Moniuszko, Stanislaw - Halka (2CD) - Sutowicz, Dominik

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Polish composer, conductor and teacher Stanislaw Moniuszko is widely known as ‘the father of Polish national opera’. Halka tells the tragic story of its title character, a peasant girl whose love for the noble Janusz is betrayed when he abandons her to wed Zofia, daughter of the Esquire. Recorded here in an acclaimed production by Poznan Opera House, Halka possesses a deeply lyrical character making it one of the composer’s greatest works. The aria ‘Szumia jodly na gór szczycie’ (‘The firs are rustling on the mountain top’) is considered one of the most beautiful of the 19th century. Moniuszko’s opera Halka, with its tragic tale but often light and uplifting music, is full of lively and distinctive Polish national character. This Poznán production was made during ‘Moniuszko Year’ in Poland, marking the 200th anniversary of the composer’s birth. It also serves as a memorial to the distinguished conductor Gabriel Chmura, who was artistic director of Poznán Opera House from 2012 until his death in November 2020.
Varenummer 8660485-86
Strekkode 0730099048576
Utgivelsesdato 28.05.2021
Kategori Klassisk
Plateselskap Naxos
Media CD
Antall enheter 2
Artister Sutowicz, Dominik
Molendowski, Magdalena
Golinski, Lukasz
Komponister Moniuszko, Stanislaw
Plate: 1
1 Halka: Overture
2 Halka: Act I Scene 1: Polonaise: Niechaj zyje para
3 Halka: Act I Scene 2: Trio: Poblogoslaw, ojcze pan
4 Halka: Act I Scene 3: Recitative: Skad tu przybyla
5 Halka: Act I Scene 4: Song: Jako od wichru krzew p
6 Halka: Act I Scene 4: Duet: O Jasko! Mój drogi! (H
7 Halka: Act I Scene 5: Chorus: Gdziezes, gdziezes p
8 Halka: Act I Scene 5: Aria: O mosciwi mi panowie!
9 Halka: Act I Scene 5: Mazurka
10 Halka: Act II: Entr'acte
11 Halka: Act II Scene 1: Recitative: O! Jakzebym kle
12 Halka: Act II Scene 1: Aria: Gdyby rannym slonkiem
13 Halka: Act II Scene 2: Recitative: A widzisz Jontk
14 Halka: Act II Scene 2: Aria: I ty mu wierzysz, bie
15 Halka: Act II Scene 2: Finale: Puszczajcie mnie! (
16 Halka: Act II Scene 4: Wszak ci mówilem (Janusz, J
17 Halka: Act II Scene 5: Dziwna jakas dziewka! (Dzie
Plate: 2
1 Halka: Act III: Entr'acte
2 Halka: Act III Scene 1: Po nieszporach przy niedzi
3 Halka: Act III Scene 1: Tance góralskie (Highland
4 Halka: Act III Scene 2: Patrzajta! Cóz tam? (Choru
5 Halka: Act III Scene 2: Finale: Tak to, tak z dzie
6 Halka: Act IV Scene 1: Recitative and Dumka
7 Halka: Act IV Scene 1: Recitative: Nieszczesna Hal
8 Halka: Act IV Scene 2: Recitative: Hej dudarzu! (J
9 Halka: Act IV Scene 2: Dumka: Szumia jodly na gór
10 Halka: Act IV Scene 3: Dobrze, zescie tu gromada!
11 Halka: Act IV Scene 4: Duettino: Oj wesolo, oj wes
12 Halka: Act IV Scene 5: Prayer in the Church: Ojcze
13 Halka: Act IV Scene 6: Recitative: Ha! Dzieciatko
14 Halka: Act IV Scene 6: Cavatina: O, mój malenki! (
15 Halka: Act IV Scene 6: Cantilena: Jazbym cie miala
16 Halka: Act IV Scene 7: Finale: Halko, O, Halko! (J
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