin and Staffan Isbäck playing violin, viola and guitar. This is their debut CD, containing music by Staffan Isbäck, Niccoló Paganini, Sylvius Leopold Weiss, Stig Robertsson, Ferenc Farkas, Ludwig van Beethoven and Johan Wikmanson.

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Image Våg våg slå åter (Aalto, aalto, lyö vielä)
This CD presenting songs by Finnish composers Selim Palmgren, Armas Järnefelt and Oskar Merikanto, with words by Swedish speaking poets from Sweden and Finland. Christin Högnabba here presents her second CD with Finish songs together with pianist Stefan Lindgren.

Christin Högnabba grew up in the Swedish-speaking Ostrobothnia in Finland and completed her music education at the Sibelius Academy and Stockholm Opera Studio. She has participated in opera productions in Finland and in Sweden and portrayed roles as Marguerite in Faust / Gonoud, the Elettra Idomeneo / Mozart, the title role in Alcina / Handel, Adina in Elisir / Donizetti, also newly written works as creating Sharon Pritchard in Olov Olofsson's Bridgend Opera Blues, Paulipupu in children Opera Punahilkka by Vakkilainen. She has also sung solo parts in works such as St Matthew Passion / Bach, Messiah / Handel; Das Sühnopfers des neues Bundes / Loewe (Finnish premiered.), Exsultate, Jubilate / Mozart, Stabat Mater / Pergolesi, Petite Messe Solenelle / Rossini, Dark Light (Requiem) / Wikman (premiere), a.o.

kr 159
Image Pieces de Clavecin
Accordeonsolisten Kjell Bygdén spelar ur PIÈCES DE CLAVECIN av Jean-Philippe Rameau. Det är originalmusiken, direkt från bladet, alltså inga arrangemang, eftersom ett accordeon har ett omfång som väl täcker de klavérinstruments som musiken skrevs för på 1700-talet. - - - - Accordion Soloist Kjell Bygdén plays from "Pièces de Clavecin" by French composer Jean-Philippe Rameau. It's original music, straight from the leaf, no arrangement as an accordion has a range that fulfills the instruments' for which the music was written in the 1700s.

kr 149
Image Klaverama
Denna dubbla CD-extra innehåller Stellan Sagviks kompletta musik för piano solo, och dessutom alla noter som pdf-filer inlagda på skivorna. Stellan Sagviks musik är expressiv och den knyter an till den fritonala stil som haft en relativt stark ställning i svensk musik, också under mer modernistiskt orienterande perioder. Möjligen kan man även spåra en del ryska influenser, ibland med viss stilistisk närhet till exempelvis Sjostakovitj. Sagviks musik är inte alltid enkel eller förenklad, men dess kärvare sidor är förankrade i ett berättande som ändå gör den tillgänglig.

- - -
This double CD-Extra contains all music for solo piano by Stellan Sagvik, and also all the sheet music as pdf-files on the CDs. Swedish composer Stellan Sagvik's music is expressive and connected to the freetone style that has had a relatively prominent status in Swedish music, even during more modernist periods. There are also possible traces of Russian influences, at times with a stylistic proximity to Shostakovich. Sagvik's music is not always simple or simplified, but its harsher sides are anchored in a narrative bedrock that renders it nonetheless accessible.

kr 159
Kinga Práda
Stefan Lindgren

A beautiful chamber music concert with music about and around the myth Pan and Syrinx - this CD is also available as concert DVD on nosag CDVD 185.
Many pieces have been given their world premieres by flutist Kinga Práda. She has also recorded a CD solely consisting of contemporary Swedish music for flute, together with the percussionist Markus Leoson, Ilona Jánky Práda and Filarmonica de Cluj, on nosag CD 029, and also together with Ilona Jánky Práda nosag CD 082 with virtuoso flute pieces from 19th and early 20th centuries. A CD where Kinga plays only new contemporary flute concertos is "NUKONSERTER" on nosag CD 123.
Pianist Stefan Lindgren has been a soloist in most large orchestras in Sweden, among them the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Gothenburgh Symphony Orchestra. He has performed at a great number of piano recitals and also, at many chamber music concerts in Sweden as well as in New York, London, Paris and Vienna. In 1993-2001 he was the orchestra pianist with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and since 2007 he has been performing in the same capacity for the Royal Philharmonics. Stefan Lindgren has also collaborated in several recordings of chamber music, portrait CDs with his own compositions (nosag CDs 177 and 178)and also at many composer portraits at the Swedish Radio. He has been selected as "Artist of the week" for P2 Radio on more than one occasion. As a composer he has a varied and select output comprising of piano concerts, several pieces for orchestra, chamber music in various formations, and also songs.

