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Image Look for the Silver Lining (LP)
På sitt sjätte album återvänder Isabella Lundgren till The Great American Songbook, med personliga tolkningar av hits som ”Fly me to the Moon”, ”Smile” och ”What a Wonderful World”. Inspelad våren 2020 i anrika Atlantis Studio, Stockholm. Med Carl Bagge, piano, Niklas Ferqvist, bas, Daniel Fredriksson, trummor, och stråkar.

”He who has a 'why' to live, can bare almost any 'how'”, wrote the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.
I have stood in a lot of 'hows' that were so painful I wondered if I would ever make it to the other side.
But I did, every time.
Even though I have stood dangerously close to gaping abyss,
Like so many before me.
For humanity is a resilient species, which can rise from the ashes and turn the ugly into something beautiful.
This album is about 'why'.
The 'why' that has carried me through the painful 'hows' that human life is founded upon.
Uncertainty. Injustice. Suffering.
The 'why' that carries me is that humans, despite these circumstances, more often choose to do good.
The music on this album is carefully selected to remind us of this goodness.
Music that lovers have shared their first kiss to. That teenagers have danced to.
That children have been born to. That people have remembered each other by.
“He who has a 'why' to live, can bare almost any 'how'”.
This music is my 'why', and hopefully you can find comfort through it.
Whatever 'how' you face. (Isabella Lundgren)

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Image Jag har funderat på en sak (LP)
kr 151 (kr 189)
Image Two Roses (2LP + two bonus tracks)
Coming under the form of a beautiful antique pink and dark green 3-shutters digipack and two-LPs Gatefold, ‘Two Roses’ is by Avishai’s words “a once in a lifetime project”. Associating his core trio (Mark Guiliana, Elchin Shirinov) with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, Avishai Cohen offers a very cinematic project between Jazz, Mediterranean Folklore and Classical music, reexploring a part of his musical journey. Not only proposing new orchestrations of his most successful works, ‘Two Roses’ is also strongly supported by ‘When I’m Falling’, an original composition showing how far the sound of Avishai Cohen has developed. The vinyl edition features 2 exclusive tracks in addition to the 12 songs already listed on the digital and CD editions; including a Symphonic version of Seven Seas which is one of Avishai’s most beloved compositions.

kr 199 (kr 249)
Image Eine Alpensinfonie (LP)

Göteborgs Symfoniker / Kent Nagano

Kent Nagano and the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra first became acquainted in 1993, when they worked together on Mahler's Third Symphony. Love was immediate and Kent Nagano conducted the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra regularly over the next decades.

When Kent Nagano was appointed as Principal Guest Conductor starting in the autumn of 2013, one of the ideas turned into a project: performing and recording major orchestral works of Richard Strauss in connection with the composer’s 150th anniversary in 2014. Having worked for a long time as Music Director of the Bayerische Staatsoper, Kent Nagano has unique insights into Strauss’s music and the Strauss tradition, and can draw on infor- mation from authentic sources within the Strauss family.

What is perhaps less known is that the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra also has a solid Richard Strauss tradition. The orchestra already performed “Don Juan” in its inaugural season 1905-1906; it has been played more than 50 times since then. Under Wilhelm Stenhammar, the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra played “Macbeth” (1908) and “Tod und Verklärung” (1913), as well as the overture to “Guntram” and “Till Eulenspiegel” (1913). After Stenhammar’s period as Principal Conductor of the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, several of his later successors championed the music of Richard Strauss: Sergiu Comissiona (“Don Quixote”), Sixten Ehrling (“Ein Heldenleben”) and Charles Dutoit (“Don Juan”). Neeme Järvi and Gustavo Dudamel had a particular affinity with “Don Juan”, and Dudamel also conducted “Ein Heldenleben”.

“Eine Alpensinfonie", the last of Strauss’s large orchestral pieces, entered the orchestra's repertoire with Otmar Suitner in 1975, and since then has been one of the most popular pieces with both the orchestra and its audience. Neeme Järvi took it to the UK and Estonia (1999) and Gustavo Dudamel conducted it five times in Sweden (2007).

The orchestra was thus technically and musically familiar with the splendid score when performances were scheduled with Kent Nagano in 2014, including this recording.

For these performances and recording a new approach was taken. Conductor and orchestra wished to express not the bombastic aspects, but the subtle emotional changes, the colours and nuances of the vast and impressive landscape and the wanderer’s instinctive reaction to it, which is also expressed in the enormous orchestral apparatus. This was made possible only by the long and searching work orchestra and conductor carried out together over the years, which made possible new shades and depths in the re-creation of this magnificent piece of art.

