Pifarély, Dominique - - Tracé Provisoire

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Last year ECM issued Time Before And Time After, Dominique Pifarély’s richly creative solo recital. Now comes Tracé provisoire, a bracing quartet album, which provides a marvellous context for the wider range of the French violinist’s expression. Pifarély, as long-time followers are aware, is a musician who thrives in the unstable territory between improvisation and composition, and his pieces here establish ideas, structural elements and themes which encourage textural, lyrical and abstract improvising to develop in the moment. The interplay amongst the players is dynamic, exploratory and engaging, inspiring Dominique to fine and differentiated soloing. If the line-up of violin, piano, bass and drums appears more ‘jazz-like’ than some of Pifarély’s earlier ensembles, appearances can be deceptive. Jazz is certainly part of the story, but the band scarcely stays in one place long enough to be pigeonholed. The free movement of energy is central to the music, which incorporates group improvising, luminous counterpoint, intense inner pulsations and open, lyrical expanses.
Varenummer ECM2481
Strekkode 0602547817969
Utgivelsesdato 10.06.2016
Kategori Jazz
Plateselskap ECM
Media CD
Antall enheter 1
Artister Pifarély, Dominique
Rayon, Antonin
Chevillon, Bruno
Merville, François
Plate: 1
1 Le peuple effacé I 5:37
2 Tracé provisoire I 7:45
3 Le peuple effacé II 7:09
4 Vague I 6:31
5 Le regard de Lenz 9:26
6 Tracé provisoire II 6:31
7 Tout a déjà commencé 13:34
8 Vague II 6:58
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