kr 159
Image Piano Concertos Nos. 17, 21, 22 & 27
Solisten Per Enflo om denna dubbel-CD med fyra av Mozarts pianokonserter:
- I sitt mångfacetterade innehåll är de fyra pianokonserterna 17, 21, 22 och 27 som resor genom livet. Framförallt har min huvudsakliga strävan varit att försöka uttrycka det djupt mänskliga i Mozarts musik - att så enkelt, klart och ärligt jag kan, kommunicera "från hjärta till hjärta".

The soloist Per Enflo about this double CD with four of Mozart Piano Concertos:
- In their rich and varied content, the four piano concertos 17, 21, 22 and 27 are like journeys through life. Most importantly, my main aim is to try to express the deeply human quality of Mozart's music - to communicate "from heart to heart" as clearly and honestly as I can.

kr 159
Image Ett tyskt Requiem
Stockholms Domkyrkokör
Michael Waldenby


Ein deutsches Requiem är ett utomordentligt fint, personligt och karakteristiskt uttryck för Johannes Brahms varma medmänsklighet och odogmatiska religiositet. Här finns alla de element som bär verkligt stor dikt: den hjälper oss att leva och den hjälper oss att dö. Tonsättaren har lyckats förena sublim enkelhet med stor konstfullhet - ofta så långt driven att den inte märks utan upplevs som helt naturlig. Att analysera verket är därför egentligen helt överflödigt, och kanske bara intressant rent teoretiskt. Orden och tonerna, intimt förenade med varandra, talar för sig själva.

Verkets sju olika avsnitt har vart och ett sin egen karaktär. Samtidigt bildar de olika avsnitten en oupplöslig och logisk enhet, en enhet som först så småningom växte fram i tonsättarens medvetande. Redan satsernas tonartsföljd bidrar i sin klara logik till ett intryck av helhet och harmoni. Det är inte alls förvånande att många skönjer en linje från upplysningstidens stora tänkare fram till just Brahms och hans verk, i synnerhet hans requiem.


The first English performance of Ein deutsches Requiem took place July 10th, 1871 in the home of the pianist and composer Kate Loder, later Lady Thompson, the wife of surgeon Sir Henry Thompson. Her fellow pianist was eighty year old Cipriano Potter and the baritone soloist was Julius Stockmeyer. They used a piano duet version prepared by the composer. This version has become known as the London Version.

kr 149
Image Rauk
Composer / musician / singer in her very own genre - Karin Höghielm - presents three works; Rauk, a setting for soloist, chorus and intrumental ensemble of the old viking age text written with runes from Rökstenen, a stone very well preserved and one of the longest surviving texts in ancient Nordic; and LAU I & II, based on improvisations in the acoustically rare Lau Church (9-second reverberation in the old stone church), two meditations created, with voices, percussion instruments like clang stones, bells, Viking sounds like those from wind tumblers and hummers and only the church room's own natural downmixing - distance from and direction to a single stereo microphone. Fascinating meditative and suggestive! The CD is packed in DVD case due to the shape of the beautiful illustrations.

Tonsättare/musiker/sångare i en alldeles egen genre - Karin Höghielm - presenterar tre verk; dels RAUK, en tonsättning för solist, kör och intrumentalensemble av den utåldriga texten på runskrift från Rökstenen, en runsten mycket välbevarad och med en av de längsta bevarade texterna på ur-nordiska; dels LAU I & II, med utgångspunkt från improvisationer i den akustiskt sällsynta Lau kyrka (9 sekunders efterklang i den gamla gotländska stenkyrkan) har två meditationer skapats, med röster, slaginstrument som klangstenar, klockor, vikingaljud som de från vinare och brummare och enbart kyrkorummets egen naturliga mixning; avstånd och riktning till en ensam stereomikrofon. Fascinerande meditativt och suggestivt! Cdn ligger i DVD-fodral på grund av det fina bildmaterialets format.

kr 159
Image Bortom fjärdens våg (Yli vuonon veen)
This CD presenting songs by Finnish composers Selim Palmgren, Armas Järnefelt, Erkki Melartin and Erik Fordell, with words by Swedish speaking poets from Sweden and Finland. Christin Högnabba here makes her debut on CD, together with pianist Stefan Lindgren.