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Image The Planets & Also sprach Zarathustra (LP)
This is the eagerly awaited LP release of an already highly successful SACD, ‘Album of the Week’ on Classic FM, praised by BBC Music for its ‘zest and freshness’, by The Guardian for its ‘warmth and intensity’, and by Gramophone for its its ‘combustible power, enormous physical impact and technical accomplishment’. For its very first album on Chandos, the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain devotes its characteristic energy and musical mastery to an explosive programme that transcends daily life and earthly experience. It is helped by the enthusiastic, encouraging, and experienced baton of Edward Gardner as well as by the sumptuous yet detailed acoustic of Symphony Hall, Birmingham, all fully revealed in this surround-sound recording.

kr 239 (kr 299)
Image Goldberg Variations (2LP)
As one of the house artists of Brilliant Classics, having an association with the label which stretches back over two decades and countless recordings, Pieter-Jan Belder has the luxury here of presenting his third recording of the apex of Baroque keyboard music, the endlessly absorbing Goldberg Variations. It also marks the start of a project to record the entire harpsichord oeuvre of J.S. Bach, mixing older recordings with new ones such as this. ‘I always dream that I can do better,’ says Belder. ‘I suppose this dream will never end because there will always be something to be improved. I promise though, this will be my last recording of the piece!’ Belder is not short of critical acclaim for previous Bach recordings, many of which are contained within the present incarnation of the label’s complete Bach box (BC94940). According to one reviewer of his previous recording (on BC92284) he is ‘an apostle of mainstream common sense and sanity in Bach interpretation… playing intelligibly and expressively so consistently and so well, alternating sorrowful intensity, tenderness, wit and virtuoso dash as required.’ Belder also contributes his own, lively but scholarly booklet note. Although the old story of Bach composing these variations for Count Kaiserling and his young music-servant Goldberg has often been dismissed as apocryphal, Belder gives it credence. He also points out how the cycle of variations was designed by the composer as the apex of his output for the instrument, with as much educational as expressive purpose. Most recently he has released eight CDs dedicated to the works of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. He is also working on a complete recording of the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, a double album with ostinato compositions of various composers and C.P.E. Bach's Violin Sonatas with violinist Rie Kimura. Bach’s Goldberg Variations are the touching stone of a musician’s stature, and no wonder that award-winning Dutch harpsichordist Pieter-Jan Belder considers it a necessary and rewarding task to record it again (having recorded it already 15 years ago), his immense experience and increased knowledge finding new hidden secrets and treasures in this iconic work. The personal booklet notes by Pieter-Jan Belder show his great insight, knowledge and love for this work, which has been on his music stand for over 30 years. Belder is one of the world’s foremost keyboard players, with an astonishing number of CD’s to his name: the complete Scarlatti Sonatas, Bach keyboard works, Rameau, Soler, Duphly, Marais, CPE Bach, Corelli, Purcell, Telemann, the complete Fitzwilliam Virginal be continued…

kr 191 (kr 239)
Image Vienna, fin de siècle (2 LP)
After the huge success of her first album for Alpha, Crazy Girl Crazy (Alpha 293), which received a Grammy Award, a JUNO Classical Award in Canada, the Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik, FFFF in Télérama and DIAMANT in Opéra Magazine and was BBC Music Magazine CD of the Month, Barbara Hannigan is back with her long-time collaborator, the Dutch pianist and great interpreter of twentieth-century music Reinbert de Leeuw, for a recital exploring the roots of modern music, with the composers who left their mark on the turn of the twentieth century: Hugo Wolf (Mignon Lieder), Arnold Schoenberg (Vier Lieder op.2), Anton Webern (Fünf Lieder nach Gedichten von R. Dehmel), Alexander Zemlinsky (selected lieder), Alma Mahler (Die stille Nacht etc.) and Alban Berg (Sieben frühe Lieder). From what has been called the Second Viennese School, an incredible mix of musicians, painters, writers and other artists frequenting salons and cafés, a completely new musical language was born. Barbara Hannigan is especially fond of this repertory and has long championed it. Of course, we think of Berg and his unforgettable Lulu: ‘The artist who sings’, as journalists often like to describe her, embodies this music with her legendary dramatic sense, making each of these lieder a story in itself, even a mini-opera . . .

kr 254 (kr 318)
Image A Pacifying Weapon (LP)
The featured work on this vinyl maiden voyage is American composer Sean Hickey’s three-movement concerto for recorders, winds, brass and percussion, “A Pacifying Weapon”. Composed as a response to recent, turbulent events, Hickey sought to convey the idea of a “tool or instrument that was capable of providing an instant and irreversible peace.”

