Svensk jazzhistoria vol. 11: Jazz Cosmopolit (4 CD) - Various

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A four cd box with a 188 page book covering Swedish Jazz during the 70’s. Swedish Jazz History – a series of CD compilations released by Caprice Records – chronicles jazz in Sweden with representative recordings up until the 1970s. Vol. 11 is a comprehensive set of four CDs with a total of 62 tracks, including some unissued items. It presents a vast selection of music by artists such as Alice Babs, Monica Dominique, Nannie Porres, Monica Zetterlund, Lars Gullin, Georg Riedel, Bernt Rosengren, Nisse Sandström, Janne Schaffer, Bobo Stenson, Eje Thelin, Per Henrik Wallin, Putte Wickman, Lennart Åberg, and groups like Egba, Iskra, Mount Everest, Oriental Wind, Rena Rama, Sevda, Solar Plexus,The Swedish Radio Jazz Group, and the new all-women group Tintomara, etc. Many sources of studio and live recordings are used from different locations in Sweden. This album reflects Swedish jazz of the 1970s, characterized by internationalization and intercultural influences. Foreign Sweden-based artists like Red Mitchell, Maffy Falay and Okay Temiz worked with Swedish musicians. For
instance, with its Turkish influences, the Sevda group was a forerunner in what would later develop into the World Music genre. The 1970s was a musically rich decade where older jazz coexisted with new, freely improvised forms, influenced by both American and European avant-garde artists. Different kinds of Fusion, mixing jazz with other styles and expressions, became popular, such as Jazz Rock/Jazz Funk
Varenummer CAP22067
Strekkode 7391782220674
Utgivelsesdato 03.11.2017
Kategori Jazz
Plateselskap Caprice
Media CD
Antall enheter 4
Artister Various
Plate: 1
1 En solig dag på landet
2 Svit Cosmopolit, final part
3 Blues in My Shoes
4 Åk ej Rut
5 Charlie Boy
6 Substance I
7 Batum
8 Manteca
9 S.J.
10 Empty Pocket Samba
11 Happy New Year
12 Khalida's Lullaby
13 Vindarnas madrass
14 Batiali
15 Ramblin'
16 En gång älskade jag
17 Thetan
Plate: 2
1 Happy New Year
2 Khalida's Lullaby
3 Vindarnas madrass
4 Batiali
5 Ramblin'
6 En gång älskade jag
7 Thetan
8 Love for Sale
9 There's Something About Me
10 Four Five Six
11 Witchi-Tai-To
12 Sergel + Ryska snuvan
13 Ej budze vojna budze
14 Blues för Ann-Katrin
15 Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
16 Spirits
17 Monday Date
18 If You Could See Me Now
19 Time
20 Solsken över Ångermanälven
21 Blues Eyes
22 Pojkarna
23 Sju hungriga år
24 Gå med i kvintcirkeln
Plate: 3
1 Solsken över Ångermanälven
2 Blues Eyes
3 Pojkarna
4 Sju hungriga år
5 Gå med i kvintcirkeln
6 The Aching Heart of an Oak part II & III
7 Foursome
8 Lurdans (Buciumeana)
9 Funky Roots
10 Trabajo para Egba
11 Manhattan Reflecions
12 Metropolis
13 Bounce Tempo
14 High Society
15 Birth Cry, part I
16 Partial Solar Eclipse, part VI
17 Les Noto
18 Sea Stone
19 Italiensk dröm
Plate: 4
1 Metropolis
2 Bounce Tempo
3 High Society
4 Birth Cry, part I
5 Partial Solar Eclipse, part VI
6 Les Noto
7 Sea Stone
8 Italiensk dröm
9 Swedish Love in the Southern Bronx, Part I
10 99,5
11 Ida Lupino
12 Ping Pong I
13 The Pond
14 Fasching
15 Skånsk vinter
16 Mardi Gras in New Orleans
17 Storm Warning
18 Wuppertal
19 Siciliansk öppning
20 Lisas piano
21 Sommarpsalm
22 Dagen efter
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kr 159
Tellanders, Zara - Himmelens Hatt
kr 159
Rena Rama - Rena Rama
kr 159
Mats Holmquist Big Bad Band - A Tribute To Chick Corea
kr 159
Wallin, Per Henrik - One Knife Is Enough
Nordström, Fredrik - On Purpose CAP21684 06.05.2002 kr 159
Ellington, Duke - Duke Ellington In Sweden 1973 CAP21599 06.04.1999 kr 159
Jäderlund, Thomas - Thomas Jäderlund Amazing Orchestra CAP22045 23.05.1997 kr 319
Danielsson, Palle - Contra Post CAP21440 10.10.1994 kr 159
Ljungkvist, Fredrik m fl - Jazz Furniture CAP21449 05.09.1994 kr 159
Monica Borrfors Quintet - Your Touch CAP21350 01.06.1987 kr 159
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