Christin Högnabba grew up in the Swedish-speaking Ostrobothnia in Finland and completed her music education at the Sibelius Academy and Stockholm Opera Studio.

kr 159
Image Sinfonia per due violini
A CD with first recording of two substantial music works by Swedish composer Fredrik Hagstedt - SINFONIA PER DUE VIOLINI; 45 minutes in four really enchanting and beautifully sounding movements, without ingratiation, and DEPURAZIONE, half an hour of pure musical purification - all with the great Duo Gelland, already well-known world-wide for their exploring of the violin duo repertory of today, released on a handfull CDs on nosag records and more to follow. The composer´s words about this CD:

"violin duo instead of an orchestra, why not two violins individual orchestras? The many ways that the instrument can sound, the numerous playing techniques made possible by a violin, the numerous timbres within each playing technique. To listen to a room, two violin bodies; eight strings, obvious purpose, a score made real, an idea rediscovered".

kr 159
Image Sångare till glädje 2012
The 2012 version of FIM/nosag charity CD contains a selection of eight fine Swedish singers from varied genres - lied, musical, chanson, opera, sacred - together with eight musicians: Anna Lindkvist, Torbjörn Pettersson, Carolina Linse, Désirée Baraula, Liz-Marie Tommo, Rolf Bromme, Raymond Björling, Stellan Sagvik, André Baraula, Stefan Lindgren, Stefan Geiland, Anouchka Mukherjee, Kina Sönstevold, Wanda Geissendorf and Maria Neumüller presenting music by such variety as composed by Grandert, Simon, Grieg, Ellington, Dowland, Sibelius, Fauré, Bach, Händel, Kjerult, Giordani, Alfvén, Strauss and Rodius. All benefit from selling this CD goes to the Churches´charity work.

These CDs are produced in collaboration with Mats Rodius and FIM, Föreningen Ideell Musik (The Society for Idealistic Music), working with collecting support money to different help projects all around the world.

kr 159
Image Afternoon in Pan´s labyrinth
En förtrollande konsertfilm med musik för flöjt och piano om och kring myten Pan och Syrinx, inspelad i den vackra Trähallen vid Lilla Akademien i Stockholm. Musik av Debussy, Mouquet, Roussel, Hue, Sagvik, Lindgren och Dutilleux - franska flöjtbitar från förra sekelskiftet kombinerade med två udda nyskrivna (2010) svenska Pan / Syrinx scener. Flöjtisten Kinga Práda har uruppfört många nykomponerade verk, flera av den skrivna direkt för henne. Hon har även spelat in en CD endast bestående av samtida svensk musik för flöjt och även en med virtuosa flöjtstycken från de senaste 100 åren. En CD där Kinga spelar bara moderna flöjtkonserter är "NUKONSERTER", finns även på nosag. Pianisten och tonsättaren Stefan Lindgren har varit solist med de flesta stora orkestrarna i Sverige, bland dem Kungliga Filharmonikerna, Sveriges Radios Symfoniorkester och Göteborgs Symfoniorkester. Han har framträtt med ett stort antal solopianoaftnar och även vid många konserter med kammarmusik i såväl Sverige som i New York, London, Paris och Wien.

kr 139
Image Simply Christmas
Några välkända julsånger, visst, men mest för många okända och stämningsfulla bidrag från traditioner som Baskien, Tjeckien, Irland och Appalacherna, med Deborah Henrikssons klara stämma, ibland a cappella, ibland med piano (Jan Bülow) eller med Deborahs eget dulcimerackompanjemang.

kr 159
Image Sånger för Själen
Rolf Bromme är en basbaryton som efter många år som korist i bland annat Filharmoniska kören tagit steget till att sjunga solistiskt med många egna konserter. nosag records har tidigare givit ut två CD där han medverkar, men detta är den första helt egna skivan. Han sjunger 17 sånger för själen, alltså musik och texter som riktar sig lika mycket till det inre som till öronen. Tonsättarna spänner från Dowland (1500-tal) till Richard Strauss, via bl.a. Wagner, Sibelius och Grieg. Hans pianist är Anouchka Mukherjee, en av hans sånglärare, som också själv är sångsolist och finns representerad med ett par produktioner på nosag records.

