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Beethoven’s Celtic Voice - Anderson, Lorna - Beethoven, Ludwig van

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Beethoven performing seemingly rather trivial tasks for publishers offers a lesser known perspective on the mastermind: the businessman. Like with Joseph Haydn, there exist a multitude of folk song arrangements by Beethoven from many different language areas, besides the here portrayed Scottish, Irish and Welsh songs also Spanish, Hungarian or Swedish ones. Scottish musicians Lorna Anderson, soprano and Jamie MacDougall, tenor and the Austrian TrioVanBeethoven (Verena Stourzh, Clemens Zeilinger, Franz Ortner) take on an exploration to the treasures of Celtic melodies. Beethoven’s personal touch in these songs is not only perceivable in the pre- and postludes, but is present in all of the instrumentation – a fact that motivated the initiator George Thomson several times to request even more simple instrumental parts as accompaniment, which Beethoven rejected in his very own way: “Unfortunately, I am not able to fulfill your request. I am not accustomed to retouching my compositions.”
Varenummer 99174
Strekkode 9003643991743
Utgivelsesdato 06.07.2018
Kategori Klassisk
Plateselskap Gramola
Media CD
Antall enheter 1
Artister Anderson, Lorna
MacDougall, Jamie
Komponister Beethoven, Ludwig van
Plate: 1
1 He promis’d me at parting, WoO 154/12 (153/52)
2 Morning a cruel turmoiler is, WoO 152/21
3 Oh! thou art the lad of my heart, Willy, Op. 108/1
4 Could this ill world have been contriv’d, Op. 108/
5 The lovely lass of Inverness, Op. 108/8
6 Dermot and Shelah, WoO 152/14
7 Oh had my fate been join’d with thine, Op. 108/12
8 The sweetest lad was Jamie, Op. 108/5
9 Oh would I were but that sweet Linnet, WoO 154/9 (
10 The British light dragoons, WoO 153/3 (152/28)
11 Thy ship must sail, my Henry dear, WoO 153/20 (153
12 Sally in our alley, Op. 108/25
13 Faithfu’ Johnie, Op. 108/20
14 On the massacre of Glencoe, WoO 152/5
15 Enchantress, farewell, Op. 108/18
16 O who, my dear Dermot, WoO 154/5 (153/45)
17 Cupid’s kindness, WoO 155/21
18 Love without hope, WoO 155/4
19 When mortals all to rest retire, WoO 155/15
20 Sad and luckless was the season, WoO 153/6 (153/32
21 Come fi ll, fi ll, my good fellow, Op. 108/13
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