In turning to the recorder, “an ancient instrument passed down unchanged through the years”, Hickey invoked many aspects of the ancient instrument’s personality, from the bucolic, the melancholic and even the militant. An extensive percussion battery enjoys second-billing in Hickey’s score, adding both drama and providing an effective foil for the recorder’s solo displays.

kr 183 (kr 229)
Image Out of the bell jar - A tribute to Bob Dylan (LP)
Vocals: Isabella Lundgren
Piano: Carl Bagge
Bass: Niklas Fernqvist
Drums: Daniel Fredriksson
Violin: Daniel Migdal
PedalSteel: Johan Lindström

”It was a solitary place, the world I once lived
So I clung to the shadows and stuck to the gin
while darkness beguiled me and institutions compiled me
your back pages exiled me

I bid a restless farewell to the world I once knew
and no longer was I tangled up in blue
Romantic facts of a life in truth
you foundationed deep, I know how
Like a rolling stone, ill roll along now

I took a journey to the stars, Lord I have travelled far
thru a hard rains fall,
out of the bell jar

I took a journey to the stars, Lord I have travelled far
thru a hard rains fall,
out of the bell jar

As we wayfare the lowlands
into a no man’s land
I take off my iron vest
and let your words appress whatever is left
of my lifelessness
thru a hard rains fall,
out of the bell jar”

- Isabella Lundgren

kr 151 (kr 189)
Image Saved by the blood (lp)
XT bildades 1991 av Björn Stigsson (Leviticus) och Sonny Larsson (Motherlode). Bandet debuterade året därpå med det självtitulerade albumet "XT", som var ett melodiskt hårdrocksalbum. 1993 kom uppföljaren "Taxfree". Bandet hade då gått i en tyngre riktning, men utan att göra avkall på de starka melodierna. Låten "The Silent Cry" från "Taxfree" utsågs samma år till årets bästa låt av Aftonbladet. Bandets tredje och vad många länge trodde skulle bli deras sista skiva "Extended Empire" släpptes 1995. Bandet hade nu gått i en ännu tyngre och mer experimentell riktning. Men då grungen tagit över herraväldet i musikvärlden var det svårt för melodiska band att hävda sig. Inte ens i Japan, där bandet tidigare sålt bra slog skivan igenom. I skuggan av detta gjorde XT sin sista spelning på hösten 1995. Dvalan kom sedan att vara i 22 år. Under våren 2017 annonserade bandet sin comeback och i slutet av oktober släpper de sitt nya album "Saved By The Blood". Idag består gruppen förutom Björn och Sonny också av Peter Carlsohn (Jerusalem,), Dan Tibell (Jerusalem) och Mick Nordström (Modest Attraction).

kr 175 (kr 219)
Image Humanology (LP) ORANGE
kr 183 (kr 229)
Image Live in Stuttgart 1961 (LP)
Recorded live at Stuttgart, November 27, 1961 and Frankfurt November 29, 1961

Dizzy Gillespie (tp), Leo Wright (as, fl ), Lalo Schifrin (p), Bob Cunningham (b), Mel Lewis (dr)

To Be or Not To Bop

"The Mooche" of 1928 was created by Duke Ellington for the trumpeter Bubber Miley. In a 15-minute version, performed in Stuttgart in 1961, Dizzy Gillespie explores the concept at length. Lalo Schifrin's extended piano solo uses block chords to further heighten the dramatic intensity of this soul version. Schifrin had had doubts in 1960 whether Dizzy even wanted him in his band; he could never get hold of him by telephone and very nearly returned home to Buenos Aires. "I've had many mentors in my life, but only one master - Dizzy." He went on to compose large-scale suites for the trumpeter virtually in a single surge of creativity, including Gillespiana and The New Continent. That summer Dizzy Gillespie toured Argentina and Brazil. As Schifrin put it. "Dizzy was always hungry for new musical food: calypso today, bossa nova yesterday, tomorrow - who could know?" The trumpeter engaged the versatile saxophonist and fl autist Leo Wright from 1959 to 1961, following a sensational concert at the Monterey Festival. Wright went on to live in Europe for many years. But Dizzy Gillespie narrowly missed the bossa nova trend, because Artie Shaw had advised him to make as many recordings as he could and only to release the volumes in his old age, once his musical powers were on the wane.

