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Beethoven, Ludwig van - Complete Piano Sonatas, Vol. 2 (3CD) - Bellucci, Giovanni

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The second volume of Giovanni Bellucci’s Beethoven cycle for Brilliant Classics takes the listener on a journey of six eventful years, from Op.22 of 1800 to the ‘Appassionata’ Sonata of 1806. During that time Beethoven established himself as Vienna’s pre-eminent pianist-composer. He came to regard Op.22 as the best of his ‘early’ sonatas but a sea-change in the deepening of his expression is already evident in the piano-writing of Op.26, with its funeral march ‘in memory of a hero’. There follow the remarkable formal innovations of the Op.27 pair – No.2 immortally inscribed on the popular imagination as the ‘Moonlight’ – and then the smooth, undulating rhythms of the ‘Pastorale’ Op.28. The trio of Op.31 sonatas present a study in contrasts, from the graceful profile of No.1 in G major to the sound and fury of the ‘Tempest’ No.2 and then the hectic momentum of No.3, presaging the concision of works at the end of his ‘middle’ period such as the ‘Serioso’ Quartet and the Eighth Symphony. The proportions of the two-movement Op.54 are even more tautly circumscribed, before the reach of Beethoven’s expressive range for his instrument expands to hitherto undreamt heights in the ‘Waldstein’ Op.53 and the ‘Appassionata’ Op.57. Giovanni Bellucci is among the most strikingly individual of modern pianists. Described by Italian critic Piero Rattalino as ‘a force of nature, vast and palpitating’, he cultivates an old-fashioned richness of piano timbre while still attending to the letter as well as the spirit of Beethoven’s scores. According to Le Monde, ‘he takes us back to the Golden Age of the Piano’. His recordings have been showered with prizes such as Diapason d’Or, Choc, Editor’s Choice in Gramophone, CD Maestro etc.
Varenummer 95131
Strekkode 5028421951317
Utgivelsesdato 18.09.2020
Kategori Klassisk
Plateselskap Brilliant Classics
Media CD
Antall enheter 3
Artister Bellucci, Giovanni
Komponister Beethoven, Ludwig van
Plate: 1
Piano Sonata No. 11 in B-Flat Major, Op. 22
1 I. Allegro con brio
2 II. Adagio con molta espressione
3 III. Minuetto
4 IV. Rondo: Allegretto
5 I. Andante con variazioni
6 II. Scherzo: Allegro molto
7 III. Marcia funebre sulla morte d'un eroe
8 IV. Allegro
9 I. Andante
10 II. Allegro molto e vivace
11 III. Adagio con espressione
12 IV. Allegro vivace
13 I. Adagio sostenuto
14 II. Allegretto
15 III. Presto agitato
16 I. Allegro
17 II. Andante
18 III. Scherzo: Allegro vivace
19 IV. Rondo: Allegro ma non troppo
20 I. Allegro vivace
21 II. Adagio grazioso
22 III. Rondo: Allegretto
23 I. Largo - Allegro
24 II. Adagio
25 III. Allegretto
26 I. Allegro
27 II. Scherzo: Allegretto vivace
28 III. Menuetto: Moderato e grazioso - Trio
29 IV. Presto con fuoco
30 I. Allegro con brio
31 II. Introduzione: Adagio molto
32 III. Rondo: Allegretto moderato
33 I. In tempo d'un minuetto
34 II. Allegretto - Più allegro
35 I. Allegro assai
36 II. Andante con moto
37 III. Allegro ma non troppo - Presto
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