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Famous today for his Trois Gymnopédies, Erik Satie was an eccentric and solitary figure who was nevertheless viewed by some as a prophet of French musical modernism, his striking creativity championed by Ravel and Debussy. From tragedy and trauma in his early years, through his time as a pianist and Parisian provocateur at Le Chat Noir cabaret, and as house composer to the mystical Rose+Croix cult and beyond, Satie’s eventful life is told in this fascinating revue of a composer whose unique music is still influential today. The narrative is illustrated with musical excerpts from works including Gymnopédie No. 3, Gnossienne No. 3, Sports et Divertissements, Trois Morceaux en forme de poire and Relâche, among others.
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Great Composers in Words and Music - Erik Satie
1 Introduction
2 3 Sarabandes: Sarabande No. 2 (excerpt)
3 On 16 January 1911, French composer Maurice Ravel…
4 3 Gnossiennes: Gnossienne No. 3 (excerpt)
5 An extract from the third movement of Satie's Gnos
6 Valse-ballet (excerpt)
7 The Valse-ballet was not only Satie's first substa
8 4 Ogives: Ogive No. 1
9 In November 1886, Satie left the Conservatoire…
10 3 Gymnopédies: Gymnopédie No. 3 (arr. C. Debussy f
11 In the spring of 1890, Satie moved higher up…
12 3 Sonneries de la Rose+croix: No. 1. Air de l'ordr
13 On 14 August 1892, after a short but intense perio
14 Vexations (excerpt)
15 Satie's outward appearance was soon to change…
16 3 Morceaux en forme de poire (excerpt)
17 The Pear pieces, finished in November 1903…
18 En habit de cheval (excerpt)
19 1911, of course, was the year of the breakthrough
20 Sports et divertissements: I. Choral inappétissant
21 The commission of Sports et Divertissements…
22 Parade: Petite fille américaine (excerpt)
23 There was quite a commotion at Parade's premiere…
24 Musique d'ameublement, Set 1: No. 1. Tapisserie en
25 Curiously, the function of Satie's Musique d'ameub
26 Mercure, Scene 3: Le Chaos
27 Mercure, like Parade, created quite a stir on its
28 Relâche, Act I: Cinéma (excerpt)
29 In a sense, critics' response to Relâche…
30 Relâche, Act Ii: Petite danse finale (chanson mimé
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