kr 183 (kr 229)
Image Waende (LP)
Hybrid' is a word that has always been vital to CEEYS' vocabulary, but its application is not limited to the manner in which cellist Sebastian Selke and his brother, pianist Daniel Selke, combine their two instruments so harmoniously. Instead, like the duo's very name – which merges the words 'VIOLONCELLE' (fr.: cello) and 'KEYS' – it is reflective of their overall aesthetic, one in which they integrate the many ingredients that have helped shape them as both musicians and people. CS' idiosyncratic style is characterised by a rather reduced approach to composition and improvisation. In exploiting their knowledge of songwriting, textures and repetitive patterns, they create an experimental but accessible minimalism between avant-garde and pop that incorporates elements of jazz, ambient and classical chamber music. A product as much of the music with which they grew up as of that which now surrounds them, and as much indebted to their childhood environment as to that in which they now live, Concrete Fields is the first part of a planned trilogy and – certainly not by accident – it was released in the very year that marked the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution of 1917. Through this conscious process of coming to terms with the prefab estate in which they were raised – Europe's largest, located in the district of Marzahn-Hellersdorf – the brothers create music that at times feels familiar, but which remains refreshingly, invigoratingly unique, thereby mirroring the myriad sounds to which they have been exposed throughout their lives. Currently, CS are presenting their third album WÆNDE at the Berlin label Neue Meister. Here, they focus on the remembrance of 1989, a year which brought many changes.

kr 279 (kr 349)
Image Hiddensee (LP)
Brothers Sebastian and Daniel Selke’s music can be likened to an exercise of memory retrieval. All of their four albums explore and pay tribute to their past; growing up in East Berlin in the final decade of the GDR. At its core, the duo’s music can be heard as a dialogue between siblings about their shared upbringings and experiences, a conversation given form through Sebastian’s cello and Daniel’s piano keys, in the fusion that becomes CEEYS. In 2017, the duo also founded Q3 AMBIENTFEST, a three-day happening for neoclassical and experimental music, which seeks to explore the cultural and musical impact of East German heritage. But the memories rescued through their music are far from only historical, they are foremost emotional recollections. Their 2018 album, WÆNDE was as much about the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and its implications in society, as it was about the thin walls that separated the brothers at home, and through which they heard each other practicing their instruments when young. The same can be said of their latest album HIDDENSEE, which speaks both of a physical place - the picturesque East German island in the Baltic Sea - as well as a place and time of spiritual importance for the brothers. As East Germany opened itself in the 90s, the two brothers would find themselves traveling out of their homeplace to the rest of the world, and while grateful for their newfound freedoms, they would also come to miss their childhood Eden. The duality of east and west, novelty and familiarness, is also thoroughly explored through CEEYS’ musical style, which merges influences from the luminaries of classical music such as Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven, with the lesser known artists of East Germany and the contemporary musicians Sebastian and Daniel were exposed after the fall of the wall. The merging of historical periods also extends to the equipment used on the album, although the cello and piano are at the core of the album instruments from the communist era were also employed. CEEYS studio setup included a fully analogue mixing console with high-end tube preamps originally built between the 1960s and 1970s for professional radio broadcasting, as well as a select collection of iconic restored microphones, spring reverb systems, keyboard instruments and rhythm boxes, many of which were originally built between the 1950s and 1980s in either East Germany or the Soviet Union. Making the complex recording process even more authentic, HIDDENSEE was also partly produced at the legendary Funkhaus Berlin, once the site of East Germany’s state broadcasting center. The brothers had the chance to work at Saal 3, which currently hosts Nils Frahm’s impressive studio. The atmosphere within Funkhaus, with its unique architecture, reverb chambers and analogue treasures, is as stately and magnificent as that of a museum, providing the perfect setting for delving into the past. In a peaceful and focused manner, HIDDENSEE exposes the brothers’ incredible versatility and ability to explore with different instruments, sounds, and styles. Likewise, it also exposes the intimate dynamics of working with family. Daniel and Sebastian embark on the monumental task of searching for lost times together, in a dialogue that juxtaposes and complements each others’ memories in a way only a fraternal connection can do.

