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Piazzolla, Astor - 9CD-BOX: Tanguisimo - Piazzolla, Astor

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Francisco Fiorentino, vocals
Astor Piazzolla, bandonéon, arrangements & direction
Roberto Di Filippo, bandonéon
Angel Genta, bandonéon
Fernando Tell, bandonéon
Hugo Baralis, violin
Ernesto Gianni, violin
Juan Bibiloni, violin
Oscar Lucero, violin
Carlos Figari, piano
Angel Molo, cello
Pepe Diaz or Valentín Andreotta, bass

Originally conceived as a Complete Works of the the Argentinian maestro, this set through force of circumstance became an anthology deprived of the 'Complete' tag. The booklet reflects on the inaccessibility of various works, but rather than dwell on what is missing, the set focuses the attention on the period 1945-1961 and includes a whopping 213 tracks, presented in chronological order. The Bonus CD features the American recording sessions of 1958-59 wherein Piazzolla orchestrated and arranged works far removed from his beloved tango.

From the sleevenotes:
A prolific period, during which Astor Piazzolla carved out his own musical aesthetic, as personal as it is universal, and raised Tango to the ranks of classical music without causing it to lose any of its force, its character, its originality or its roots. The clear break he brought about by shaking up the musical codes of Tango felt like sacrilege to the older generation, but like a much-needed revolution to those who dreamed of modernity. The second real icon in the history of Argentinian music alongside Carlos Gardel, Astor Piazzolla, like his illustrious forefather, left his imprint on this style of music in spite of its rules, which were anchored in a set of seemingly immutable traditions.

"Astor Piazzolla turned Tango into more than just the music of one nation and one people; he made it into a universal art on a par with the works of Johann Sebastian Bach and Claude Debussy. Like Orpheus descending into the underworld to seek Eurydice, Piazzolla tracked Tango down to the hidden places where the Guardia Vieja were keeping it a jealously guarded secret, and brought it up into the daylight so he could share it with the world.... Except that he never turned around, so his Eurydice is still alive and well!"
(Juan Esteban Alvarez de Molina)

Varenummer 5742200
Strekkode 3149024220050
Utgivelsesdato 22.08.2012
Kategori Amerika - Tango
Plateselskap Chant du Monde
Media CD
Antall enheter 9
Artister Piazzolla, Astor
Komponister Piazzolla, Astor
Plate: 1
1 Tanguisimo
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