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Image Orchestral Works, Vol. 1
Czech-born Paul Wranitzky, a contemporary of Mozart, was the most important symphonist in Vienna at the turn of the 18th century. To mark the ascension to the throne of Franz II in 1792, Wranitzky wrote the grand Symphony in C major, a work of regal quality and festive exuberance. Wranitzky’s mature symphonic style is on display in the Symphony in B flat major, with its expanded orchestral forces, contrasting textures and broad musical invention. Overtures from two operas offer a sampling of Wranitzky’s dramatic writing for the stage.

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Image The Ghosts of Versailles (2CD + DVD + Bluray)
In purgatory, the Ghosts of Versailles are waiting impatiently for Beaumarchais’ new play: what if he manages to save Marie Antoinette from the scaffold? Here is Count Almaviva, the famous Figaro, but also Rosina and Cherubino, plunged into a thousand twists and turns to make the famous Queen’s Necklace disappear, thwarting the spies of the Revolution. But the situation escapes its creator, and Beaumarchais must himself become involved in the trial of the Queen – with whom he is in love? With assumed brio, Corigliano’s music navigates between Mozart and Rossini, and takes the audience into an unexpected opera, all the characters of which are familiar to us! The Ghosts of Versailles are indeed there, and will fulfil their destiny once again… This unique opera, triumphantly premiered in 1991 at the Metropolitan Opera of New York, was predestined for to the stage of the Royal Opera of Versailles, for which no doubt Beaumarchais had written this story which goes back in time… Two hundred and fifty years after her marriage in this mythical theatre, will Marie-Antoinette be able to escape her destiny there?

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Image I Will Build You A House
Som i all Andreas Ihlebæks musikk er kjærligheten til norsk folkemusikk, klassisk musikk og natur alltid til stede, samtidig som han henter inspirasjon fra musikalske påvirkninger og opplevelser samlet gjennom et liv rundt om i verden. Han bodde i San Francisco fra han var 12 år og ble «oppdaget» av jazzpianisten Merrill Hoover, som hadde spilt med storheter som Eartha Kitt, Anita O'Day og Benny Goodman. Hoover tilbød seg å være mentor for den unge musikkelskeren, og deres tid sammen hadde en enorm påvirkning. Hans vei til å komponere nyklassisistisk musikk har gått gjennom et bredt spekter av sjangre, og hans forrige utgivelse på NXN Northern Lullabies ble nominert til Spellemannprisen. I Will Build You A House er ny original musikk skrevet av artisten.

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Image Desert Lighthouse
Orgel og tuba – kanskje ikke den vanligste besetningen - men et veldig spennende lydbilde med uutforskede klangmuligheter. Organist Magnus Moksnes Myhre og jazztubaisten Daniel Herskedal har laget et helt nytt uttrykk med sin Desert Lighthouse. Inspirasjonskildene er mange, og de møtes i sin felles fascinasjon for det orientalske tonespråket. Coverart av Bendik Kaltenborn.

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Image Rinaldo (Bluray)
George Frideric Handel was one of those rare composers who excelled in works sacred and secular, instrumental and operatic, leaving us extraordinary masterpieces in every field of music. Already renowned in Italy, Handel made himself known in London with Rinaldo in 1711, which was such a success that he decided to remain in England for good. It is still regarded as one of his greatest operas. Set during the Crusades, Rinaldo is a lavish spectacle that tells a story of love, magic, struggles for power and ultimate reconciliation. Pier Luigi Pizzi’s acclaimed production brings us into a ‘dreamlike, unreal… world of spells and incantations’. (Epoca). This production by Pier Luigi Pizzi, conceived in 1985 for Teatro Romolo Valli in Reggio Emilia, has traveled since to some twenty major opera houses worldwide. Discounting practical cuts and a few displacements of musical numbers, its durable attraction lies in the gorgeous costumes and scenery, a stylish paragon of Hyperbaroque eschewing both literalism and cheap provocation. It is performed at Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, which was the first theatre to reopen after lockdown. The set design and direction perfectly respond to the current safety measures.