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Image Otto Freudenthal
En av Sveriges minst namnkunniga tonsättare, trots sin ålder - född 1934 - är fokus för denna porträtt-CD - Otto Freudenthal. Den upptar verk för hans eget instrument, violan, och mycket av hans produktion är just kammarmusik. Han bor och är verksam i Wales där han också är ledare för MWMW, (Mid Wales Music Week). Otto Freudenthal is a composer of classical music, established and active in Wales and Sweden.

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Image Dancing Pipes
Med invigningen i maj 2009 av den nya orgeln från det italienska orgelbyggeriet Fratelli Ruffatti i Padova, förverkligades en vision. En vision vilken jag som organist i Älmhults församling burit på under drygt 30 år. En vision om ett symfoniskt instrument av högsta internationella kvalité, byggt på klassisk orgelbyggnadskonst i kombination med det senaste inom högteknologiska spelhjälpmedel samt spelbart från såväl läktare som kor för att utnyttja de möjligheter rummet erbjuder. En orgel som lämpar sig för såväl gudstjänstspel, körackompanjemang som en bred repertoar av konsertant musik. Allt detta har vi nu fått och på denna CD presenteras en del av instrumentets möjligheter. Det är även en glädje att få dokumentera min hustru och kollega, Mary Chard Petersson, och hennes kapacitet som organist.

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Image Pianopreludier, Vol. 2
Tonsättaren Johan Hammerth och pianisten Stefan Lindgren presenterar på nosag records den andra volymen i den planerade kompletta utgåvan av Hammerths pianopreludier. Denna utgåva innehåller tolv preludier, de nyaste så färska som från 2011 och spännvidden på uttryck är ännu större än den på volym 1 från 2010 - från viskande dockdans till eruptivt kraftfull och polyrytmisk motorik. Fortsättning följer under 2012.

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Image Ave Maris Stella
Orgeln i Vadstena byggdes 1933 av Setterquist & Son i Örebro. Dess äldsta delar härstammar från kyrkans första orgel, byggd av Gustav Andersson 1833. Denna orgel hade sin plats i Brödrakoret i kyrkans östra del där i dag huvudaltaret har sin plats. 1881 byggdes orgeln om av E A Setterquist och fi ck ett stort antal stämmor utbytta. 1897 genomgick kyrkan en genomgripande omgestaltning och orgelverket fl yttades av orgelbyggare J Magnusson i Göteborg till sin nuvarande plats vid västra väggen. Orgelhus och fasad nytillverkades och ett par stämmor utbyttes. 1958 utfördes en omdisponering i orgelrörelsens anda av orgelbyggare Mårtensson i Lund. Flera stämmor förändrades eller ersattes med neobarocka klanger. Orgelns instrumentala helhet gick förlorad. 2009 utförde Tostareds kyrkorgelfabrik en noggrann och skicklig restaurering av pipverket som då återställdes i ursprungligt skick. Organisten Jan H Börjesson presenterar på denna CD orgeln i sin fulla glans.

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Image Violin Duos Vol 4
Duo Gelland continues to explore new music for two violins. In vol 4 we meet composers born in the 70´s and a wide stylistic journey offers both surprises and contemplation. Duo Gelland recieved many awards and several of their Violin Duo Cds were priced both in Sweden and abroad. Duo Gelland about this CD: "It all happened in the north around the turn of the millennium. Different circumstances and coincidences made our paths cross. And so we met six intriguing composers having little in common besides a Nordic connection and being born in the early 70s. At SubArcticOpen in Piteå 2001 on the north Swedish coast, a composer couple caught our attention. Two years later we met again on the Faroe Islands at the Music Festival Summartónar, Komponistmøte Nordkalotten (Cap of the North). Sanna Ahvenjärvi and Tapio Lappalainen were then students at the Mozarteum. We were attracted to their individually very different musical voices, but also to the dynamics between them. It excited us to hear, that they would like to compose a duo each for us."

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Image Vägen valde dig
Stefan Säfsten, b. 1955, Composer and Church Musician. Apart from his musical posts he has been a diligent freelance composer since 1980. Stefan preferes creating music in a variety of different styles. His sphere of activity is therefore extensive covering orchestral, choral and chamber music as well as jazz and religious compositions. On this CD he presents songs with lyrics by former UN Secretary Chief Dag Hammarskjöld and Swedish poet Stig Sidén. Säfsten´s previous CD works include: Living in the World, nosag cd 057, "Freedom for the Prisoners", nosag CD 101 and "Words of Realness", nosag CD 163.

