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1. Drifting
2. Piano Concertos Nos. 23, KV 488 & 24, KV 491
3.The Armorer of Worms (2CD)
4. Pasado en claro
5. Affirmation
6. Der Ring des Nibelungen (4 Bluray)
7. Baroque Concertos with Recorder
8. 21CD-BOX: Locatelli Complete Edition
9. A Golden Cello Decade, 1878-1888
10. Organ Music from South Germany
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Image Drifting
After Mette Henriette’s critically acclaimed, self-titled first recording comes Drifting – an album pervaded by trio conversations of idiosyncratic and original expression. With Johan Lindvall returning on piano, new addition Judith Hamann on cello and herself on saxophone, Mette’s chamber musical elaborations prove of a concentrated and exploratory quality, marked by subtle yet intense interaction. Motifs and recurring patterns crystallize and reveal a concise, intricate narrative. The saxophonist-composer explains how “this album is in movement. It’s on its way somewhere and has its own pace – its creative agency is fundamentally different from what I’ve done previously.” Recorded in Oslo, completed in Studios La Buissonne and produced by Manfred Eicher, Drifting presents the trio’s deep investigations into hushed textures and rich tones with precision and clarity.

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Image Piano Concertos Nos. 23, KV 488 & 24, KV 491
For the fourth volume in this collection dedicated to Mozart concertos by the younger generation of performers, the Orpheum Foundation and Alpha Classics present the Concertos nos. 23 and 24 (K488 & 491) performed by the British pianist Julian Trevelyan, who was awarded three prizes at the Géza Anda Competition in Zurich in 2021 and, at the age of sixteen, became the youngest-ever prizewinner at the Marguerite Long Competition in Paris in 2015. ‘Mozart’s music is full of life, humor and enjoyment. My life wouldn’t feel fulfilled if I didn’t have his music’, says the young musician, who is accompanied here by one of the most eminent Mozartian maestros, Christian Zacharias, conducting the ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra.

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Image The Armorer of Worms (2CD)
Lortzing’s The Armorer of Worms (Der Waffenschmied) is a lighthearted and superbly crafted opera that bridges Mozart’s Singspiele and early Wagner. Despite its relative popularity, there are surprisingly few complete recordings of it around. How lovely to change that with this new recording from the very place for which the opera was written and where it was premiered in 1846: Vienna’s Theater an der Wien – and a wonderful cast that includes the stalwart Günther Groissböck and the supremely promising Miriam Kutrowatz to boot!

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Image Pasado en claro
The creative partnership of Anders Jormin and singer/violinist/violist Lena Willemark was first given exposure on ECM in 2004 with the album In Winds, In Light. In 2015 the bassist and the folk singer-violinist introduced a new project with koto player Karin Nakagawa on Trees of Light. Now, with the addition of drummer Jon Fält, Anders’s long time comrade in the Bobo Stenson Trio, the group has expanded its improvisational range. Many creative ideas are explored on Pasado en claro, emerging from its juxtaposition of poetry and music. Jormin casts his net wide bringing together texts from ancient Chinese and Japanese sources with contemporary Scandinavian poetry, also setting words by Mexican writer Octavio Paz and by Petrarch, lyric poet of Renaissance Italy. The resourceful Willemark sings this cross section of world verse and adds her own songs to the programme.
Anders Jormin: “When each musician´s unique musical dialect, in curiosity and with open listening ears, blends and communicates, something stronger than our four individual voices may awake. Something happens that in advance is not decided or controlled.” The outcome: “carefully crystallized and heartfelt music”.

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Image Affirmation
Norwegian bassist Arild Andersen, an ECM musician for more than fifty years, is a masterful player who has always welcomed a challenge. His first recording with his new quartet – including rising stars Marius Neset and Helge Lien (both bandleaders in their own right)– is almost entirely improvised. The players make the leap of faith together and find and develop forms in the moment, an object lesson in spontaneous group creativity. Affirmation was recorded in November 2021 at Oslo’s Rainbow Studio.

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Image Der Ring des Nibelungen (4 Bluray)
The tetralogy of four operas that form Der Ring des Nibelungen (‘The Ring of the Nibelung’) explores the conjunction of love and power in a mythic landscape in which true power resides in possession of the ring. Composed over more than a quarter of a century, monumental in scale, and structured after the precedent of Greek drama, the cycle was first performed in 1876. Staged by the award-winning director Stefan Herheim, this innovative new production from Deutsche Oper Berlin features a leading international cast conducted by Sir Donald Runnicles.

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Image Baroque Concertos with Recorder - Treasures from S
Emelie Roos – Recorder
Höör barock

Treasures from Swedish collections!

Concisting premiere recordings of chamber concertos by Bernardi/Torelli and a flute concerto by Gasparini from the music collections in Lund.
Premiere recordings with recorder on the solo part of Vivaldi concerto rv 446 and the flute concerto by the Swedish baroque composer Roman. Also Sammartini´s beloved recorder concerto in F major and triosonata in b minor by Handel.

