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Cavallone, Paolo - Hóros

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The distance separating the composer’s pen from the ears of the listeners is an emotional journey. The audience’s wish, notably of contemporary music, is to comprehend the way of approaching a new work. On the other hand, the composers’ wish is to be understood, welcomed, and waited especially in those precious moments preceding the applause at the end of a performance. So, this time, let’s try: let’s try to go deep inside, going back from the faber’s pen to his mind. Let’s go back that meter of route from the mouth of the hand to the source of creativity, and let’s try to understand the inspiration, the intuitions but also the emotions which light up Paolo Cavallone’s mind. It is possible to do this with his music, because his scores show a vitality condensed in the form of a poetic language, even in the abstraction of his musical thought. The greatest interpreters of the contemporary world scene collaborate in this world premiere recording by the Abruzzese musician.
Varenummer TC970304
Strekkode 8007194106787
Utgivelsesdato 08.06.2018
Kategori Klassisk
Plateselskap Tactus
Media CD
Antall enheter 1
Dirigenter McKeich, Hamish
Ensembler Stroma Ensemble
Komponister Cavallone, Paolo
Plate: 1
1 Hóros
2 Daimon
3 Mercutio
4 Porte
5 In questo metro quadro
6 La perfezione di quanto veggiamo
7 Au réveil il était midi (b)
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