Rebecca Davant, b. 1958, mezzo-soprano, concert singer and pedagoue. Rebecca works internationally as a soloist, ensem¬ble musician and lecturer. She sings a wide range of modern contemporary music and is often engaged in lied-recitals. She has performed as a freelance singer at Norrlands Opera and Drottningholm Theater. She is a previous member of both the Swedish Radio Choir and Eric Ericsson Chamber Choir. She has worked in conjunction with S. Säfsten in "Freedom for the Pri¬soners", Nosag records nr. 101, and "Words of Realness", Nosag cd 163.

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Image Scener ur det förgångna
Denna skiva är resultatet av ett långvarigt samarbete mellan sångerskan & kompositören Cecilia Jonshult och gitarristen, arrangören & kompositören Johan Berke. Tonvikten ligger på en svit av Johan Berkes nya arrangemang av Lille Bror Söderlundhs Ferlin-tonsättningar i urval. Denna svit ramas in av duons egna kompositioner och två tolkningar av äldre folkmusik-låtar med kyrkligt motiv. Den ena, som avslutar skivan, Legenden om S:ta Magdalena, härstammar från medeltiden.
Scener ur det förgångna är en odyssé genom skiftande musikaliska landskap men med en sammanhållande tematisk röd tråd.

kr 159
Image Om en resa
Hans-Göran Elfving är en pianosolist som arbetat i 60 år som en riddare, kämpande för ny musik. Han har varit aktiv dels med egna solokonserter, dels som solist med orkester och också som kammarmusiker. Han har turnerat i Sverige, i övriga nordiska länder inklusive Island och i Tyskland. På hans omfattande turnéer har HGE ofta framfört nordisk repertoar och med den konserterat i Nordens hus i Reykjavik, Kulturcentrum på Hanaholmen i Helsingfors och på Hässelby Slott i Stockholm. Han har samarbetat med flera större och mindre orkestrar. Denna CD är ett urval från hans stora repertoar främst koncentrerad på 1900-talsmusik.

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Image Violin Duos, Vol. 6
Violinduon Duo Gelland fortsätter att botanisera i nyskrivna verk för två violiner. Denna CD med det udda numret vol 6 - tidigare har äkta paret Gelland "bara" släppt tre volymer - kommer sig av att "sexan" bara råkade bli klar tidigare än de redan inspelade volym 4 och 5. (Om ett halvår kommer dessutom en serieavslutande volym 7) . Denna nya CD med undertiteln C'est la danse de leur intime Et lucide folie innehåller musik tillägnad och nyligen uruppförd av duon och komponerad av Oleg Gotskosik, Cecilia Franke, Johan Ramström och Hans-Erik Dahlgren.

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Image Johan Hammerth - Piano Preludes
"The Swedish composer Johan Hammerth (see website) confesses that he cannot stop writing Piano Preludes. By December 2010 he was working on his 48th. His creative compulsion can be traced to his hearing the Shostakovich preludes and fugues. He tells us that in 1999 he wrote 24 preludes and that these "emanate from four basic moods, with six different expressions. Some of them have an affinity with each other." Numbers 25-32 are for the left-hand and are dedicated to the poet Thomas Tranströmer. Hammerth's idiom accommodates gently-stated dissonance and does so within unadorned resounding textures. He presents his often obsessive and repetitively patterned ideas in subtle mesmeric monochromes. The element of repetition and the bare landscape allows the listener more easily to appreciate these very serious pieces most of which run between 3:30 and 6:00. A good example is No. 3 which has a nagging carolling note-cell around which other cells are steadily swirled. The writing can be assertive, protesting and driven. And when it is not following this path Hammerth tracks his concentrated way through dreamy nocturnal territory as in the Chopin-reminiscent Nos. 25 and 28. It may be that there is more dynamic variation in this music than we hear in this recording. Despite the Shostakovich exemplary fugal activity is not part of Hammerth's armoury - at least not here. The romantic Russian piano tradition means a great deal to him and you can hear this at the start of Preludium 11 and the truly breathtaking and slow-babbling 31. He was born in Kalmar and educated at Stockholm's Royal College of Music (1982-1990) where his teachers included Sven-David Sandström, Pär Lindgren, Daniel Börtz, and Lars-Erik Rosell. His Piano Concerto (1989-1990) was dedicated to Sven-David Sandström. His Piano Concerto No. 2 (1993-1995) was premiered by Bengt-Åke Lundin. While the piano is at the core of his creativity he has said that string instruments are his "musical lungs". His catalogue includes three string quartets (1989, 1995, 2003), Symphony No. 1 (2000), Stockholm Cantata (1997), Eruption (1987) and Confront (1985) for orchestra and a series of concertos for violin (1987, 1994, 2002), cello (1998), percussion (1995), Flute (1992) and bassoon (1986). Pianist Stefan Lindgren, who is also a composer, here plays 17 of the preludes (here termed 'Preludium') and does so with every appearance of total absorption in these substantial pieces.. It's a liberal assortment with the disc running close to capacity. We are told there will be more to come in a further CD later in 2011. The second disc will be worth looking out for and I hope soon to hear his orchestral concert music. This is music that weaves a hypnotic spell. It is deeply romantic and seems to speak of losing the self in contemplation."

