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De mestselgende albumene på naxosdirect akkurat nå!
1. The Violin Sonatas
2. Wolf Rune
3. Lament
4. 13 Times the Same and 13 Times Different (2CD)
5. Clarinet Concerto; Clarinet Sonata; Chamber Symphony No. 4
6. Naxos English Song Collection Box Set (25 CD)
7. Semele (2CD)
8. Violin Concerto & Etudes
9. A Royal Trio
10. Great Baroque Masterpieces (10CD-BOX)
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Image The Violin Sonatas
Following acclaimed recordings of concertos by Dvorák and Shostakovich, by Tan Dun and Josef Suk, the Norwegian violinist Eldbjørg Hemsing returns to her roots in this Grieg recital, joined by Simon Trpceski at the piano. Each of Edvard Grieg’s violin sonatas marks a decisive phase in the composer’s artistic development. He completed the F major Sonata at the age of 22, while still trying to break free from the heady influences he had received during his training at the Leipzig conservatory. The work still bears the stamp of German romanticism, but it also includes references to Norwegian folk dances and Hardanger fiddle techniques, features that were perceived as ‘a breath of fresh air’ when the work was premièred. Two years later, in 1867, Grieg had become deeply involved in the project of constructing a national culture, as part of the movement for an independent Norway. In his Sonata No. 2, he exploited national characteristics far more consistently than before and his Norwegian audience reacted with great enthusiasm. Grieg’s final ‘crime for the violin’, as he described it, was the Violin Sonata in C minor, composed 20 years after Sonata No. 2 and the last piece of chamber music that he completed. He was now an internationally respected composer, pianist and conductor and the sonata reflects this new stage in his life, which Grieg himself described as having a ‘wider horizon’. Closing this disc, Eldbjørg Hemsing plays her own composition Homecoming. It is a set of variations on a tune from the valley where she grew up, as well as a friendly nod to Grieg, who used the same tune almost 150 years ago in his large-scale Ballade Op. 24.

kr 169
Image Wolf Rune
Wolf Rune, a solo album, casts a new light on the highly personal idiom of Sinikka Langeland, kantele player and folk singer from Finnskogen, Norway’s “Finnish forest”. Sinikka integrates her own songs among folk hymns, shamanistic rune songs and traditional dance pieces, draws texts from multiple poetic sources, and expands the expressive range of her instruments. Few artists embody the spirit of place as comprehensively as Langeland, and her music ruminates upon the wildness of the natural world and the interrelationships of its inhabitants. Wolf Rune, recorded in December 2019 in Oslo’s Rainbow Studio, is an absorbing addition to Sinikka’s ECM discography, which has featured critically acclaimed projects including Starflowers, The Land That Is Not, Maria’s Song, The Half-Finished Heaven and The Magical Forest.

kr 169
Image Lament
The Norwegian Soloists’ Choir and Grete Pedersen have made acclaimed recordings of music spanning a millennium – from chants by Hildegard of Bingen (1098 – 1179) to the most recent compositions – and in styles ranging from folk songs to Bach motets and Berio’s Coro. On their new album, the focus is on contemporary Norwegian music, with three works which all originate in words and challenge the relation between language and music. For his Lament from 2015, Lars Petter Hagen has chosen to set a short text by E. E. Cummings, written when the poet was 6 years old. The words of the poem are split up and stretched out into pulsating waves of grief, at once mysterious, beautiful and painful. Awarded the Nordic Council Music Prize in 2018, Muohta (Snow) consists of 18 sections, each setting a single word in Sámi, the language of the indigenous people in the north of Norway. The words are all related to snow, and composer Nils Henrik Asheim has found inspiration in how indigenous peoples live with nature, as opposed to seeking to control it.

kr 169
Image 13 Times the Same and 13 Times Different (2CD)
Three Gs and an E flat, declaimed Ta-ta-ta-taaa!, is perhaps the best known phrase in all of classical music. The notes form the opening motif of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, a work that has enjoyed enduring popularity since its first performance in 1808.This album presents various interpretations the symphony’s opening movement has received from a number of conductors, including Otto Klemperer (1885–1973), Michael Gielen (1927–2019), Stanislaw Skrowaczewski (1923–2017) and Ádám Fischer (b. 1949), giving the listener convenient comparisons and historic hindsight. Additionally, Robert Trevino conducts the Malmö Symphony Orchestra in a recording of the complete work, while Konstantin Scherbakov complements the collection with a performance of Liszt’s transcription of the work for solo piano.