kr 191 (kr 239)
Image Thousands of Miles (LP)
Closing the distance between classical music and Broadway, between the old world and the new, this album is born out of a stunning encounter between two performers. Kate Lindsey is an opera star whose career is skyrocketing. She has stunned audiences with her performances of Mozart and Purcell, but grew up steeped in the music of Broadway, from Gershwin to Cole Porter. Baptiste Trotignon is a multi award-winning jazz pianist who plays with big names like Brad Mehldau or Tom Harrell, but who has a long-held interest in classical music, even composing a piano concerto for Nicholas Angelich. Together, they have produced a rich and varied programme around the songs of Kurt Weill, from Nanna’s Lied to Trouble Man, as well as the classics from The Threepenny Opera and Lost in the Stars. This journey through three European languages brings the listener to the very beginnings of jazz, and features all-new arrangements and deft improvisations by pianist Baptiste Trotignon. London-based American mezzo-soprano Kate Lindsey joins Alpha Classics for several recordings over the coming years.

kr 135 (kr 169)
Image Ella Lives (LP)
Vivan Buczek was born in Sweden with Polish roots. She has today developed into one of Sweden's most outstanding and engaging jazzsingers with a remarkable feeling for the jazz idiom.
This is her second album in collaboration with one of the greatest Swedish musicians and arrangers martin Sjöstedt.

"I have chosen some of my favourite Ella songs that I have listened to and sung since I was a teenager, many of them from the Ella Fitzgerald songbooks and live albums."

kr 151 (kr 189)
Image Three Fates Project

Keith Emerson, moogs, piano · Marc Bonilla, guitar · Keith Emerson Band · Terje Mikkelsen, conductor · Münchner Rundfunkorchester

Keith Emerson is realizing the projects of his dreams in a close collaboration with the Norwegian conductor Terje Mikkelsen and American guitarist Marc Bonilla. At long last it is possible to hear great works like 'Tarkus', 'Endless Enigma Suite' and 'Abaddon's Bolero' with a four piece band and a full symphony orchestra! And Keith Emerson of course features as soloist on Moog and piano.

This release is the symphonic truth about the composer Keith Emerson, and a realization of the potential in his music. Three Fates Project is the impressive result of the collaboration between Emerson, Bonilla and Mikkelsen.

Classics into rock
Emerson's career, forming bands including The Nice and Emerson, Lake & Palmer, have established him as the icon within prog rock. He brought composers like Mussorgsky, Sibelius, Bach, Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky directly into rock music, keeping the doors between the genres wide open. This brought the classics to a big new audience in the 70s, but sadly such activity was generally frowned upon by the classical community. Today the tide has changed and Emerson the composer receives great praise and interest from all over the world. Guitar phenomenon Marc Bonilla leads the brilliant band and maestro Terje Mikkelsen really fires up the Munich Radio Orchestra in these luscious orchestrations.

Emerson's music for symphony orchestra - full circle
Three Fates Project is about making Emerson's music resound in a symphonic scale. Conductor Terje Mikkelsen has the rock-and-roll approach needed, as well as total control over the symphony orchestra in break-neck ensemble with the Keith Emerson Band. In many ways the Three Fates Project completes the circle: Emerson brought classics into rock - now it is Emerson's own music being performed by a classical orchestra.

Keith Emerson Band in symphony
'Tarkus (concertante)' is no doubt the main work on this release, a 20 minutes epic work. 'The Endless Enigma Suite' in symphonic colours is of course also here, plus a new moving piece called 'After all of this'. Marc Bonilla also contributes with three very attractive pieces on this recording, in addition to two works with the unmistakable Emerson twist from his biggest source of inspiration: Aaron Copland and Alberto Ginastera. A limited first edition of the CD also includes an exclusive DVD from the whole project. Also a separate vinyl pressing is available under the title Three Fates Project - Tarkus (concertante).

kr 183 (kr 229)
Image All My Sins
'Album of the Month': "...the best album of the year so far." (The Music Critic, July 2009)

"This is a debut that promises much for the future." (R2 Rock'n'Reel, Dai Jeffries, 2009)

"Linn, the people who brought you The Blue Nile, have done it again. This time, they intend to show off the quality of their high-tech audio products with probably the finest female voice to come out of Glasgow since Maggie Bell. Still just 21, Maeve has been creating quite a buzz since she stormed Celtic Connections three years ago. Many people have been looking forward to this release and they won't be disappointed with the folksy-country feel of opener, Old Greenwich Times, co-written with Ricky Ross. Other stand-out tracks include Swimming Upstream and Pray It Never Happens but Maeve's mournful, plaintive and utterly beguiling voice ensures there are no misses on this triumphant debut." 5/5 stars (Daily Express, 2009)

Produced by Calum Malcolm (The Blue Nile), "All My Sins" 180g vinyl is a master class in melodic, folk-tinged pop and features co-writes with, among others, Ricky Ross (Deacon Blue) and Francis Macdonald (Teenage Fanclub).