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Image The Snow Maiden (Bluray)
Snegurochka (Snowmaiden), the daughter of Spring and Winter, dreams of a life amongst the humans; but the bitter Sun, looking for revenge, plans to use the fire of love to make her melt away... The Snow Maiden, Rimsky-Korsakov’s third opera, draws its focus from playwright Alexander Ostrovsky’s eponymous play, itself inspired from National folk tales. This literary work was quite unexpected, given that Ostrovsky was better known for his political satires rather than his interest in fairy tales. But the composer found a clever way to spin this paradox, and applied himself in turn to reconcile traditional singing with a creative orchestration, bringing together heritage and modernity. Stage director Dmitri Tcherniakov, a highly regarded specialist in Russian opera, humanizes this marvelous and cruel coming-of-age tale, under the surface of which innocent eroticism and bitter jealousy boil furiously. He also uses this production to draw a parallel between this paradoxical work and the contradictions of modern-time Russia, by transposing the action into an intriguing backward-looking community which, and quite unlike Snowmaiden, does not seem to be quite ready to face the unknown yet…

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Image Røta
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Image Singing Secrets
A professor for many years, Per Nørgård has been loudly praised and awarded great prizes around the world. His music, though, can be relatively quiet in its exterior and searching by nature. Per Nørgård holds his senses open to signals from the planet and the cosmic miracle. This Danish Nestor works not so much for deafening fanfares or death by double bar lines — so, ‘when do you begin to get things finished?’, as his mother once sighed! For this reason his pieces may require a little extra attention. A work by Nørgård comes to life when its listeners attend to it with just the right amount of openness. Our receptiveness is rewarded tenfold as pleasure in responding to the works, and in the longer term by a generally enhanced attentiveness. Singing Secrets is a thoughtful and profoundly lyrical album which is both a strikingly original statement and a splendid addition to Dacapo Records’ extensive Norgard catalogue. The program demonstrates the range of Norgard’s compositions, with chamber and vocal pieces illustrating some of the distinctive steps of his musical journey.

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Image Symphonies Nos. 4 and 6 & Canzona Sonata
The first album of orchestral works by one of Latvia’s most prominent composers, Talivaldis Keninš (1919–2008), released in October 2020 has received a warm response from music critics around the world. This second volume by the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra under conductor Guntis Kuzma includes two symphonies from the 1970s alongside another concertante gem, Canzona Sonata for viola and string orchestra. Although born in Latvia, Keninš lived most of his life as an exile. He was educated in Paris, where he studied under Tony Aubin and Olivier Messiaen, and won several awards. Keninš emigrated to Canada in 1951 and became a respected pedagogue and a very influential figure in Canada’s music life. Alongside his pedagogic work he wrote a sizeable catalogue of works, including several symphonies and concertos. At first Keninš focused on writing works of chamber music and completed his first symphony relatively late, in 1959. During the 1970s and 80s, Keninš wrote several symphonies more becoming a major symphonist. The two symphonies included in this volume are compact orchestral scores from the 1970s. Symphony No. 4 is rich with its fine French orchestral textures, while Symphony No. 6 is an impressive symphonic work based on a fugue theme. The expressive Canzona Sonata for viola and string orchestra written in 1986 is a relatively late work and a wonderful example of the composer’s skills in writing concertante music.

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Image Swedish String Quartets
Här samsas fyra sinsemellan tämligen skilda verk: Dag Wiréns nyklassicistiska tredje kvartett från 1945 och den åtta år yngre fjärde kvartetten med sin mer moderna och expressiva karaktär. Bo Lindes stråkkvartett från 1953 är ett sällsynt exempel i svensk musik på verkligt ungdomlig genialitet och Daniel Börtz dynamiska tredje kvartett från mitten av 80-talet har beskrivits som gåtfull, pendlande mellan oerhörda motsatser.

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