This is the first volume of a complete edition on CD of Piano Preludes by Swedish composer Johan Hammerth. The composer himself writes about his preludes:
"The Prelude genre appeals to me - free, however yet structure and thought. Schostakovich´s preludes and fugues are something I often study, and it was because of the discovery of this music I decided to compose piano preludes. 1999 I wrote 24 preludes. This has given me a taste for more, I keep on going, I have to, an ongoing process. The first 24 Preludes emanate from four basic moods, with six different expressions. Some of them have an affinity with each other. Prelude 25-32 are original compositions for the left hand, dedicated to Thomas Tranströmer; moods that draws heavily on the great poet's lyricism. These pieces I play almost daily, with both hands. So here is a choice. While I am today (Dec. 2010) getting close to prelude 48, composing preludes is as inspiring as at the start in 1999. It's been 11 years since I wrote Prelude 1 and probably these cycles are contributing to my development and, above all, my relationship deepened with my own instrument, the piano, and today I can barely imagine life without a new prelude."

The virtuoso pianist Stefan Lindgren, also a composer - very handy when it comes to interpreting complicated works by a collegue - plays 17 of the 48 preludes on this CD.

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Image Adventsmusik Live
This CD is a document over the Swedish choir Nicolai Kammarkör and its long tradition of concerts around Christmas and Advent. Every year for 30 years the choir and its leader Christian Ljunggre presented a varied program of Sacred songs and other music connected with the Advent time. The program for this CD is a selection of pieces sung through the years and the recordings are from different concerts during the whole period 1980-2009, with several great guest soloists and ensembles.Denna CD är ett dokument över den svenska kören Nicolai Kammarkörs långa tradition av konserter runt jul och advent. Varje år i 30 år har kören och dess ledare Christian Ljunggren presenterat ett varierat program med sakral och annan musik i samband med adventstiden. Programmet på denna CD är ett urval av bitar som sjungits genom åren och inspelningarna är från olika konserter under hela perioden 1980-2009, med flera gästsolister och ensembler.

kr 159
Image Stockholms Stadshusorgel
Quite a remarkable organ has been used for this recording: the one in the Blue Hall in the City Hall of Stockholm, largest in Northern Europe. So it is, even though neither organ pipes nor organ prospect can be seen in the Hall. This hall is well known around the world through the festivities taking place in it in connection with the awards of the Nobel Prices on December 10 every year. A beautiful, red-brick Hall - not at all blue, by the way, even if the City Hall architect Ragnar Östberg originally imagined its walls plastered in blue, something which never materialized. When Östberg saw the red-brown brick walls in real life, he decided to keep them such. Also, an organ of appro-priate size was installed in the Hall. It was a donation of the business man Oscar Hirsch - in order to render to the Stockholmers free access to good organ music.

The Stockholm City Hall Organ is here exposed to music from three centuries and six countries. The great organists Per-Ove Larsson, Per Thunarf, Mats Ericson, Anders Bondeman & Ralph Gustafsson give us splendid performances at the console of the Stockholm City Hall Organ.

