Monteverdi, Claudio - L’Orfeo (2SACD) - Ensemble Lundabarock

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L’Orfeo by Claudio Monteverdi (1567–1643) is often described as the first opera. The composer himself used another term for his work, however: ‘favola in musica’, a musical tale. Taking this as their point of departure, the performers on the present recording place the emphasis on the libretto’s direct narrative, and how the music alone is used to express emotions, a music which underpins the plot and the text word for word. To quote the liner notes: ‘To modern ears the musical heritage of L’Orfeo is more to be found in the Lieder tradition than in the grand opera of the nineteenth century.’ The tale told by Monteverdi and the members of the three ensembles which bring his score to life, is that of Orpheus, the poet and musician who travels to the Underworld in order to persuade Hades to let his beloved Eurydice return to the living. Under the direction of Fredrik Malmberg, and with Johan Linderoth as their Orfeo, the 38 singers and musicians that make up Ensemble Lundabarock, Höör Barock and Ensemble Altapunta perform a score which in 1607 was state-of-the-art contemporary. Four full centuries after the first performance in Mantua it remains almost shockingly modern, as in the sound of cornetts and trombones that summon up the spirits of the Underworld or the portrayal of undiluted, raw grief in Orfeo’s celebrated aria Possente Spirto.
Varenummer BIS2519
Strekkode 7318599925196
Utgivelsesdato 07.05.2021
Kategori Klassisk
Plateselskap BIS
Media Hybrid SACD
Antall enheter 2
Artister Ensemble Lundabarock
Hoor Barock
Ensemble Altapunta
Malmberg, Fredrik
Dirigenter Malmberg, Fredrik
Komponister Monteverdi, Claudio
Plate: 1
L’orfeo, Favola in musica
1 Toccata
2 Prologo: Ritornello. Dal mio Permesso amato
3 In questo lieto e fortunato giorno
4 Vieni Imeneo, deh vieni
5 Muse, honor di Parnaso
6 Lasciate i monti (Balletto)
7 Ma tu gentil cantor
8 Rosa del Ciel, vita del Mondo
9 Io non dirò
10 Lasciate i monti (Balletto)
11 Vieni Imeneo, deh vieni
12 Ma s'il nostro gioir
13 Ritornello - Alcun non sia
14 Sinfonia - Ecco pur ch'a voi ritorno
15 Ahi caso acerbo
16 In un fiorito prato
17 Tu se' morta
18 Ahi caso acerbo
19 Ma io - Sinfonia
20 Chi ne consola ahi lassi?
Plate: 2
L’orfeo, Favola in musica
1 Sinfonia
2 Scorto da te, mio Nume
3 Ecco l'atra palude
4 Dove, ah dove te'n vai
5 O tu ch'innanzi morte
6 Sinfonia - Possente Spirto
7 Sol tu, nobile Dio
8 Ben mi lusinga alquanto
9 Ei dorme
10 Sinfonia - Nulla impresa per huom
11 Signor, quell'infelice
12 Benchè severo e immutabil fato
13 O degli habitator
14 Quali grazie ti rendo
15 Pietade oggi
16 Ritornello - Qual honor
17 Ahi vista troppo dolce
18 Sinfonia - È la virtute un raggio
19 Ritornello
20 Questi i campi di Tracia
21 Sinfonia - Perchè a lo sdegno e al dolor
22 Padre cortese
23 Saliam cantando al Cielo
24 Ritornello - Vanne Orfeo felice a pieno
25 Moresca
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