Produced by Calum Malcolm and Stuart McCredie

Maeve O'Boyle - vocals
Stuart McCredie - guitars
Calum Malcolm - keyboards
Laurence Cottle - bass
Liam Bradley - drums
John McCusker - fiddle

Recorded at Terminal Music and Carlekemp Lodge on the 17th, 18th and 19th of April 2008
Mixed at Carlekemp Lodge by Calum Malcolm
Photography by Simon Forsythe ©
Design by The Art Surgery

kr 287 (kr 359)
Image Modern Yesterdays (LP)
Internationally renowned composer and guitarist Kaki King co-produced her tenth album, Modern Yesterdays, with sound designer Chloe Alexandra Thompson and recording engineer Arjan Miranda. It's her first full-length studio project since the 2015 release of The Neck Is A Bridge to the Body ("bursting with masterclass talent," as reviewed in PopMatters), and her first to be recorded almost entirely on acoustic guitar. Rich in post-classical, jazz and blues-flavored motifs, as well as electronic and electro-acoustic influences, Modern Yesterdays mines a poignant, meditative arc that not only fits the mood of these turbulent times, but also once again establishes King as a tirelessly inventive composer whose imagination extends well beyond the sonic limits of her chosen instrument.

kr 239 (kr 299)
Image Ne me quitte pas (2 LP)
24 songs among the most moving of the genius of Brussels (Ne me quitte pas, Le Plat pays, Quand on a que l’amour, Au printemps…) and his most caustic (Les Flamandes, La Valse à Mille Temps, Madeleine, Bruxelles…).

kr 151 (kr 189)
Image Tres Momentos (LP)
Tres Momentos describes a section of the infinite spiral, in which disorder and structure, the sacred and the profane, life and death are mutually dependent. Drone sounds connect three composed moments for string orchestra. The composition’s lyrical tones contrast with multi-layered noise elements, which ultimately dissolve into a waltz. With this release, Sven Helbig departs from his previously preferred rigorous tonal harmonies, and the electronic components become more prominent. With the cover artwork, Sven Helbig quotes the 3,000-year-old Chinese oracle of I Ching. The trigram stands for the universal, the eternal and for creative power. Imagine a blend of classical music, experimental electronica, and a certain catchiness found in pop – Sven Helbig definitely has an ear for captivating melodies. Together, with his well-trained classical composing technique and a sure hand for electronic sound creation, he builds touching musical landscapes. Through the last year, his concerts inspired audiences at the Barbican Center London, Manchester Camerata, Reina Sofia Madrid, Volksbühne Berlin, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg as well as the Enescu Festival Bucharest or Dresden Music Festival. Now, Sven Helbig is on tour with his Forrklang Quartet presenting new compositions and chamber music versions of his well-known pieces. FACT CHECK ? Big concert tour through Germany October 16 Dresden - Kleines Haus October 17 Leipzig - UT Connewitz October 18 Frankfurt/M. - Brotfabrik October 19 Utrecht October 20 Bonn - Bundeskunsthalle October 21 Berlin - Roter Salon – Scope Festival ? Features and interviews at German and international radio stations: Radio Eins, rbb Kulturradio, London Jazz News, A Closer Listen, Jazz Podium, BBC 6 Music, Rolling Stone, MDR Kultur, Galore, The Quietus, NDR, DetektorFM „…Violins dart and soar, as if weaving a tear-stained quilt. It’s a playful, inventive, and contemporary set.“ Drowned in Sound

kr 127 (kr 159)
Image String Quartets in G Major, Op. 106 & F Major, Op.
kr 423 (kr 529)
Image Symphonies 1-4 (4LP)
kr 698 (kr 872)
Image Electronic Chamber Music (LP)
Electronic Chamber Music is a Helsinki-based quartet with a unique touch to electro-acoustic live music. The band plays custom-made augmented instruments where electronic and acoustic sounds merge seamlessly. The band’s distinct sound fuses electronics with wood, strings and bows. Electroacoustic composition meets with chamber music, deep grooves and free improvisation. Electronic Chamber Music’s debut album is a kaleidoscope of sound, ranging from intimate string duos to huge, modular synthesizer-driven beats and soundscapes. There is an endless variation and detail in the sound, stemming from the fact that everything was recorded live is the studio. The album is a statement for a human touch in electronic music.

kr 143 (kr 179)
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