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Image Piano Sonatas Nos. 3-6
Stefan Lindgren has played as soloist with the great orchestras of Sweden - Royal Philharmonics, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and Gothenburg Symphonics. He has played many recitals in Sweden and abroad in New York, London, Paris and Vienna. 1993-2001 he was the orchestral pianist of the Radio Symphony Orchestra and since 2007 he has the same position with the Royal Philharmonics. Stefan Lindgren made many recordings both on CD and for the Swedish Radio. As a composer he has publiced two piano concertos, one concert for piano and strings, a symphony, poem for orchestra, six piano sonatas, piano quintet, piano quartet, flute trio, horn trio, piano trio, violin sonata, cello sonata, clarinet sonata, flute sonata, bassoon sonata, songs, poem for organ, duo for clarinet and piano and a number of smaller pieces. This CD contains the four latest sonatas for piano - numbers 3, 4, 5 and 6 - played by the composer

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Image Scandinavian Wind Quintets
POLLUX WIND QUINTET was formed in 1997 in Helsingborg, Sweden, by leading musicians from the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra: Johan Skeppstedt Andersson, flute; Carl Andersson, oboe; Per Johansson, clarinet; Åshilld Henriksen, French horn; and Magnus Nilsson, bassoon.

Ever since its formation, the group has undertaken an active performance schedule, both in Sweden and abroad. Many composers have been inspired to write works directly for POLLUX, including Wolfgang Plagge, Lennart Fredriksson and Reine Jönsson. In the autumn of 2000, the ensemble members were invited to the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, England, as specialist chamber music instructors. In October 2003, POLLUX represented the vibrant chamber music life of Helsingborg at the "Swedish Radio Music City of the Year" festival, where they performed a highly acclaimed concert, which was broadcast live on radio from Dunkers kulturhus, a prominent cultural institution in Helsingborg.

POLLUX has performed concerts in Darmstadt and Jülich in Germany, and has also collaborated with renowned pianists such as Hans Pålsson, Nico Benadie and Johan Ullén.

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Image Composer, Pianist, Conductor
Inger Wikström´s musical artistry has won the enthusiastic appraisal of audiences and critics throughout the world. She started performing in public at the age of 8. At 16 she played for the first time with the Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, and some years later she made successful debuts in London, Berlin and New York. Since then she has played in most European countries, USA, Latin America, Russia, Israel, Africa, China, Japan, and Australia. She has received several international awards a.o. the order of Rio Branco, the Villa-Lobos medal, the Bartók medal, and the Adelaide Ristori Prize. In 1977 she founded the Nordic Conservatory of Music, and in 1980 she founded the Nordic Chamber Opera.
From 1953 until his tragic death in 1961 Dag Hammarskjöld held the position as Secretary-General with the United Nations. He died in an air crash close to Ndola, while flying on the mission to negotiate a cease-fire between the Katanga and United Nation forces. After his death, the manuscript of Vägmärken-Markings was found in his home in New York.

The Outlaw is one of Strindberg's earlier works. The play is set on Island during the Viking era. It opened at the Dramatiska Teatern in Stockholm 1871. The Outlaw, the opera composed by Inger Wikström had it's world première at Confidencen, Castle theatre of Ulriksdal. This CD includes five scenes from the live recording of the original cast.

The response from the young audiences around the country instilled Wikström's determination to continue to write music for both children performers and audiences. She has since her début let several literary classics come to life on stage, set to her music, such as James M. Barries much loved story of Peter Pan. Here distilled into a piano suite we can follow the adventures of Peter Pan.

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Image Soprano
Anouchka Mukherjee is a dramatic Soprano with broad resourses of expression - from the big drama of Wagner and Puccini to close-ups in music by Swede Gösta Nystroem.
Anouchka Mukherjee made her national debut as a singer in Berwaldhallen, Stockholm, in 2007 singing Nicolai Medtner´s Sonate Vocalise. Anouchka has received The Agnes MacClean Vocal Scholarship from The University of St Andrews and a GTA Vocal Scholarship from the University of Missouri Kansas City towards a DMA in Voice Performance.

She has performed as a vocal soloist/concertsinger in the USA, Scotland, England and Sweden performing amongst other works Händel´s Messiah, Mozart´s Mass in C-Minor, Pergolesi´s Stabat Mater, Mendelssohn´s Hymn of Praise, Bach´s St Matthew Passion, Magnificat and Mass in B-Minor, Marzellina in Beethoven´s Fidelio and Nella in Puccini´s Gianni Schicci, as well as a range of concerts where opera arias, scenes from operas, lieder and songs have been performed.

Legendary accompanist Jan Eyron has in a long career both as soloist and accompanist performed all over the world from The Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow to Carnegie Hall and Covent Garden, Royal Albert Hall and Queen Elisabeth Hall, accompanying singers such as Birgit Nilsson, Nicolai Gedda, Ingvar Wixell and Elisabeth Söderström.

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