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Rautavaara, Einojuhani - Vigilia - Helsinki Chamber Choir

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In 1971, Einojuhani Rautavaara was asked to compose a Finnish Orthodox church service, an all-night vigil similar to that of Rachmaninov, comprising Vespers as well as Matins. Soon after the first performance he reshaped the music into what we now know as Vigilia, a concert version forming a musical whole. As his inspiration, Rautavaara has himself described a visit to the Valamo monastery in the middle of Lake Ladoga in 1939: ‘The bells began to ring, low-pitched booms and higher, shrill clinks: the world was filled with sounds and colours…’ The music is marked by dark colours, the heady smell of incense and the crepuscular church lit only by small candles. Divided into two parts, Vespers and Matins, the 70-minute work consists of 34 sections, and features prominent parts for a bass and a tenor soloist, as well as a number of solo voices emerging from the mixed choir. The work is enriched by the constantly changing combinations of choir and soloists, the perspective shifting from the personal to the universal. It is here performed by the 21-strong Helsinki Chamber Choir, under its artistic director Nils Schweckendiek – a team that has made several recordings for BIS in recent years. These include Riemuitkaamme!, a Christmas disc (‘Schweckendiek’s immaculately blended singers make a glorious noise’, The Arts Desk), as well as a two-disc survey of the choral works of Finnish modernist Erik Bergman (‘The Helsinki choir produces a radiant sound throughout’, Choir & Organ).
Varenummer BIS2422
Strekkode 7318599924229
Utgivelsesdato 06.09.2019
Kategori Klassisk
Plateselskap BIS
Media Hybrid SACD
Antall enheter 1
Artister Helsinki Chamber Choir
Chorell, Niall
Haapaniemi, Tuukka
Dirigenter Schweckendiek, Nils
Komponister Rautavaara, Einojuhani
Plate: 1
1 Tulkaa, kumartakaamme - O come, let us worship God
2 Alkupsalmi / Psalm 103
3 1. Katisma / 1st Katisma
4 Avuksihuutopsalmi / Psalm of Invocation
5 Avuksihuutostikiira / Sticheron of Invocation
6 Dogmistikiira Jumalansynnyttäjälle / Sticheron to
7 Ehtoohymni / Evening Hymn
8 Hartauden ektenia / Ekteniya
9 Litanian stikiira / Sticheron of the Litany
10 Litanian ektenia / Ekteniya of the Litany
11 Virrelmästikiira / Sticheron
12 Tropari I (Troparion I)
13 Juhlapäivän tropari / Troparion of the Feast
14 Loppusiunaus / Final Blessing
15 Kunnia olkoon pyhälle / Glory to the Holy consubst
16 Tropari II (Troparion II)
17 Tropari III (Troparion III)
18 Ylistysveisu / Hymn of Praise
19 Ylösnousemustropari / Troparion of the Resurrectio
20 Antifoni / Antiphon
21 Prokimeni / Prokeimenon
22 Ylösnousemusveisu / Hymn of the Resurrection
23 Kanoni: 1. Irmossi / Canon: 1st Irmos
24 3. Irmossi / 3rd Irmos
25 4. Irmossi / 4th Irmos
26 5. Irmossi / 5th Irmos
27 6. Irmossi / 6th Irmos
28 7. Irmossi / 7th Irmos
29 8. Irmossi / 8th Irmos
30 Katabasi: Jumalansynnyttäjän kiitosvirsi (Katabasi
31 9. Irmossi / 9th Irmos
32 Kiitosstikiira / Sticheron of Thanksgiving
33 Ylösnousemustropari / Troparion of the Resurrectio
34 Loppusiunaus / Final Blessing
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