kr 79
Image Clarinet Concerto; Clarinet Sonata; Chamber Sympho
Mieczyslaw Weinberg was familiar with the clarinet from his youth, given its prominent place in klezmer bands and theatre ensembles, and he wrote three works specifically for the instrument. In the Clarinet Concerto he draws a wide range of textures from the accompanying strings, over which the soloist explores the clarinet’s extremes of register in virtuosic fashion. Despite having been written when Weinberg was still in his mid-twenties, the Clarinet Sonata is a mature work with Romantic and folkloric elements. His last completed work was the Chamber Symphony No. 4, an impassioned piece with a wrenching chorale theme and role for obbligato clarinet.

kr 89
Image Naxos English Song Collection Box Set (25 CD)
The acclaimed English Song Series celebrates the richness and diversity of British composers, performed by leading interpreters of the repertoire. Growing out of an ancient tradition that still echoes in the folk song arrangements of Benjamin Britten, the British art song draws its inspiration from the English poetic language, the nation’s unique land and seascapes, and the suffering and joy of human emotions. From the delightfully light-hearted songs of Liza Lehmann to the abundance of invention and imagery from today’s composers, this collection is a repository of the essence of British musical craftsmanship at its finest.

kr 789
Image Semele (2CD)
Academy of Ancient Music, Cambridge Handel Opera Company, Cambridge Early Music and Julian Perkins are proud to present the first professional recording of John Eccles’s Semele (c.1707), a notable early setting of the great English libretto by William Congreve better known in a version by GF Handel from 1744. Academy of Ancient Music’s mission is to explore, reveal and preserve the great treasure house of baroque and classical music, and a spirit of newfound discovery runs through all our work. Eccles’s Semele is the next step on this journey, released here on 2 albums an extensive accompanying full-color booklet containing scholarly essays, Stephen Fry’s modern re-telling of the story, autograph manuscript images of Eccles’ score, the full libretto text and much more. A fascinating insight into how opera in England might have developed after Henry Purcell’s death had not Handel moved to London in 1712, Eccles’s Semele is the perfect addition to any baroque-music lover’s library.

kr 259
Image Violin Concerto & Etudes
Knudaage Riisager (1897-1974) holds a special place in Danish music, enriching it with an extra dimension of spirituality and pithiness. Aarhus Symphony Orchestra and conductor Andreas Delfs here present two key works in Riisager’s catalogue, one of which clearly represented a turning point in his output, namely his orchestral reworking of a selection of Carl Czerny’s piano etudes for his and Harald Lander’s ballet Etudes. The other heralded a stylistic change and ranks as a highly personal contribution to the concerto genre – Riisager’s Violin Concerto is played here by Danish violinist Ian van Rensburg.

kr 159
Image A Royal Trio
A dazzling Royal trio. Founded in 1719 as the first opera company in the English-speaking world, the Royal Academy of Music commissioned and premièred some of the finest 18th-century operas, including Handel s 'Giulio Cesare'. Here are a dozen arias from operas written in the 10 year period from 1719-29 for their star castrati, particularly Senesino: some well known [Va tacito] and some less well known. Renowned American countertenor Lawrence Zazzo is joined by La Nuova Musica and David Bates for a snapshot of the Academy s hits circa 1725 featuring arias by Handel, Ariosti and Bononcini.

kr 95 (kr 159)
Image 10CD-BOX: Great Baroque Masterpieces
Baroque music describes the period in Western classical music dating from approximately 1600 to 1750. The Baroque period saw the development of functional tonality, as well as new instrumental playing techniques and musical notation. It was during this time that opera was established as a musical genre, and the period also saw the expansion of the range and complexity of instrumental performance.
This collection concentrates on the instrumental music of the period. No survey of the Baroque would be complete without the music of JS Bach, whose Brandenburg concertos are commonly regarded as the apex of Baroque music. The radiant concertos of Vivaldi demonstrate the exhilarating range of instrumental colour that flourished at this time and contrast with the orchestral zest of Handel’s robust Water Music. From classical favourites such Pachelbel’s Canon and Albinoni’s Adagio, to Concerti Grossi from composers as diverse as Corelli, Handel, Locatelli and Geminiani, this set is the perfect compilation of works from this most fascinating of eras.

kr 279
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