Norgard, Per - Singing Secrets - Asmussen, Signe

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A professor for many years, Per Nørgård has been loudly praised and awarded great prizes around the world. His music, though, can be relatively quiet in its exterior and searching by nature. Per Nørgård holds his senses open to signals from the planet and the cosmic miracle. This Danish Nestor works not so much for deafening fanfares or death by double bar lines — so, ‘when do you begin to get things finished?’, as his mother once sighed! For this reason his pieces may require a little extra attention. A work by Nørgård comes to life when its listeners attend to it with just the right amount of openness. Our receptiveness is rewarded tenfold as pleasure in responding to the works, and in the longer term by a generally enhanced attentiveness. Singing Secrets is a thoughtful and profoundly lyrical album which is both a strikingly original statement and a splendid addition to Dacapo Records’ extensive Norgard catalogue. The program demonstrates the range of Norgard’s compositions, with chamber and vocal pieces illustrating some of the distinctive steps of his musical journey.
Varenummer 8226585
Strekkode 0636943658529
Utgivelsesdato 21.05.2021
Kategori Klassisk
Plateselskap Dacapo
Media CD
Antall enheter 1
Artister Asmussen, Signe
Slaatto, Helge
Slaatto, Anette
Kavcic, Irena
Ehde, John
Komponister Norgard, Per
Plate: 1
Kvintet, Op. 1
1 I. Tempo giusto
2 Ii. Adagio
3 Iii. Poco lento – Allegro molto e con fuoco
4 Som året går (part 1)
5 I. Prologue
6 Ii. Roaming
7 Iii. Singing
8 Iv. Playing
9 V. Epilogue
10 Som året går (part 2)
13 Lento e molto armonioso, Allegretto
14 Lento e ben articulato (poco rubato)
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