Komitas - Songs (Arr. for Piano by Villy Sargsyan) - Ayrapetyan, Yulia

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Komitas was a priest, a musician and a pioneer of ethnomusicology, considered to be the founder of the Armenian national school of music. A significant part of his life was taken up with travel to remote villages, collecting thousands of traditional songs. These range from simple melodies and poetic sketches of Armenian landscapes, to dramatic lyrics expressing mournful tragedy. Komitas was enthralled by the way ‘a peasant learns this art in nature’s embrace, with nature as his infallible school.’ Heard here in world première recordings, these idiomatic arrangements by Villy Sargsyan importantly preserve the composer’s modal-intonational system
Varenummer GP895
Strekkode 0747313989522
Utgivelsesdato 11.02.2022
Kategori Klassisk
Plateselskap Grand Piano
Media CD
Antall enheter 1
Artister Ayrapetyan, Yulia
Komponister Komitas
Plate: 1
1 Chinar es, ke?anal mi (You Are Tall Like a Plane T
2 Kuzhn a?a (I Took A Jug) (arr. V. Sargsyan for pia
3 Akh, Maral djan (Ah, Dear Maral) (arr. V. Sargsyan
4 Antuni (Song of the Homeless) (arr. V. Sargsyan fo
5 Shogher djan (Dear Shogher) (arr. V. Sargsyan for
6 Kak'avi erg (Song of the Partridge) (arr. V. Sargs
7 Kanche, k?unk (Crane, Sing!) (arr. V. Sargsyan for
8 Es saren kugayi (I Returned from the Mountain) (ar
9 Erkink'n ampel e (The Sky is Cloudy) (arr. V. Sarg
10 Dsirani dsa? (Apricot Tree) (arr. V. Sargsyan for
11 Garun a (It is Spring) (arr. V. Sargsyan for piano
12 Hov arek' (Send a Breeze, Dear Mountains) (arr. V.
13 K'ele, k'ele (March, March) (arr. V. Sargsyan for
14 Hoy, Nazan (Oh, Nazan) (arr. V. Sargsyan for piano
15 Dsedse?nak (The Swallow) (arr. V. Sargsyan for pia
16 Le, le yaman (Love Song) (arr. V. Sargsyan for pia
17 K?unk (The Crane) (arr. V. Sargsyan for piano)
18 Mani asem (I Will Tell Fortunes) (arr. V. Sargsyan
19 Dsaghik asem (I Will Tell Flowers) (arr. V. Sargsy
20 Matnik'e matovs cher (The Ring was not My Size) (a
21 Al dzin naln inch kane (What Good is a Horseshoe?)
22 Alagyaz (sarn ampel a) (Alagyaz is Covered with Cl
23 Khnki dsa? (Incense Tree) (arr. V. Sargsyan for pi
24 Chem k?na khagha (I cannot Dance) (arr. V. Sargsya
25 Maron a kayne (There Stands Maro) (arr. V. Sargsya
26 Orôr (Lullaby) (arr. V. Sargsyan for piano)
27 Ampel a kamar-kamar (The Clouds Formed Arches) (ar
28 Lorik (The Quail) (arr. V. Sargsyan for piano)
29 Habrban (arr. V. Sargsyan for piano)
30 Alagyaz (bardzr sarin) (On High Mount Alagyaz) (ar
31 Garun (Spring) (arr. V. Sargsyan for piano)
32 K'eler, tsoler (He Walked Radiant) (arr. V. Sargsy
33 Zulo (arr. V. Sargsyan for piano)
34 Zinch u zinch (What, oh What) (arr. V. Sargsyan fo
35 Al aylukhs (My Scarlet Kerchief) (arr. V. Sargsyan
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