Bonjour (LP) - Bonjour

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Bonjour was founded in 2012 by composer and bassist Florent Ghys. By combining low strings- basses cellos, and guitars- with drumkit, pitched percussion, melodica, and voices, Ghys was able to create music which flows effortlessly across genres, creating a unique sound that is “equal parts groove, melody and meditation.” This release is Bonjour’s self-titled debut. The work is performance-based, but is still compelling in nature. Jazz and new classical influences can be heard in these works, but with an edge that pushes the music toward adventure, edginess, and slightly avante-garde. Ghys is joined by cellist Ashley Bathgate, guitarist James Moore, bassist Eleonore Oppenheim, and percussionist Owen Weaver. This release precedes a series of New York City performances which will begin in September 2016.
Varenummer CA21120LP
Strekkode 0713746312039
Utgivelsesdato 26.08.2016
Kategori Klassisk
Plateselskap Cantaloupe
Media Vinyl
Antall enheter 1
Artister Bonjour
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