About Emelie Roos

“ Infinitely beautiful flute embroidery” (Länstidningen Östersund)

“ A playing just as skilled as sensitive to detail (Göteborgsposten)

The Swedish recorder virtuoso Emelie Roos is a multifaceted musician. Having grown up with folk music, violin, recorder and singing, Emelie is today active as a soloist, chamber musician, pedagog and producer. She has been playing with leading baroque orchestras and ensembles of the Northern countries.
Together with lutenist Dohyo Sol Emelie is the artistic director of Höör Barock Ensemble and Höör Barock Festival.

About Höör Barock

“The performances are so well executed, stylish and sunny” (Grammophone)

“Höör Barock takes the scene with extraordinary music and a confidence that shows that they are playing in the Champion´s league of early music” (Toccata Early Magazine, DE)
“this ensemble took me by storm” (Sörmlandsnytt)

Founded in 2012, Höör Barock has firmly established itself as one of Scandinavia´s leading Baroque ensembles of today. They have released three recordings before, each to international critical acclaim. They were awarded a Swedish Grammy for best classical release of 2020.

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Image 21CD-BOX: Locatelli Complete Edition
Pietro Antonio Locatelli was one of the most important composers of the Baroque period, being a particularly celebrated composer of violin repertoire. His collection L'arte del violino contains 12 violin concertos with 24 caprices in the first and last movement of each, allowing for astonishing displays of virtuosity.

He was born in Bergamo, Italy, in 1695, and at the age of 16 went to Rome to study the violin. Despite the popular myth that he was taught by Corelli, it's unlikely that he ever made contact with him; however, he certainly studied with members of the Corelli 'school', improving both his compositional skills and his performing technique.

Although details of the composer's life are somewhat sketchy, it's clear Locatelli was linked to some of the most influential aristocrats of the time. At some point he was under the protection of Monsignor Camillo Cybo, an advisor to the Pope; at another point, he was granted the title of 'virtuoso da camera' by the Habsburgian governor of Mantua Philipp von Hesse Darmstadt. Just these fleeting details are enough to tell us of Locatelli's growing reputation for virtuosic playing; in Munich in 1727 he was awarded 12 gold florins for a performance, and he pops up again in Germany in 1728, receiving money for services to the court in Kassel.

Eventually, businesssavvy Locatelli ended up in Amsterdam, where the music publishing industry had taken off. Thanks to the composer's meticulous attention to the publication of his works, and the fact that he was legally required to give copies to the Leiden University library, we are left with excellent manuscripts of his Opp. 1-9. His business acumen must have paid off, as his estate at the time of his death comprised large collections of works of art and old books, indicating an impressive prosperity.

Locatelli was the forerunner of 19thcentury virtuosity, and the works on this release reveal a composer eager to exploit the sound of the violin. As well as writing technically demanding solo passages, however, he was also an inventive writer for the supporting instruments, demonstrating a superb knack for fugal writing, and intensifying the texture of the concertino group with the addition of a viola, something unusual for the time. This release is an excellent opportunity to become better acquainted with Locatelli and the wealth of music he composed throughout his life. Demonstrating the versatility of Locatelli's writing, this set includes his Op.5 Trio Sonatas 'o due violini o due flauti' for the violin as well as the flute, allowing the listener to experience the composer's florid writing in two very different interpretations.

Igor Ruhadze and his group Ensemble Violini Capricciosi have dedicated themselves to recording Locatelli's works for some years now. Careful research along with a genuine enthusiasm for the overlooked composer's works have led to a fine set of recordings, previously described by Gramophone as 'brilliantly and at times breathtakingly performed'. The release also includes new recordings of the composer's Concerti Grossi Opp. 1 & 7 and Introduzioni Teatrali Op.4, as well as the haunting Sinfonia funebre, a work to mark the death of an unknown woman in Rome. The vibrant playing of the Ensemble Violini Capricciosi is complemented by Musica ad Rhenum, led by highly acclaimed flautist Jed Wentz, who perform the Flute and Trio Sonatas. This release of 21CDs of listening pleasure represents excellent value for money; a compelling and masterful accomplishment just waiting to be enjoyed.

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Image A Golden Cello Decade, 1878-1888
Steven Isserlis has curated another typically imaginative recital, in which all the works date— in one guise or another—from an especially fruitful decade in the history of the cello.

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Image Organ Music from South Germany
Organist og professor Svein Erik Tandberg er en nestor i Norge innenfor orgelmusikk og musikologi. På denne platen introduserer han verker av en vesentlig, men kanskje underkjent komponist fra den tyske orgeltradisjonen; Johann Georg Herzog. Platen er innspilt i Sofienberg kirke og er en World Premiere Recording.

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