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Do you enjoy music, the search for excellence, for the ‘grain’ of sound, the quest for apt phrasing, for emotion? Do you appreciate music combined with painting? Since 1997, our artistic motivation, our very existence have served these ideals.

Over the seventy recordings we have made so far, Zig-Zag Territoires has explored the Middle Ages, the Baroque, the Classical period, Romanticism and contemporary music.

We have developed the label around musicians who have now achieved widespread recognition with us, including the harpsichordist Blandine Rannou (complete harpsichord works of Rameau, Bach’s French and English Suites, Couperin), the pianists Hélène Couvert and Racha Arodaky, the clarinettist Florent Héau, and the ensemble Musica Nova, and the arrival of artists who already enjoyed an international reputation: Ensemble 415 and Chiara Banchini, Anima Eterna and Jos van Immerseel, Akadêmia and Françoise Lasserre, Micrologus and Patrizia Bovi.

Internet is transforming our relationship with recorded music and with musicians. The virtual world of Internet shatters the record as object into sound files of poor quality, ignoring the attractions of a stimulating editorial approach: the high quality of sound recording and its digital mastering, richly informative booklets, original paintings.

We have grasped the opportunity of the development of DVD to present our work on behalf of music through video – a user-friendly medium fully in tune with current technological transformations. Our first DVD+ has already appeared, devoted to works by Xenakis played by the percussionist Pedro Carneiro.

Keeping faith with our role of mediators between artists and their public, we will be producing ‘making of’ documentaries on some of our recordings, which will allow you to sit in on the sessions and get an insight into our aesthetic approach.

It remains for us to give you a chance to hear our recordings and meet our artists in concert.
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Mendelssohn, Felix - Trios - Trio Dali ZZT364 26.06.2015 kr 127 (kr 159)
Boccherini, Luigi - Cello Concerto - Ceccato/Granatiero/Romano/Accademia Ottoboni ZZT360 22.04.2015 kr 127 (kr 159)
Ives/Berg/Webern - Concord - Lubimov, Alexei (piano) ZZT362 22.04.2015 kr 127 (kr 159)
Francois I - Music of a Reign - Dadre, Denis Raisin ZZT357 25.03.2015 kr 239 (kr 299)
La Clarinette Francaise - Shklyaver, Lisa / Immerseel, Jos van ZZT358 25.03.2015 kr 127 (kr 159)
Beethoven/Liszt - Symphonies 4&5 - Martynov, Yury (piano) ZZT356 07.01.2015 kr 127 (kr 159)
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Charlesworth / Herhenroder - Nocturnes ZZT355 03.12.2014 kr 127 (kr 159)
Schumann, Robert - Kreisleriana - Goerner, Nelson (piano) ZZT352 28.10.2014 kr 127 (kr 159)
Orff, Carl - Carmina Burana - Anima Eterna Brugge ZZT353 22.10.2014 kr 127 (kr 159)
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Bach, J S - 4CD-BOX: Amandine Beyer Plays Bach - Beyer, Amandine ZZT348 24.09.2014 kr 64 (kr 159)
Beethoven, Ludwig van - VIOLIN CONCERTO / ROMANCES - Gatto, Lorenzo ZZT354 10.09.2014 kr 127 (kr 159)
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Prokofiev, Sergey - Piano Sonatas - Martynov, Yury (piano) ZZT346 10.09.2014 kr 127 (kr 159)
Chopin, Frédéric - Preludes - Tyson, Andrew ZZT347 10.09.2014 kr 127 (kr 159)
Vivaldi / Corelli - 4CD-BOX: Four Seasons - Incogniti/Beyer ZZT349 10.09.2014 kr 127 (kr 318)
Various Artists - 4CD-BOX: Tango - Various ZZT350 10.09.2014 kr 127 (kr 318)
Bach, J S / Bach, C P E / Bach, J C - 7CD-BOX: Bach & Sons - Various Artists ZZT351 10.09.2014 kr 64 (kr 159)
Berg / Zemlinsky - Lieder - Baerts, Katrien (soprano) ZZT345 27.08.2014 kr 127 (kr 159)
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Vivaldi, Antonio - Cello Sonatas - Ceccato, Marco (cello) ZZT338 14.05.2014 kr 127 (kr 159)
Haydn, Joseph - The Seven Last Words of Christ on the cross - Lubimov, Alexei (piano) ZZT341 09.04.2014 kr 127 (kr 159)
Ysaÿe, Eugène - Violin Sonatas - Papavrami, Tedi (violin) ZZT342 09.04.2014 kr 127 (kr 159)
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Mussorgsky / Ravel - Pictures at an Exhibition & Ma mère l'oye - Immerseel, Jos van ZZT343 26.02.2014 kr 127 (kr 159)
Cherubini / Hérold / Catel - French Romantic Cantatas - Deshayes, Karine (mezzo-soprano) ZZT337 12.02.2014 kr 127 (kr 159)
Doulce Mémoire - Chansonnettes frisquettes, joliettes et godinettes ZZT339 12.02.2014 kr 127 (kr 159)
Bach, J S - Sonatas for Viola da gamba - Muller, Marianne (viola da gamba) ZZT340 12.02.2014 kr 127 (kr 159)
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